4 Best Weapon Lights and Laser For Springfield Hellcat

We've tested bunch old and new products and have narrowed down to the 4 best weapon lights for Springfield Hellcat based their lumen intensity, features, size and concealability.

There are tons of pistol lights made available, but not all can fit on the Springfield Hellcat due to its super slim profile.

So let's check them out

4 Best Springfield Armory Hellcat Weapon Lights & Laser

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  • Intensity: 500 Lumen & 5000 Candela
  • Battery: 1 CR123A
  • Benefits: Just like the full size TLR7A, Best Look & Best Fit on Hellcat



  • Intensity: 600 Lumen & 2000 Candela
  • Battery: USB Lithium Polymer Rechargeable
  • Benefits: Highest lumen for compact light, Ambidextrous for L & R handed shooters, Adjustable rail positions
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surefire xsc

  • Intensity: 350 Lumen & 4225 Candela
  • Battery: USB Rechargeable
  • Benefits: Ambidextrous for L & R handed shooters, Perfect for CCW, Visible battery status check
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LA Police Gear

  • Laser: Red
  • Distance: 25 yrds daylight
  • Battery: Single CR 1/3N, 6 hrs constant on
  • Benefits: Super slim, Mounts securely around the trigger guard, Nonsnag performance
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    Streamlight TLR 7 SUB - Best Overall

    streamlight tlr 7 sub on hellcat 9mm pistol

    Note: Buy M1913, Use Rail Key #1 (Slight Trim Required To Fit, See Where To Trim Here)

    Why Buy The New Streamlight TLR 7 SUB - Just like the popular TLR 7A Flex with all the great features, the Sub model is made to fit on subcompact Hellcat frame. It's by far the highest performing subcompact light that also look the best.

    We highly recommend this product for its size, performance and price, and it's probably the best for the Hellcat

    Great CQB Illumination - Streamlight's TIR Optic reflector lights up everything within 40 yards in low light CQB fighting distances. You will NOT miss a thing in the dark from your 9, 12 to 3 O'clock positions.

    streamlight tlr 7 sub dissambled

    Responsive / Snag Free Switches - Activate the light simply by pushing the toggle button from either sides. Super responsive switches that just work

    Slide Always In Battery - The extra light bezel length prevents the slide & muzzle from getting out of battery during point blank engagement that can save your life.

    Uses Just 1 CR123A - Powering up to 500 lumens & 5000 candela just like the full size TLR 7 that last for 90 mins.

    Responsive / Snag Free Switches - Activate the light simply by pushing the toggle button from either sides. Super responsive switches that just work


    • 500 Lumens 
    • 5000 Candela - 120 Meter Throw
    • 1 CR123A Battery
    • Side Toggle Switches

    See More Pics & Read TLR 7 Sub Reviews Here

    streamlight tlr 7 sub

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    NEW Surefire XSC - Best CCW Ergonomics

    springfield hellcat pistol with surefire xsc light

    Why Surefire XSC Micro - The SF XSC Micro is the newest duty grade pocket size pistols light for the Springfield Hellcat. It's a balance between performance, size and concealability for conceal carry users. 

    Please pick the specific model (XSC-HELLCAT) with rail spec made for the Hellcat.

    Perfect slim fit for CCW - The light fits on the Hellcat better than other options. It's snag free, and feels very ergonomic for conceal carry.

    New SureFire light switch - Simple toggle switches work for lefties and righties. Stress-free instant activation allows momentary-on and constant-on.

    Small Light & Intense Lumen - 350 lumens of intense white central beam and wide spill can lit up everything in any CQB fighting distances.

    springfield hellcat surefire xsc light

    Referenced Surefire

    Easily see charge status - Never be caught with a dead battery, the new proprietary Battery-mounted fuel gauge allows convenient monitoring of charge status

    Fast and Easy battery swap - Proprietary quick-detach, rechargeable lithium-polymer battery for easy battery change without removing the XSC from the host pistol


    • 350 Lumens (2000 Candela)
    • 130 meters throw
    • New rechargeable battery with charge indicator
    • 1.7 oz

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    LA Police Gear


    Viridian E Series Laser - Best Low Profile Laser

    springfield hellcat pistol with viridian e series laser

    Why pick Viridian visible laser - The Viridian E series laser is the best in the industry for compact pistols to buy for just $132. It's doesn't take up much room and it's easy to operate. 

    Fast Aiming Capability - Shooter can get on target extremely fast without take eyes off the threat to align sights up to 25 yrds during daylight and 80+ yrds in the dark

    Super slim & snag free laser unit - Draw from IWB or OWB holsters effortlessly. Super small, Super Slim and Nothing snags.

    6 Hrs battery life - Long battery life is important for eliminating frustration when the battery dies when you need it the most, the CR 1/3N battery gives the unit up to 6 hours on constant use

    Auto shutoff feature to save battery - Added a five-minute auto shut-off system ensures you won’t inadvertently burn off your battery.


    • Red laser
    • 25 yard laser range
    • Easy windage and elevation adjustment
    • New rechargeable battery with charge indicator
    • Trigger guard mount

    Olight BALDR Mini - Best Budget (Not The Best Fit)

    springfield hellcat pistol with olight baldr mini light

    Why Try Olight – The Olight BALDR Mini is by far the most affordable compact weapon light to try on most pistol platforms. It’s sturdy, durable, rechargeable and affordable. The only cons is that the QD lever gets in the way of the left control switch

    Minimized Laser Bore Offset – Visible green laser (Up to 130 meters) positioned close to the bore to minimize POI offset

    Don't have to buy battery anymore – Recharged via USB cable, so you can use the light as much as you like for training without buying batteries.

    Simple Mode Selector – Cycle through 3 different modes (Laser only, Light only & Laser+Light) effortlessly without remembering programmed button press.

    Adjustable Rail Position - Adjust the light position on the Hellcat to put the toggle switch closer to the trigger guard while keeping a more compact configuration. 


    • 600 Lumens (4225 Candela)
    • 130 meters throw
    • Visible Green Laser
    • Magnetic USB Rechargeable
    • 3.07 oz
    • QD lock mount + adjustable position mount

    Note: It requires a little modification to the mount lever to make it fit perfectly on the Hellcat (recommend reverse the QD lever mount & remove Glock rail to give better control switch clearance & fit)

    If you’re interested in this light be sure to get the best deal from OlightUSA and copy and paste this 10% OFF: code OLIGHTSTORE10 during checkout.

    Read Olight BALDR Review

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    Common Q/A

    Does the Streamlight TLR 7 or 8 fit the Springfield Hellcat Bottom Rail?

    The Streamlight TLR 7 and 8 are two great weapon lights for a gun like the Hellcat, but the gun doesn't have enough rail space on the front to mount the TLR-7/TLR-8

    The new Streamlight TLR 7 Sub (M1913) WILL fit

    Where to buy light bearing holsters for Springfield Hellcat?

    If you are looking for great retention light bearing holsters for the Springfield Hellcat, please check out:

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    Be sure to revisit our site for further updates.

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