Here are the best optics for JP15 rifles based on their mount height, durability, reticle, battery life and price.

Most optics will work, but in this guide we pay close attention to what works as well as asethetics.

To save you time, the most popular ones are:

Our Best Optic Picks For JP15

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Aimpoint Micro - Best Overall

jp15 with aimpoint micro t2

Why Match JP15 With Aimpoint? - The Aimpoint Micro is the top quality lightweight 2 MOA red dot sight with field proven records that nothing else comes close. If you want the best, this is the way to go with a nice JP branded rifle.

If you have been saving up, pull the trigger on this optic and you will not disappoint.

Built like a tank - Survives blast, drops, kicks, bumps & heavy recoils. Made from 7075 T6 aluminum - the industry's best quality housing material to make it combat proven.

Very Long Battery Life - Up to ~5 yrs of battery juice, and the user doesn't have to switch out the battery at all.

Accepts various mounts - Recommend NV height mount for the best cheekweld & eye to optic position

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For optics just like the Aimpoint Micro but cheaper options, please check out the Sig ROMEO5

Aimpoint Pro - Best For CQB

aimpoint pro on jp15

Attach a 3X magnifier to extend the range even more

Why Use Aimpoint PRO - This classic Aimpoint PRO is the best selling entry level red dot optic similar to their COMP series combat optics. Shooters from all levels love the price point and performance for CQB and mid range shooting.

Fast Mount & Demount - LRP Mount included. Also works with other ring clamp mounts

Lens Cover Included - Usually out of pocket spending, but it's included

2 MOA Dot - Just like the Aimpoint Micro

Long Battery Life - Lasts as long as the Aimpoint Micro (Uses DL1/3N battery)

Classic Look - Anyone who loves the classic Aimpoint setup, this is it

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Holosun 510C - Best For The Money

jp15 with holosun 510c

Why Get This Optic? If you are new to guns, the Holosun 510C is the best entry to open emitter reflex optic without going too expensive after your JP15 purchase.

The Holosun 510C is the hottest selling entry level reflex optic for pretty much every carbine out there. 

Extended battery lifeIncreased battery life up to 50K hrs with the new Solar Failsafe system to keep the sight running even when the battery dies

Unlimited Eyebox - Work your JP15 around tight corners without the constraint of eye box for faster target acquisition

Works on any M1913 Rail – Locks onto any rail system with QD lever in the field without tools. 

65 moa ring reticle

Large Lens For Faster Shooting – No need to center the eye behind the optic. Wherever you point is where the bullet is going(Assume proper zero).

Parallax-free reticle also lets the shooter aim with both eyes open while focusing on the target

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Primary Arms FFP SLx 1-6X ACSS Reticle - Best LPVO For The Money


Why people love this one - The Primary Arms SLx 1-6X ACSS is the middle ground between Vortex Strike Eagle and the Vortex Razor 1-6X. For the price, you are getting a great LPVO for the JP15 series rifles.

Faster Target Acquisition - Accurately range estimation (300 - 600 yards) & hold between 1-6X. Use horseshoe reticle to instantly draw the eye to the chevron tip for aiming (Zero chevron tip at 100 yards)

acss lead reticle

Moving Target Hold - Get lead on a moving target (8.6 mph) for accurate shot placement between 100 - 300 yards

Low Light Ready - Outstanding day and low light condition performance with 11 brightness settings. Use a weapon mounted light for better target identification & clarity at night

User-friendly Magnification dial - Easily dial between 1X and 6X with one quick hand swing

Edge To Edge Clarity - Improved glass quality than similar scopes on the market with no edge to edge glass distortion at this price range

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Vortex Razor 1-10X24 GEN 3 - For Serious LPVO Setup

vortex razor 1-10x lpvo at 1x engaging targets

Why RAZOR 1-10X - The Vortex RAZOR 1-10X increased the power without increasing the size of the scope. This extends a LPVO long range capability to almost like a hybrid long range scope

If you have been looking for a LPVO or thinking about upgrading your current one, the Vortex RAZOR 1-10X is honestly the best right now.

No Size & Weight Change - Increased magnification, a first-focal-plane (FFP) reticle, everything the same with no significant weight increase.

Bigger Eye Box At 1X - More flexible head movement at 1X like a red dot (Similar to a 1X prism sight)

NEW EBR-9C Reticles - EBR-9C reticle's 3 center facing arrows naturally guides the shooter's eye to the center for aiming.

Now features hashmarked MOA based subtension lines for ranging and windage corrections.

Vortex 1-10X EBR9 reticle

Improved Magnification Dial Ring - Magnification switch lever included to help the shooter change power fast

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