5 Best Weapon Lights For Beretta M9A3 [Non-Railed]

reloading m9a3 with Steiner weapon light
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There are tons of weapon lights available, and here are some of the best weapon lights for Beretta M9A3 & 92FS for anyone looking for one.

Surefire X300 is the go-to tactical light, but there are newer stuff out there today.

Let's take a look

Our Best Beretta M9A3 & 92FS Light Picks

Surefire XH30

m9a3 black with xh30

Why Use The XH30? - It's the upgraded version of the popular Surefire X300U with increased lumen and added strobe model. 

Definitely pick the XH30 over the XH35 because XH30 has high candela (11.3K) for combating photonic barriers, which is very effective for defensive use.

Same Control As X300U - No learning curve, if you have used the Surefire X300U before, this is exactly the same control with some added features you will quickly learn how to use in no time.

Dual Lumen Settings - Switch between 1000 lumens for high intensity use and 300 lumens close up low light CQB use without blinding the eye

Built To Last - