5 Best Scopes For M1A Scout [SOCOM 16]

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We have tested and evaluated multiple options, and have arrowed down the 5 best scope for M1A Scout or SOCOM 16 based on reticle capability, size, applications and price.  

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5 Best Optics For M1A Scout (SOCOM 16) 

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CQB Shooting (25 - 75 Yards)

Holosun 507C X2 - Best For CQB

Why Buy Holosun 507 X2 - The Holosun HE507C X2 is by far the best Trijicon RMR alternative for a M1A Scout red dot sight under $400. Same durability and mount footprint as the RMR.

2 + 32 MOA Reticle - Use 32 MOA for fast target acqusition, and 2 MOA for precise aiming

Bigger Buttons - Enlarged adjustment buttons for better reach Upgraded from the previous model. 

Side Loading Battery - This eliminates the need to remove the sight for battery swap and re-zeroing. Access the battery from the side tray

Near Infinite Battery life - The Shake Awake technology & solar panel extends the battery life way past 50,000 hours. Motion sensor activates & deactivates the reticle for battery saving, and the Solar fail-safe power kicks in immediately when the battery dies, so the optic will always remain on.

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Mid Range Plinking (75 - 200 Yards)

Vortex Razor HD 1-10X - Best LPVO

Why pick this low power variable optic - The RAZOR HD Gen 3 1-10X 34mm low power variable optics bridges the gap between CQB and long range capability into one super versatile FFP scope. Better than the previous 1-6X model.

Now 10X Magnification - Increased to 10X power to bridge the gap between a mid-range LPVO with a long range precision scope without compromising size

Fast Return To Zero - Capped turrets with indexing ability to return to zero without getting lost

Fast Target Acquisition - 3 inward arrows quickly draws the eye to the illuminated center reticle and get on target fast on 1X

Range Target Fast (New EBR 9C Reticle) - Superimpose the hashmarked ranging subtension lines on the target to immediately estimate the target distance as well as holdover and windage corrections.

Long Range Steady Shooting (250 - 600 yards)

Vortex Viper PST 2-10X32 FFP - Best Overall 30mm Scope

Why Pick The Vortex Viper ? - It's by far the most popular 30mm scope for many long range applications with tactical features that you can't ignore. 

Return To Zero - Just like all high-end Vortex scopes, exposed turret (RZR zero stop) will bring you back to your exact zero every time with positive engagement.

First Focal Plane - Reticle subtension stays true for all magnification power for accurate holdover and ranging 

Wide Field Of View - Crisp image across all magnification levels with an impressive field of view for quicker target acquisition.

MRAD or MOA - Choose between these two types for your preference

Affordable - Get a great scope with exceptional performance at a fraction of the cost

Why Pick The Diamondback ? - It's the best value FFP long range scope from Vortex for the M1A. It has steller performance at an unbeatable price + Vortex's life time VIP warranty

See Targets Down Range Clearly - Increased light transmission for a bright image quality during day light and dusk

Low Light Capable - Illuminated EBR4 reticle allows aiming capability during low light condition so you get a bit more shooting time before the sun goes down completely

0.25 MOA / Click - Fine adjustment turret down to 0.25 MOA / click means it's made for long range shooting to fine tune your zero

Lightweight Construction - Made with 6061 T6 durable aluminum body. It's lightweight for the M1A

What To Look For?

The M1A SOCOM 16 's effective range is up to 1000 yards (3-5 MOA shot group) with good optic magnification and good shooting fundamentals.


m1A socom 16 with vortex razor hd

Image Referenced Gearsofguns

Did you know? As a rule of thumb, for every 100 yards increase in the distance, you want your optic magnification to increase by 1X.

For the SOCOM 16, a MAX 6 - 8X magnifications are adequate for most engagement distances.

Be sure the scope feature parallax adjustment turret to focus the reticle based on your particular eye vision.

Keep 3.5 - 4" Eye Relief Distances

m1a vortex venom

Most scopes have between 3.5 - 4" eye relief distance for a comfortable cheek weld, and it also prevents eye bite.

The M1A does kick a little bit when a 308 round goes off, so you do want to keep that eye distance from the scope to protect your eye.

Optic Weight

The M1A SOCOM 16 is a heavy rifle, a micro style red dot doesn't significantly add perceivable weight to the rifle at all.

However, when mounting an actual scope that weighs 20+ oz will feel different.

Durable Optic Mount

The GG&G Aluminum Scope Mount and the SADLAK Tactical Scope Mount are the two best options.

They provide decent eye relief distances, and don't interfere with the ejection port.

Add Cheek Riser

m1a sight height
Image Referenced M14 Forum

It's highly recommended to have a low mount on the M1A, then add cheek riser to the stock.

Please check out on our site: Best Scope Mount For M1A

MOA Dot Size & Reticle

A 1 MOA or 2 MOA dot size is perfect for precision shooting without obscuring the target.

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