In this buyer's guide, let's find the Best long-range scopes for 7mm Rem Mags, known as "one of the great all-around rifle cartridges," should enable you to shoot at distances beyond what is ubiquitous .30 caliber hunters might engage.

We gonna take a look at the magnification, reticle and other core specs to make your purchase worth every penny.

Let's check them out below

Best Long Range Scopes for 7mm Rem Mags

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bushnell forge 3-18x50 ffp
  • Magnification: 3 - 18 x
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 50 mm
  • Exit Pupil Diameter (mm): 16.7 Low – 2.8 High
  • Eye Relief: 3.9 inches
  • Reticle: Deploy MOA
  • Turret Style: Tall, exposed locking turrets
  • Tube Diameter: 30 mm
  • Weight: 29.2 oz

Bushel unveiled in 2018, three optics lines with over 50 products that feature all the innovative designs. A top-tier Forge series includes three different riflescope configurations: a 2.5-5X, a 3-18X, and a 4.5-27X, all with 50 mm objectives.

While the first low-powered model is intended for driven and stalking hunt, the other two are purpose-built for high seat or generic hunts.
All scopes are mechanically identical and all have a 6x zoom ratio, but for this review, we select a middle ground - the Forge 3-18x50mm.

Like others, the Bushnell Forge 3-18x50 riflescope is designed specifically for use in hunting. Its impressive magnification range provides hunters with a glass quality that allows them to search a wide field at lower zoom power or dial-in on for a natural acquisition of targets up to 800 yards away.

As an ideal scope for flat shooting and powerful calibers like 7mm Rem Mag, the Forge 3-18x50 riflescope with an eye relief of near to 4 inches and an exit pupil of 16.7-2.8 mm offers ta very comfortable handling.

Deploy MOA reticle - Besides extended magnification range, for precision rounds placing at distant targets is also responsible a specially designed 2nd focal-plane Deploy MOA reticle.

A new extra-fine reticle features clear hashes in the windage and elevation planes that are fine enough for precise aiming without obscuring the target.

Ultra Wide Band Coating - Bushnell has included fully multi-coated lenses treated with an Ultra Wide Band Coating for optimum brightness and true color.

EXO Barrier Coating - Additionally, they coated an external lens with an EXO Barrier treatment to prevent dust, dirt, and moisture from adhering to the glass surfaces.

Locking Zero Stop Ballistic Turrets - The main tube with a 30 mm Diameter is topped with the large ballistic turrets with positive ¼ MOA clicks.

These exposed turrets offer a maximum compensation adjustment of 84 MOA for bullet drop and wind drift. The locking zero stop elevation turret brings you back to the original zero after long-distance shots.

Throw Hammer - As standard, this Bushnell Forge riflescope comes with a detachable a Throw Hammer, a zoom throw lever that allows quick power up-and-down.

Weighing at almost 30 ounces, the Forge 3-18x50 is a bit heavy for a mountain rifle, but for most 7mmRem Magnum long-range applications, it is about average.

burris 4-16x50 eliminator 3
  • Magnification: 4 - 16 x
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 50 mm
  • Exit Pupil Diameter (mm): 12.5 Low – 3.1 High
  • Eye Relief: 3.5 – 4.0 inches
  • Reticle: X96
  • Turret Style: Exposed capped turrets
  • Tube Diameter: 1 inch, but it comes with special Burris mount
  • Weight: 30.4 oz

When it appeared in 2015, the Burris Optics Eliminator III 4-16x50 was the first scope that combines classic optics with a laser rangefinder and angle sensor with a ballistic calculator.

With updated ergonomic button designs, the Burris Ballistic Laser Scope III is the ultimate tactical and long-range hunting optics intended for both beginners and experienced shooters.

As a perfect match for 7mm Remington Magnum, the Burris Eliminator III 4-16x50mm will allow seasoned hunters to place ethical long-range shots at 500 yards or more, without additional equipment.

X96 Reticle - Combining a 50mm objective lens and аn аdvаnсеd bаllіѕtіс rеtісlе called the X96, thе Вurrіѕ Еlіmіnаtоr ІІІ provide you a precise trajectory compensation for wеll-рlасеd ѕhоtѕ оut tо 1,200 уаrdѕ.

A built-in rangefinder – It measures up to 1,200 yards on reflective targets, and about 750 yards on non-reflective, deer size targets. The Eliminator III ballistic computer will calculate the perfect holdover and give you a red dot in the reticle to indicate the correct aiming point.

