Best Scopes For 300 Weatherby Mag

In this guide, let's checkout the best scopes for 300 Weatherby Mag that can get the job done and can survive the recoil.

Roy Weatherby developed the 300 Weatherby Magnum Cartridge in 1944 and developed into one of his favorites.

The 300 Weatherby Magnum has the flattest trajectory and stopping power of any Magnum cartridge. The effectiveness of this cartridge lies in its killing range of 1100 yards and above.

The 300 Weatherby Magnum started the move to ultra-velocity ammunition. After 50 years, the cartridge remains immensely popular and holds its own as a long-range hunting cartridge against strong competition.

We have listed 3 products below:

Top 3 Scopes For Weatherby's 300 Magnum Cartridge

Disclaimer: There are dozens of high-end scopes on the market that can complement hunting with the 300 Weatherby cartridge.

However, there are only a few that can deal with the increased ranges. (1200+ yards) Even fewer scopes can handle the world's challenging hunting environments with ease and technology to spare.

Each of the following scopes was singled out for their magnificent long-range characteristics. Price had no relevance when selecting on the following three scopes, ONLY THE BEST!

Leupold VX-6HD 4-24x52mm (34mm Tube) CDS-TZL2

Leupold VX 6HD 4-24x

If money is no object, (even if it is), the Leupold VX is perhaps the finest long-range hunting scope on the market Now!

The Leupold VX is a Second Focal Plane scope, with a 2.2 mm exit pupil and 3.7 to 3.8 in. eye relief. A tad bit short, with all the other positives Weatherby Eye every once in a while is not so bad. The VX is made for hunting, and the Leupold VX goes from 4X to 24 in an instant.

This adaptability allows long-range shooters to take advantage of the extended range of the Magnum cartridge and is just as impressive at closer ranges.

Leupold has used its considerable technological resources on its VX scope. The generous 52 mm objective lens provides excellent optics from side to side. The 34 mm tube diameter is saturated with an argon/krypton gas blend, which eliminates the effects of thermal shock.

Leupold VX 6HD reticle

The VX offers an In-Scope Electronic Reticle Level that functions with the touch of a button. An illuminated dot appears if the scope is out of level. Long-range accuracy is strengthened considerably when the shooter knows his scope sits at absolute level.

Motion Sensor Technology extends battery life, while the instant-on feature gets the shooter ready for any hunting situation in low-light conditions.
Turrets on the VX offer tactile feedback as you make modifications, and there is a parallax adjustment turret as well.

One of the important qualities of the Leupold Vx is its elevation turret can be calibrated for 300 Magnum cartridges. This single piece of technology helps big-cartridge hunters simplify ballistic calculations on longer ranges.

Verdict on the Leupold VX-6HD 4-24x52mm (34mm): This is a quality scope with excellent optics. Technology abounds from the objective lens to its ocular assembly. Light collection capacity and precision turrets will be of enormous value to hunters using the 300 Weatherby Magnum cartridge.

Nightforce ATACR 7-35X56 F1

Why we love it - Nightforce produces the most sophisticated firearm scope on the planet. Nearly three decades later, the company is close to achieving its mission.The internal quality control is superior than any other companies, which justifies its price tag.

The ATACR is offered in both first and second focal plane configurations. Elevation and windage adjustments can be made in MOA or MRAD for complete hunting customization.

The long-range designed 56 mm objective lens takes full advantage of the 300 Weatherby Magnum. A plus for the substantial objective lens is its optimal light delivery in low-light situations. The ATACR's substantial magnification range comes through with clear, crisp target images in all surroundings.

Nightforce ATACR 7-35X tremor reticle

The standard reticle will be favored among long-distance big game hunters. This aiming point is not particularly lively and affords plenty of time to make readjustments.

ZeroStop is an outstanding innovation from Nightforce. The technology is essentially a physical zero. When the shooter sets a zero at say 100 yards, the Nightforce allows a ZeroStop to be set.

If anything happens on a hunt to force the scope out of zero, the shooter pushes a button, and the Nightforce resets itself back to the initial zero.

There are five reticles available for the discriminating shooter:
⦁ Horus Tremor 3, all about shooting at speed
⦁ MIL-C F1, precision shooting
⦁ MIL-R F1, precise ranging and accurate hold offs
⦁ MIL-XT, precision competitors
⦁ MOAR F1, accurate MOA elevation and windage adjustments

Verdict on the ATACR™ 7-35 X56 F1: Nightforce built this scope, so there are plenty of tactile adjustments to be performed.

Feeling the target and making alterations is an excellent way to understand the explosiveness of the 300 Weatherby Magnum cartridge. This Nightforce may be the only rifle scope elite shooters will ever need.


Vortex is committed to the shooter and precision hunting. Providing unmatched technology for hunting and competition is what Vortex Optics is all about.

