Best Tactical Flashlight With Strobe Function

There are so many different tactical flashlights out there for everyday use, but one type in particular is the ones with strobe function.

Strobe function is to:

  • Create disorienting blast of light for self defense
  • Signaling for help
  • Get immediate attention

At the end of this list post, you will pick out your best tactical flashlight with strobe function.

In the world of self defense, having a high intensity light with strobe feature is almost like having some super power, to take away someone's ability to see, so you can escape the situation or fight back.

To save you time… the Olight M2R Warrior Pro is our favorite full-size combat-ready tactical light with one-click strobe activation & various lumen intensities, the other is the ThruNite T1.

You cant bring a gun or a knive anywhere you go, but you can carry a flashlight. Lets get to it… ranging from big to small…

Best Tactical Flashlight With Strobe

A tactical light with strobe is great for self defense, & low light outdoors tasks, and you can bring it anywhere you go.

For self defense, how you can quickly activate the strobe should be one of the most important feature on the top of the list you should be looking at.

Here are the top 4:

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  • Lumen: 1 - 1800 Lumens + STROBE (22400 Candela)
  • Length: 5.37"
  • Battery: 21700 Battery + Magnetic Charging
  • Benefits: 2-button control ergonomics, Beam reaches up to 300 meters, TIR lens for uniform light, 6 Modes,aps,194&sr=8-5&linkCode=ll1&tag=edclht100-20&linkId=def404371bb5962c56fe36f44e12594a&language=en_US
q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B007RB82CS&Format= SL160 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=lgtstrobef 20&language=en USir?t=lgtstrobef 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B007RB82CS


  • Lumen: 35 - 750 Lumens + STROBE
  • Length: 5.25"
  • Battery: 2 3V CR123A Batteries
  • Benefits:IPX7 Rated, Removable pocket clip, Tail cap activation, Aerospace grade aluminum body, 3 lumen intensity modes
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  • Lumen: 25, 300 & 1000 Lumens + STROBE
  • Length: 4.5"
  • Battery: Integrated MICRO USB rechargeable 
  • Benefits:Flood beam great for room size illumination, Tail cap activation, 3 lumen intensity modes great for outdoors & utility use
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  • Lumen: 1, 15, 685, 7001500 Lumens + STROBE
  • Length: 4.5"
  • Battery: Integrated MICRO USB rechargeable 
  • Benefits:Flood beam great for room size illumination, IPX8 rated, Tail cap activation, Compact finger size pocket light

Olight M2R Warrior Pro

olight m2r warrior pro black and camo
Image Referenced Militaria

The Olight M2R Pro Warrior is our favorite full-size (5.37″ in length) handheld tactical light with one-click full press Strobe & strike bezels that are great for defensive EDC light, Weapon mounted & outdoors use.

Note: one-click full press strobe requires initial programming

This two-button tactical light runs on a single 5000mAh 21700 chargeable lithium battery (magnetic USB rechargeable)

Featuring 6 lumen intensity modes from 1 lumens to 1800 lumens, with one-click strobe activation, which is very effective when you need it FAST during self defense without cycling through the mode button.

The maximum output and distance are increased by 20% and 44% separately, reaching 1800 lumens and 300 meters. It's a near perfect tac light with most favorable feature boxes checked. It has added missing features that tactical flashlight users have been waiting for.

If this is your first time buying a tactical light with strike bezel, we highly recommend shopping by going off the specs of the M2R Warrior Pro

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Streamlight ProTac HL

Streamlight protac HL
Image Referenced vdmsr

The ProTac HL only has 3 modes:

  • High – 750 lumens (18300 Candela)
  • Low – 35 lumens (900 Candela)
  • Strobe

Streamlight ProTac HL 850 Lumens USB Available Here

Its shorter in size (5.25″ in length) compared to the Olight M2R Warrior Pro.

It's much less complex tactical handheld light as far as features, but it comes with a strobe function.