Windage compensation - In addition to the illuminated holdover point, Burris Ballistic Laser Scope offers a new windage compensation method. Although thе wіndаgе fеаturе іѕn't fullу аutоmаtеd, thе Еlіmіnаtоr ІІІ provides you an accurate method for 10 mph wind determining hold-off at thе knоwn dіѕtаnсе tо thе tаrgеt.

Hi-Lume fully multi-coated glass - As an industry-standard, the Eliminator 3 features Burris' index-matched Hi-Lume fully multi-coated lens system to offer good light transmission and provide you with bright images.

All-weather use - Needless to say, the scope is waterproof, shockproof to 7mm heavy recoil, and nitrogen-filled to prevent internal fogging in the rain and cold.

Generous package - This sophisticated Вurrіѕ optics comes with its own mounting rail that isn’t meant to be used with classic rings, but with either Weaver or Picatinny rail systems.

carl zeiss conquest hd5 5-25x50
  • Magnification: 5 - 25 x
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 50 mm
  • Exit Pupil Diameter (mm): 8.5 Low – 2.0 High
  • Eye Relief: 3.54 inches
  • Reticle: Rapid-Z 800
  • Turret Style: Capped Target Turrets
  • Tube Diameter: 1-inch
  • Weight: 26.6 oz

Another quality optics of more conventional design comes with a legendary brand name Carl Zeiss Optical. For this review, we picked up a riflescope from Zeiss Conquest affordable middle-class series.

Conquest family of optics encompassed few configurations with different zoom power ranges and for this guide, we selected a 5-25x50 model from HD5 lineup.

With a 5x magnification range, Zeiss HD5 5-25x50 optical system is appropriate for hunting, target shooting, and tactical operations.

Unlike larger bulkier scopes offering 8-10x zoom, this Zeiss compact scope offers 25x zoom perfect for mid to extra-long-range hunting with the 7mm magnum rifle.

Compact dimensions - This extra compact and low-profile scope comes with 1-inch tube diameter and weighs 26.6 ounces making it an ultimate optics for a hunter in pursuit.

HD lens system - As you would expect from the renowned German brand, HD optical system and T anti-reflective coating for light transparency combined with a large 50mm objective lens will ensure maximum light transmission and enhanced image quality in all light conditions.

Rapid-Z 800 reticle - The HD5 line is available with several reticles, but our model features Rapid-Z 800 ballistic reticle with standard hunting turrets. The RZ 800 reticle is set up in the rear focal plane and features distance holdover lines for precision shooting out to 800 yards.

Though not caliber- specific reticle, Rapid Z design can be pretty simple to zero and match to cartridges with flat trajectories like 7mm Rem Mag.

Millet 6-25x56 LRS 1 scope
  • Magnification: 6 - 25 x
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 56 mm
  • Exit Pupil Diameter (mm): 9.3 Low – 2.0 High
  • Eye Relief: 3 inches
  • Reticle: Mil-DotBar
  • Turret Style: Target Turrets
  • Tube Diameter: 35 mm
  • Weight: 19.2 oz

At the opposite price, the spectrum is the Millett 6-25x56 LRS-1 Tactical Riflescope designed as entry scope for beginners in a long-range shooting world or shooters on a tight budget.

Utilizing an oversized 35mm tube and durable one-piece T6 aluminum construction, Millett 6-25x56 will provide the maximum out of your 7mm magnum rifle. That said, the Millet glass-etched Mil-DotBar reticle is compatible with the 7mm trajectory bullets.

Mil-DotBar reticle – This illuminated Mil-Dot style reticle comes with a thin line for easier alignment for range finding and holdover, making it suitable for the tactical operator, target shooter, or long-range hunter.

Locking turrets - The Millett LRS-1 riflescope features locking elevation and windage target turrets with 1/4 MOA click adjustments.

Fully Multi-Coated Lenses - While the large 56mm objective lens provides maximum light transmission, its fully multi-coated lenses allow for bright and glare-free images no matter the weather or light condition.

Generous package - The scope is shipped with a built-in sunshade and 35mm scope rings.

Since the manufacturer advertises it as a serious scope for serious shooters, this extreme-duty LRS tactical scope is purpose-built mounting on the large and hard-hitting rifles.

Sig Sauer SIERRA3 BDX 6.5-20x52mm
  • Magnification: 6.5 - 20 x
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 52 mm
  • Exit Pupil Diameter (mm): 6.1 Low – 2.6 High
  • Eye Relief: 3.43 - 4.21 inches
  • Reticle: BDX-R1 Digital Ballistic Reticle
  • Turret Style: Capped low-profile turrets
  • Tube Diameter: 30 mm
  • Weight: 25.9 oz

Sig Sauer BDX optics series includes 2 devices – Sig Kilo rangefinder and Sig Siera3 riflescope to provide the shooter an illuminated auto-holdover dot on targets up to 800 yards out.

