4 Best Rifle Scopes For SKS 

sks rifle with scope

Here are the 3 best SKS rifle scopes including:

  • Red dot
  • LPVO
  • Long range scope
  • Prism scope

Get a rock-solid mount and you're good to go.

Top Rifle Scopes For SKS Rifle

Trijicon MRO

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Whether if you're mounting the red dot sight on the handguard or close to the rear top cover. The Trijicon MRO 1X25mm gives your SKS fast aiming capability with a large field of view without any tube effect for hunting and target shooting applications.

We recommend using the low mount on the SKS so your eye naturally aligns with the optic when you cheek the rifle stock.

The Trijicon MRO is the best Aimpoint Micro alternative saving you at least $300 more, and its mil-spec construction is going to last you a long time for hard field use. When you're done with your SKS, you can take it off and use it on another rifle or PCC. Swap the mount and there is plenty of room for customization.

Try the Sage International SKS chassis to mount the MRO on top of the handguard Or try the CrazyivanLLC low profile Picatinny rail.

Shop more red dot sights here


  • No lateral FOV obstruction
  • Very wide field of view without tunnel effect
  • Tons of aftermarket mounts available
  • Long battery life


Lens tint can be improved

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The Vortex Diamondback FFP is the best value long range scope for a kick-ass self-loading SKS rifle. It's not too expensive and it allows the shooter to reach targets far away.

This 30mm scope 4-16X44 provides enough magnification for the 7.62X39 round for mid-range to long-range engagement. Even if you can't hit that far, you can use the max 16X to ID targets far away during the daytime and dusk thanks to the increased light transmission lens.

As far as the EBR4 reticle goes, it can be illuminated for low light use and it features 0.25 MOA/click turret for finer zeroing adjustment. The subtension can be either MOA or MRAD for ranging, holdover, and windage corrections.

What we like the most is that the reticle can do what a $2500 scope can at fraction of the cost.

Shop for a 30 mm scope mount here


  • Great for hunting
  • Features precision guided erector system
  • Smooth magnification dial
  • 4X and 16X reticles are all accurate subtensions
  • High end alike product, and it's affordable


  • Feels slightly heavy
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Primary Arms 1-6X24 SFP is one of the best affordable 30mm size low power variable optic for all types of rifles, and it goes well with the SKS. Using this optic on the SKS is like marrying the past to the modern firearm technology.

1-6X provides the shooter 6X magnification for mid range shooting, and the shooter can quickly dial the scope back to 1X and use it like a red dot for CQB applications (Helps a lot when using a magnification dial lever). Even though 1X on a LPVO isn't exactly like an red dot, but it goes the job done.

What we like the most about the 1-6X24 model is the built in ACSS reticle for very effective zeroing, holdover, and accuracy. Above all, the scope is made of 6063 aluminum material with black anodized finish to be field sturdy with protected turret caps.

See more LPVO here


  • Great for competition and plinking
  • 1X for CQB and 6X for long range PID or mid range target shooting
  • Very affordable
  • ACSS provides unclutter sight picture with a fine aiming tip for better accuracy


  • SFP, subtension reticle not accurate unless at 6X
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The Vortex Spitfire Gen 2 3X prism sight is an affordable option if you chose to make your SKS a truck gun over an ACOG scope. The prism sight provides the shooter an "always-on" optic thanks to the glass etched BDC reticle with holdover dots(However, it's calibrated for 5.56), so no need for battery power and the reticle is always there to draw the eye for rapid target acquisition.

This optic is a better option than the Spitfire AR because you can use any Aimpoint Micro aftermarket optic mount. In this case, a low mount works well for the SKS, and we recommend mounting the optic towards the rear while maintaining proper eye relief distance.

For low light use, the user can crank the brightness up to 12 levels to see during low light, and the glass quality is exceptional with edge to edge clarity for the best image.

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  • Great for plinking
  • No battery required
  • Accepts various mounts
  • Much more affordable and low profile than ACOG


  • Slightly pricey