A shot timer helps the shooter to improve shooting cadence, accuracy and speed. This is commonly used in shooting competition, military training and recreational shooting. They are the one of the best tools to bring to a range to practice.

Here are the 3 best shot timer for shooting practice:

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Best Shot Timer Products

PACT Club Timer III 

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The PACT Club Timer III features a straightforward, one-button operation, allowing you to focus on your shooting skills without distraction.

It also allows you to create and save custom drills and has Bluetooth connectivity for data analysis on a larger screen.

The clear, easy-to-read display ensures you can effortlessly track your progress and stay in control of your performance.

Competition Electronics ProTimer 3

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The Competition Electronics ProTimer 3 is a popular choice among competition shooters. It is praised for its accuracy, ease of use, and custom drill setup.

It is made in the USA and offers Bluetooth capability with a free mobile app, as well as built-in shot string memory.

Unlike other bulkier timers on the market, the ProTimer stands out with its compact, ergonomic design that complements most competition gear setup.

CED7000 Shot Timer

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The CED7000 Shot Timer features a compact design and LCD screen, the CED7000 fits comfortably in your hand.

One drawback of the CED7000 is the absence of a built-in belt clip. However, you have the option to purchase a separate clip, which will increase the total cost of the unit.

While this timer may not be ideal for dry fire practice, it is important to note that most timers struggle to detect the sound produced during dry fire practice.

Shot Timer User FAQ

How does a shot timer work 

Shot timers work by using a microphone or another sound sensor to detect the concussion of a gunshot. When the shot timer hears the gunshot, it starts a timer and stops it when the sound of the shot stops. 

Then, the shot timer displays the elapsed time, which shows how long it took the shooter to fire the shot.

Some shot timers have extra features, like storing and analyzing data, creating custom drills, and connecting to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

These features can help shooters keep track of and analyze their shooting times, identify areas where they need improvement, and set up specific training scenarios.

Does nearby gun shot affect the timer?

Yes, it can if it's too close.

Is there an app for shot timers

Yes, there are several shot timer apps available on both the iTunes Store and the Google Play Store.

The best one right now on the market is the MantisX integrated shot timer.

The MantisX hardware utilizes precise accelerometers and gyroscopes to track the gun's movements and sends the information directly to your mobile device through the app. This process eliminates any interference caused by other shooters or background noise.

Can a shot timer be used for dry fire practice

It is possible, but many shot timers that we have tried do not work consistently without a loud gun shot.