The scope can also be used without a rangefinder, with preset ballistic groups pre-loaded onto your BDX scope to plot multiple aiming points at various distances.

This advanced scope features conventional construction. It is based on a 30mm one-piece maintube built of aluminum and O-ring sealed and nitrogen filled.

Using free application and combining it with technological innovations like Bluetooth connectivity and Sig's Ballistic Data Xchange (BDX) system, the Sig Sauer SIERRA3BDX 6.5-20x52 will offer you clear aiming points on the crosshairs to indicate an adjusted elevation holdover and windage adjustment.

The Sig Sauer 6.5-20x52 SIERRA3BDX Riflescope boasts an illuminated reticle. The BDX-R1 digital ballistic reticle set up in Digital Focal Plane (Second Focal Plane).

MOTAC (Motion Activated Illumination) – It enables the reticle to powers up when it senses motion.

SpectraCoat lenses – This ultra-wide broadband lens coating reduces surface reflections and paired with a large 52mm objective lens provides superior light transmission.

LevelPlex digital anti-cant – It automatically increases digital level sensitivity on longer shots.

KinETHIC kinetic energy transfer indicator – The innovative system offers hunter help in providing an ethical hunt by displaying when energy on target drops below a fast kill threshold.

Integrating the newest electro-optics technology into traditional riflescope, the Sig Sauer developed game-changing optics equally good for hunters, target shooters, military and law enforcement operators.

swarovski optik 5-25x52 ds pl
  • Magnification: 5 - 25 x
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 52 mm
  • Exit Pupil Diameter (mm): 9.6 Low – 2.1 High
  • Eye Relief: 3.74 inches
  • Reticle: 4A-I Duplex
  • Turret Style: Inset and covered Turrets
  • Tube Diameter: 40 mm
  • Weight: 38.4 oz

Another new generation riflescope comes from the Swarovski, one of the biggest European and global names in the optic industry. Similar to other high-tech counterparts, the Swarovski Optik 5-25x52 dS P L is packed with a suite of electronics and ballistic software to get you on-target.

Introduced in 2017, the Swarovski dS is similar to the concept of Eliminator III, but it managed to preserve a traditional look still closely resembling other riflescopes.

As the current flagship for smart scopes, the new digitalSmart dS Swaro scope comes with a laser rangefinder for 33 to 1,500 yards, as well as a high-resolution LCoS monochrome display.

Being mostly a point and shoot scope, Swarovski is straightforward to use because it measures the exact distance and all other needed factors with one button press. The correct aiming point is automatically displayed at the Duplex style second-focal-plane (SFP) reticle.

The revolutionary dS 5-25x52 P comes without “conventional” elevation or windage turret, as these controls are both concealed beneath a plate on the objective. While the knob located on the left-hand side is intended for scope parallax adjustment, an elevation turret-like compartment serves as housing for battery and necessary tools.

Measuring 15.87 inches and weighing 38.4 ounces, the Swarovski dS 5-25×52 P L riflescope does have an incredibly beefy 40-millimeter central tube.

Some will say that this scope is for shooters looking for a riflescope that will do most of the work for them.

5-25x Zoom Range – 5 Times zoom factor allows the scope to be aimed at medium to extreme long range

Integrated Rangefinder and Built-In Inclinometer - These tools provide all crucial elements for precise shooting at long ranges

4A-I reticle – Duplex style SFP reticle is designed for accuracy without obstructing view or target

SWAROTOP internal lens coatings – allows for image brightness and contrast

Swarovski 5-25x52 dS P L digital scope is designed with the hunting market in mind and particularly for non-professional hunters to hunt for long distances.

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Common FAQ

Since the powerful and flat shooting 7mm Rem Magnum is mainly designed for long-range medium to large game hunting, you must have an incredible quality gun platform.

You should begin with moderately priced name brands such as Remington 700 or a Sako 85 Finnlight, but more information clicks on "best precision long-range rifles."

Recommended Reticles for 7mm applications

For conventional riflescopes, the recommended reticles for 7mm applications will be long-range-supporting reticles like BDC or mil-dot.

In contrast, the advanced optoelectronic scopes may come with a plain Duplex style crosshair.

Learn more: Best aiming reticle for hunting

Use the same scope for 7mm and 270?

Although there are differences in ballistics, a quality 270 scope would also be a good add-on for 7mm Rem Magnum rifles.

Best relief safe distance to prevent scope bite

Considering hard-hitting power and harsh recoil of 7mm rounds, the best eye relief for 7mm safe distance to prevent scope bite should be larger than 3 inches.