5 Best Optics For Daniel Defense DDM4V1 [Works With A2 Front Sight]

Here are the best optics for Daniel Defense DDM4V1 based on their mount height, durability, reticle and price.

At the end of the day, the DDM4V1 is an AR15 , most optics will work, but in this guide we pay close attention on picking the right optics to work around the fixed A2 front sight.

To save you time, the most popular ones are:

Our Best Picks For DDM4V1

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Aimpoint Micro - Best Overall

Aimpoint Micro Lens Broke

Why Match DDM4V1 With Aimpoint? - The Aimpoint Micro is a Tier 1 quality lightweight 2 MOA red dot sight with field proven record for real world applications. If you want the best, this is the way to go with a nice Daniel Defense branded AR.

There are tons of aftermarket Aimpoint Micro mounts that provides shooters with various optic height while co-witnessing with the A2 front sight post and clears any laser devices mount in front of it.

Built like a tank - Survives blast, drops, kicks, bumps & heavy recoils. Made from 7075 T6 aluminum - the industry's best quality housing material to make it combat proven.

Insane battery life - Insane 50,000+ hours (~5 yrs) of battery life (1 CR2032), which means the user doesn't have to switch out the battery at all.

Accepts various mounts - Use 1/3 Co-Witness mount or NV height mount to clear the front sight post.

If you have been saving up, pull the trigger on this optic and you will not disappoint.

For budget options, please check out the Sig ROMEO5 or the Holosun 515GM

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EOTech EXPS3 - Best For CQB

eotech and vortex micro 3x side view

Attach a 3X magnifier to extend the range even more

Why Use EOTECH optic - The 65 MOA ring paired a ballistic compensator is great for range estimation and hold over.

The optic sits 1/3 co-witness height on the DDM4V1 clears the A2 front sight, and comfortable cheek height position, and it looks great. 

The shooter can zero the optic at 36 yard for an effective combat zero, and use the front sight post as a reference point for CQB offset.

Fast Mount & Demount - Lock the optic in place without tool. Easily swap this optic among other rifles in your inventory

Beefed Up Construction - Additional hood over the optic to increase 

NV Compatible - Only works with night vision goggles

eotech reticle bright sunny day with snow reflection

What do people say about the EOTECH - It's the most trusted holographic sight you can buy on the market today after tons of upgrades from previous models. 

The parallax-free 65 MOA circle helps the shooter to pick the sight faster and also provides additional offset points for aiming targets at different distances.

The battery life span isn't as long as Aimpoint, but the rest of the optic makes up for it.

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MSRP: $729

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Holosun 510C - Best For The Money

holosun 510c pov reticle

Why Get This Optic? If you are new to guns, the Holosun 510C is the best entry to open emitter reflex optic without going too expensive.

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The Holosun 510C is the hottest selling entry level reflex optic for pretty much every long gun out there. You're ready to rock it on your DDM4V1

Extended battery lifeIncreased battery life up to 50K hrs with the new Solar Failsafe system to keep the sight running even when the battery dies

Unlimited Eyebox - Aim around barricade, under the car and tight corners without the scope shadow getting in the way

Mount on any M1913 Rail – Locks onto any rail system with QD lever in the field without tools. 

65 moa ring reticle

Large Lens For Faster Shooting – No need to center the eye behind the optic. Wherever you point is where the bullet is going(Assume proper zero).

Parallax-free reticle also lets the shooter aim with both eyes open while focusing on the target

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Primary Arms FFP SLx 1-6X ACSS Reticle - Best LPVO For The Money


Why people love this one - The Primary Arms SLx 1-6X ACSS is the middle ground between Vortex Strike Eagle and the Vortex Razor 1-6X. For the price, you are getting a great optic for the DDM4V11 to shoot close & mid range targets

Faster Target Acquisition - Use First Focal Plane 5.56 calibrated reticle for accurate range estimation (300 - 600 yards) & hold between 1-6X. Use horseshoe reticle to instantly draw the eye to the chevron tip for aiming (Zero chevron tip at 100 yards)

acss lead reticle

Moving Target Hold - Use outer horseshoe ring to get lead on a moving target (8.6 mph) for accurate shot placement betweeen 100 - 300 yards

Low Light Ready - See the reticle during the day and low light condition with 11 brightness settings. Use a high throw weapon mounted light for even better target identification & clarity

User-friendly Magnification dial - Grooved magnification ring for lever installation, so the shooter can easily dial between 1X and 6X with one quick hand swing

Edge To Edge Clarity - Improved glass quality than similar scopes on the market with no edge to edge glass distortion at this price range

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Vortex Razor 1-10X24 GEN 3 - For Serious LPVO Setup

vortex razor 1-10x24 gen 3 lpvo

Why RAZOR 1-10X - The Vortex RAZOR 1-10X skips 6X and 8X completely, and go right to 10X to enable shooters the ability to shoot long range better than previous LPVO scopes.

If you have been looking for a LPVO or thinking about upgrading your current one, the Vortex RAZOR 1-10X is honestly the best right now.

As magnification increases the A2 front sight is not visible.

Shoot Long Range - The new 10X capability bridges the gap between LPVOs with "Okay" precision shooting capability to "Very good" without increase its size for tactical lightweight carbines

No Size & Weight Change - Increased magnification, a first-focal-plane (FFP) reticle, everything the same with no weight increase.

Bigger Eye Box At 1X - More flexible head movement at 1X for the shooter to throw the rifle to their shoulder quickly and then get a full field of view and acquire the target like a red dot

At 1X the field of view is the best we have seen to date on the market.

NEW EBR-9C Reticles - EBR-9C reticle's 3 center facing arrows naturally guides the shooter's eye to the center for aiming.

Now features hashmarked MOA based subtension lines for ranging and windage corrections.

ebr9c reticle

Improved Magnification Dial Ring - Magnification switch lever included to help the shooter change power fast

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