3 Best Weapon Lights For Smith Wesson M&P Full Size

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In this guide, let's take a look at the 4 best weapon light for Smith Wesson M&P for duty carry and personal defense.

We've picked the brightest, most durable and the farthest reaching lights to go with this awesome pistol.

Let's check them out...

Best Smith Wesson M&P Tactical Weapon Lights

Surefire X300 ULTRA

Smith Wesson M&P with surefire x300

The X300 is the godfather of pistol weapon light. It’s been around the longest for being the toughest weapon light on the planet.

If you had to pick the most durable light, the X300 is the one.

The X300 ultra model produces up to 1000 lumen using its LED precision TIR lens (2 CR123A batteries), super devastating for scaring away invaders in home defense situations, and also provides extensive peripheral illumination for maintaining situational awareness.

Built with mil-spec grade aluminum housing, you can beat this thing up as much as you like and it will still work (not recommend beating it up for no reason)

The X300U-B is the same as the X300U-A but with a T-slot mounting design, which allows the user to adjust the tension on the mount even if the polymer frame rail starts to wear out.


smith wesson m&p with streamlight tlr2

You probably have seen the Surefire X400 with light and laser, but it costs almost $700.

The TLR2 HL G is the more affordable alternative, which is very popular among law enforcement and civian users. The latest HL G version comes with a (<5mW Class 3R) Green laser that provides long range targeting especially in low light conditions.

This 800 lumen white LED light comes with a programmable strobe mode for deterring threats with intense non-lethal light beam.

Built with aerospace grade aluminum weighing only 4.58 oz (2 CR123A lithium batteries).

What’s cool about getting the TLR2 G for the M&P is the affordable price point compared a SureFire X400.

If saving money while going after something like the Surefire X400 is what you have been looking for, then the Streamlight TLR 2 HL G is the product you don’t want to miss.

Inforce APL

smith wesson m&p inforce apl

The Inforce APL is perfect for the compact size Smith Wesson M&P. It’s the most affordable weapon light made for handguns

The unit houses 1 CR123A battery that lasts up to 1.5 hours, capable of producing 200 lumens of intense white light either constant on or momentary.

For less than $115, this polymer glass body pistol weapon light is the best you can get for the money.

Common FAQ

Best Beam Type To Use

The M&P handgun is most effective for close quarter, so a "moderate output" weapon light with up to 120 lumens combined with Long Distance Reach & Surround Light is the best light beam pattern to go with.

Here is why...

Wide angle & high lumen light beam (Flood Beam) is great for lighting up the entire room so you can see everything in front of you without panning the light around, for max situational awareness while remain steady.

Tight light beam (Spot Beam) patterns are great for long distance light spotting and LESS peripheral illumination at close ranges.

Reach + Surround light beam is the happy medium.

Custom M&P Light Holster

Getting a custom holster that also fits specific weapon light is easier than ever.

Please head over to Bravo Concealment, TREX ARMS for custom fit light handgun holsters.

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