The Vortex Razor is a first focal plane scope with milliradian and MOA adjustment turrets. The Razor has been developed explicitly for long-range accuracy, making it the ideal scope for the 300 Magnum.

A massive 56 mm objective lens provides excellent target reproduction in all environments.

An extensive range of magnification settings is available, with a generous eye relief of 3.7 inches.

Vortex has provided the hunter with several technologies to help with fast targeting and spot-on accuracy.

20x at 100 yards
  • Apochromatic objective lens system uses index-matched lenses, which correct the color of target images across the visual spectrum. This intricate system delivers exceptionally brilliant and high-definition images in all hunting environments.
  • L-Tec Turret⦁ s is a patented system that produces rapid and reliable elevation and windage adjustments. L-Tec offers a locking mechanism to prevent unintended modifications to your adjustments. The Micro Adjust Zero allows the precision hunter to zero their rifle for unmatched accuracy. L-Tec turrets allow positions to be set between clicks. Even turret screws are precision milled for accuracy.
  • Optics technology on the Vortex Razor is unrivaled for its accuracy.
  1. APO corrects colors through the visual spectrum
  2. XR-Plus Coated lenses provide maximum clarity and anti-reflection for low-light situations
  3. Plasma Technology gives each lens incomparable coatings for durability and precision
  4. The illuminated reticle is glass etched and insulated between two sheets of glass for durability
  5. Premium low-dispersion glass delivers ultimate color fidelity and resolution.

The Vortex Razor is ideally suited for long-range hunting. Tactile turrets make adjustments quickly and are incredibly fluid. A precision erector glide assembly makes certain your magnification changes are smooth, no matter the conditions.

Verdict on the Razor HD Gen ll 4.5-27X56 FFP: If you hunt with the 300 Weatherby Magnum cartridge, this scope needs to be a top consideration. The Razor's precision optics and turrets are supremely suited for big-game and Magnum ammunition. There is not a better scope on the market.

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What To Look Out For...

Understand What 300 Weatherby Can Do

When combined with the appropriate loads, casings, and bullet construction, the 300 Weatherby is a devastating killing machine.

300 weatherby ammo
  • The 150-grain bullet is a breathtaking killer of light to medium game. Depending on bullet construction, impact wounds for game weighing between 130 to 200 lbs. will be roughly 3" in diameter at moderate ranges. Premium 150- grain ammunition like the Nosler Partition or Interbond gives the hunter a 2" exit wound with some room for error.
  • A 180-grain Weatherby is a forceful killer of medium to big-game. Animals weighing between 200 and 700 pounds will have wound channels of almost 2 inches, with an acceleration of 3250fps. Optics for higher distances need to be singled out with velocity and bullet drop in mind.
  • 200-grain bullets at medium to long-range produce dramatic killing of larger game such as grizzly or elk at extraordinary distances. Animals of this type have broad shoulders, bone, and muscle. The velocity of the 300 Weatherby makes this an ideal cartridge. Swift-A-Frame and Woodleigh produce clean and humane killing.

Hunting wide open spaces are one of the best ways to hunt. Giant basins and open burns present a challenge to hunters, rifles, and optics.


Extending your range can dramatically boost your chances of downing trophy bull elk or large mountain ram. With modern optic technologies, kills are made over 1200 yards, and distances continue to grow longer.

Scope Eye Relief For High Recoil Calibers

Eye relief is a necessary consideration when firing this Magnum beast. Short eye relief should be averted at all costs. Hunters need to consider eye relief of roughly 4 inches, or they risk the inevitable Weatherby eye.

3.7 to 3.8-inch eye relief is acceptable. Concentrate on scope models rather than brands. Most scope builders offer long eye relief products.

Strength of the 300 Weatherby lies in its ability to produce kills on an assortment of game and body weights for ranges beyond 1000 yards. Choosing the appropriate scope and rangefinder is fundamental!

Finding the right scope for the 300 Weatherby takes some investigation and leg work. The cartridge is a genuine long-range projectile designed for big game hunting at maximum loads. Know your game and at what distance before hunting with the 300 Weatherby Magnum beast.

Wrap Up

The Weatherby 300 Magnum is a remarkably efficient medium and big-game cartridge. Extreme velocities are appealing to a variety of hunters.

To capitalize on the extreme killing ability of the Weatherby, precision optics must be used. Killing range of the Weatherby is effectively above 1100 yards, and not many scopes can provide accuracy at those distances.

The three scopes detailed above are outstanding at big-game and extreme distances. When drilling for research, little to nothing was reported of zero down to 100 yards. A zero of 200 to 300 yards seemed to be the rule.

Few rifle scopes in the world can match the precision, environmental durability, and ease of use for the Vortex, Nightforce, and Leupold. Add a quality rifle, and hunters will have a setup for any type of game the world has to offer.