Upgrade your shooting experience with our top 4 best drop-in AR15 triggers. Easily install in minutes with minimal tools required and no fuss. Experience a crisp, clean trigger pull every time you fire.

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Recommended Single Stage AR15 Triggers

Timney Single Stage - Best Overall

  • 3 lbs single stage trigger pull
  • 0.154" Pin size
  • Wire EDM S7 Tool Steel
  • Curved trigger
  • Best AVG split Time - 0.2 sec

Balanced speed & reliability - This self contained trigger module is easy to install, and it has no pre-travel or post travel. Highly recommended for anyone who gets into tactical shooting, this is the best overall to get.

If you're looking for an upgrade that will take your shooting game to the next level, look no further than this drop-in AR15 trigger! One of the things that shooters rave about is the lightning-fast trigger reset - it's like there's a spring pushing you forward for even quicker follow-up shots.

Made with durable S7 tool steel, this hammer is built to last and can withstand even the toughest conditions. And with the options of 4 lbs and 4.5 lbs trigger pull weight, as well as flat and skeletonized trigger bow, you can customize your trigger to your exact preferences

AR Gold 2-Stage - Best For Precision Shooting

ar-gold trigger
  • 3.5 lbs single stage trigger pull
  • 0.154" Pin size 
  • Curved trigger 
  • Best AVG Split Time - 0.12 sec

No take up = fast shooting speed - AR Gold single stage trigger provides the perfect break over even a 2 stage trigger, and its extremely short reset takes care of itself during recoil without the shooter having to consciously control it.

Safety mechanism - The AR Gold contains a second "intercepting" sear, which blocks the hammer if its jarred off the primary sear with the trigger forward, yet still allows the rifle to fire without re-cocking the hammer.

Robust and reliable - this trigger is made from wire EDM S7 tool steel as the industry standard for increased durability and service life than a stock trigger.

Available in a curved or a flat trigger bow (Note: Does not work with Colt sear block)

Bottom line - Over 7 years of proven field use. This trigger is intended for for competition and long range precision shooters

CMC Combat Curve CCT - Best For Combat

cmc cct
  • 3.5 lbs single stage trigger pull
  • 0.154" Pin size
  • Hybrid trigger
  • Best AVG split Time - 0.13 sec

Why best for combat - the CMC CCT is the hybrid between the classic trigger curve and the indexing of the flat trigger, which makes it into a dynamic hybrid trigger bow for modern warfighters.

The CMC CCT has similar qualities and performance like other drop in triggers recommended above, including an exceptional smooth trigger feel, ultra clean break, lock time and fast reset.

What we like about CMC is its long history of making drop in triggers ever since 2003. In fact they're the original drop in trigger maker before anyone else got involved.

If you love Texas and you like to shoot like a pro, CMC Trigger is for you!

Elftman 3 Gun Trigger - Fastest Lock Time

3 GUN S Left
  • (2.75 - 4.0 lbs) single stage trigger pull
  • 0.154" Pin size
  • Flat or Curved trigger
  • Best AVG split Time - 0.145 sec

Why everyone is moving to the ELF trigger - The adjustable ELF 3 gun trigger is the top of the line product with extremely smooth trigger pull, a strong reset, and the shortest fast lock time.

It uses Elftman's exclusive double double torsion piano wire hammer spring to ensure primer ignition after every fast trigger pull.

Fastest Lock Time - The ELF 3 gun trigger features an amazing short takeup and crisp break, which are perfect for 3 gun shooters.

Rapid firing is extremely easy using this trigger because the time between the sear breaks to when the firing pin hits the primer is extremely short.

Adjustable trigger pull - The user can also adjust the trigger pull weight from 2.75 lbs to 4 lbs in seconds without removing it from the lower receiver.

Note: This trigger works the best without any problem by using high-end lower receiver like LaRue, LMT, BCM, Noveske, Daniel Defense and others.