Best Tactical Lights With UV Mode

Are you wanting an EDC light featuring an UV mode?…and here is how you can use it to detect hard to see things like leaks, fake cash & germs

Here we have a list of the best pocket size tactical light with UV mode.

If you are interested just getting a white light please check out our EDC light buyers’ guide here.

UV light exposes many invisible things such as:

  • Leak & rodent detection
  • Currency & ID verification
  • Detects germs, fluid & finger prints
  • Forensic analysis
  • Reveal invisible ink
  • Stronger UV kills microbes & bacteria

In this article, you will learn the best ones to buy, Important UV specs to look for & some FAQs at the end.

Best EDC Flashlight With UV Mode

use of uv light

For the purpose of detecting invisible things, a great EDC light with UV in a small package is all what we are looking for.

In addition, the light comes great lumen intensity for general EDC applications.

Fenix LD05

pensize fenix ld05 EDC light with UV mode
Image Referenced Fenix

The Fenix LD05 is a pen size EDC light with UV mode, it’s super lightweight that is great for police officers, mechanics, medical personnel and anyone who needs a small size light with UV.

4 brightness levels (3000K warm white) are 100 lumens, 25 lumens, 5 lumens & UV. The user can switch the modes for appropriate lumen intensity for low light tasks without blinding themselves.

Tail switch features full press for constant on/off, tap to cycle through the 4 modes.

The UV lens produce a 365nm UV light to detect finger print stains & counterfeit crash. The light is powered by 2 AAA batteries. It’s simple & durable for anyone who wants a pen size light.

Olight I3UV EOS

olight i3uv eos edc light with UV mode keychain
Image Referenced TorchSA

If you want a small size AAA battery powered UV light that goes on your keychain or your pocket, the Olight I3UV back light is the smallest size of our list.

Its tiny and ultra compact for every day carry, especially on a key chain.

The light features UV only mode with high efficient 395nm Ultraviolet LED for close up scanning.

The body is made with durable aircraft aluminum with scratch free type 3 hard anodized coating, so you dont have to worry about the light getting ruined rubbing against things all day while you carry it.

The light doesnt have a tail cap switch, in fact this simple device turns on by fully tighten the head.

The best part? Its only under $20.

Fenix TK25UV

Image Referenced FlashlightZ

The Fenix TK25UV is a slightly larger profile handheld light features a

  • Max 1000 lumen CREE XP-G2 LED
  • Strobe
  • 3000mW 365nm UV mode.

IP68 rated up to 6.5 ft underwater, and the light is powered by 1 18650 battery or 2 CR123 batteries.

The TK25UV is good for a weapon mount light & tool bag EDC item, and it’s another “home run” Fenix product for anyone that wants a legitimate tactical light with UV !

Get the Fenix AER03 V2 Pressure Switch here.

The light isnt made for low profile 5 lumen moonlight type of low light tasks, but its more for high profile illumination in the dark.

Starting from the tactical aspect of the light, the tail cap & mode rotary switches are right next to each other, so the user can easily cycle through 6 modes without changing the tactical light grip.

• Turbo 1000 lumens
• High 300 lumens
• Med 100 lumens
• Low 15 lumens
• UV 365nm
• Strobe 1000 lumens

With UV mode built in, this makes a regular white LED only tactical light more versatile for inspection type of work much easier.

365nm & 395nm are the highest UV outputs on the market, and you just can’t find many options like it. Definitely check it out…

NiteCore P20UV

The Precise Series NiteCore P20UV is a full size tactical profile 800 lumen EDC light with strike bezel, strobe & features an UV mode.

The light is ergonomic & streamlined for carry. Built with robust aluminum body for durability, and the light only weighs only 3.7 oz, which is great for a defensive light.

This light is for tactical, law enforcement & general purpose use, and the user can select a desired mode very quickly (800 lumens, 400 lumens, 70 lumens & 365nm UV), in fact the dedicated strobe switch allows the strobe to be instantly activated without cycling the mode.

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The light has smooth CREE XM-L 2 LED reflector, which makes it a thrower type tactical flashlight that can reach far (180 meters) with 800 lumens & 8100 candela. The exterior body is made with durable aircraft grade aluminum, IPX 8 rated & impact resistant.

Lastly, the light is powered by 1 3.7v 2600mAH 18650 battery or 2 3V 1700mAH CR123 batteries.

How Does A UV Flashlight Work

uv light exposes fingerprints
Image Referenced Air Force OSI

UV (Ultraviolet) makes your clothes glow in the dark because the substances in washing powder “Fluoresce” when the UV ray hit the surfaces.

Surface materials absorb the UV light, and re-radiate the energy with a longer wavelength.

There for you can see it.

Sometimes people also call it “blacklights” because human cant see thr UV coming from it.

What To Look For Wavelength Matters

Image Referenced

The most common commerical grade UV wavelength is 365nm.

This is widely used in fluoresce detection, currency & ID verification. As the wavelength shortens, the light rays become more damaging.

As the wavelength lengthens, the weaker it becomes.

Mode Selector

For anything UV related, there is no need to rush to get to the UV mode. You can take your time.

Fast UV access isnt a critical feature to look for.

However, quick access to Strobe mode & tail cap switch are important for a tactical light.

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Most Popular EDC UV Uses

  • Leak & rodent detection
  • Currency & ID verification
  • Detects germs, fluid & finger prints
  • Forensic analysis
  • Reveal invisible ink
  • Stronger UV kills microbes & bacteria

UV Light FAQ

Does UV Light Damage Human Eyes?

Large amount of UV exposure can damage the retina of the human eyes. Which is why wearing sunglasses helps blocking UV light.

As far as using UV light to detect invisible thing Can a UV flashlight kill bacteria? Yes… mostly for UVC rays with short wavelength around 100 – 280nm.

The shorter the wavelength the more damage it does like X ray & gamma rays. UVGI ( UV Germicidal Irradiation) is a disinfection method that uses short-wavelength ultraviolet (UV-C) light to destroy nucleic acid & disrupting their DNA, leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions.

How much it can kill is based on

  • Exposure time
  • Line of sight
  • Intensity
  • UV dose
  • Other factors

Dosages for a 90% kill of most bacteria and viruses range from 2,000 to 8,000 μW·s/cm2.

Can UV Light Kill Coronavirus?

It’s not confirmed by the officials that UV rays can kill coronavirus on any surfaces, but UV light can expose questionable areas that require disinfection.

However, UVC (100-280nm) wavelength is commonly used to kill germs and virus.

UV and UVC have different wavelength. UVC is very damaging to human close up if exposed to it for a long time.

Keep Informed Regarding COVID-19 by Visiting CDC Website Here

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