But its NOT a one click activation, so this light we cant recommend for self defense because the user has to cycle the button to get there (Speed Is Life) To activate the light, just push the tail cap switch.

To change the mode, just The light is powered by 2 3V CR123A batteries, IPX 7 waterproof, C4 LED lens for built with aircraft grade aluminum & anti roll head body profile.

Highly recommended if you want a full size light by keeping the functionalities simple.

SureFire Stiletto Pro

surefire stiletto pro utility flashlight
Image Referenced Surefire

The Surefire Stiletto Pro is almost like a full-size flashlight but with a stretched and flat body profile like a pocket knife. While its slightly bigger than the original model, It's programmable, USB rechargeable, built-in fuel gauge & can project up to 1000 lumens & strobe.

You can activate the light using tail switch or thumb switch. Its 100 lumens LED light and strobe is a thrower, up close to you, not too far. (lighting up your surrounding widely)

Utilizing Surefire's MaxVision Beam reflector, the Stiletto Pro powers up to 1000 lumens of smooth & shadow filling LED white light. When need low output, the light has its 300 lumens & 25 lumens setting for a variety of tasks.

It's strobe feature can be activated by press & hold the program button. However, it's too slow for self defense in close proximity. It will be great for outdoors survival type of use to get someone's attention over the distance.

What we like about this one is its high quality body construction, unique body profile & ergonomics.

Recommended for hunters, outdoors, warehouse operation, utility light.

ThruNite T1 Pocket

thrunite t1 pocket tactical light
Image Referenced ZeroAir

This is the smallest light on our list. It's a index finger size light stretches only 2.73″ in length. This little thing can project up to 1500 lumens down to 0.5 lumen Firefly.

The strobe mode is included, but it requires cycling the button until you get there. Not the best for rapid strobe deployment in a defensive situation. But the light is great as a small size utility light.

So who is this thing great for? mechanics, electricians, outdoors, hikers…etc

The throw of the light is up to 102 meters according to the spes, but we are estimating about 70% of that marketed distance because it only has 2600 candela

What we do like about the light is that it's easy to carry, comes with dual direction pocket clip. When working on cars or anything else, you can simply mount the light using its magnetic tail cap for totally hands free.

We like other products from ThruNite, so as this small size light that can almost be the most powerful key chain tactical light.

What Is The Strobe On Flashlight For

Blinding Strobe Light For Self Defense

Having a flashlight you can deploy quickly and blast the attacker with disorienting strobe light is why a tactical flashlight with a strobe feature is so important.

Almost anyone who get blind it will immediately look away & move their hands to cover their eyes, which gives the defender chance to maneuver for escape or attack.

Signaling Attention

Have you ever been to a night club and see the security staff at the bar shining lights on the floor as they move around, and it almost immediately get people's attention as they get through the crowd & people get out of their ways.

This can also be used to get someone's attention fast in outdoors situation, military (more IR), law enforcement, warehouse, airport operations & many more.

Best Strobe Light Activation Method Optimal For Self Defense

One click activation is always the best for rapid deployment during close quarter self defense. Because you don't have time to find the button and cycle through the modes to get there.

Under stress you might over pressed the button, skipping over the strobe mode and start all over again.

So we don't recommend any light for self defense that require cycling of the modes even if its just 3 clicks.

We highly recommend ones like the Olight M2R Warrior Pro and other one-click strobe On/Off tactical light

How Much Lumens Do I Need

You only need to use as much light as necessary. Higher doesn't mean better.

If you want to be discrete with your light in public settings such as a movie theater, as you get under the seat to find your phone. You want 0.5 lumens, even 5 lumens is too much unless you just don't care what other people think.

For a tactical usage, anything above 100 to 2000 lumens is considered a lot to get the job done.

When using high lumen light beam, be sure of your surroundings & not blind yourself by the reflecting light.

What's more important is to also understand what candela is & how it relates to lumen intensity