Are you tired of the factory mount that comes with the Sig Sauer ROMEO5 red dot sights? It's time for an upgrade!

Check out these 5 best Sig ROMEO 5 mount upgrade optionsThis list covers low profile mount, absolute co witness mount, lower third, and optic riser mount for the SIG ROMEO 5 to meet your need.

Best Sig ROMEO 5 Mount Upgrades

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Scalarworks LEAP - Best Overall

sig romeo 5 mount

Why Pick Scalarworks LEAP

The Sig ROMEO 5 benefits from the Scalarworks LEAP's top-notch low drag and skeletonized optic riser mount design. With an impressive strength-to-weight ratio and super precision return to zero performance, these red dot sight mounts stand out as some of the market's best at an excellent price point.

It weighs ONLY 1.62 oz without the mount, and it saves almost 50% weight compared to others

Fast QD Mount - A low profile recessed thumbwheel deflects external impacts, and the user can easily take the mount off in under 3 seconds, with or without glove

3 Heights to choose from:

  • 1.42"
  • 1.57" (1/3rd CoWitness)
  • 1.93" (Best overall & for night vision setup and to reduce neck strain)

Unity Tactical FAST - Highest ROMEO 5 Riser Mount

sig romeo 5 riser mount

The Unity Tactical FAST mount is slightly higher than the popular 1.93" Scalarworks LEAP mount. This mount works with Unity Tactical's FTC magnifier so the magnifier scope can be tucked down instead of to the side.

This Sig ROMEO 5 high mount provides the shooter much more comfort when getting behind the optic for an AR15, without having the strain the neck and reduce rifle tilt angle especially when shooting accurately at a target further away.

Giessele Super Precision Mount is a rock solid Sig Sauer ROMEO 5 high mount. 

Holds Zero - The Built-in recoil lug prevents optic shift during recoil and counters slight vibrations by locking between M1913 rail slots.

Hand Tight - The keeper nut allows you to hand-tighten or use a tool to ensure a repeatable zero on the top receiver rail. This gives you full confidence in swapping between optics without losing zero or use a tool in the field.

The Geissele Super Precision red dot sight mount is available for:

romeo 5 high mount

Referenced LaRue 

LaRue Tactical's QD lever mount is the best QD mount for Sig Sauer Romeo 5 on the market. They're rock solid, tight fitting, and hold zero.

LaRue Tactical provides low and high mount options to accommodate various shooters. The higher red dot sight mount is recommended for raising the aiming point slightly, reducing shooter neck strain, and allowing better situational awareness without pressing the cheek into the stock to view through the optic.

American Defense ADM T2 - Best For The Money

romeo 5 mount

This Sig Romeo 5 riser mount is another excellent option similar to the LaRue Tactical with a QD lever mount. It features the same design, and its internals are cutout for weight reduction.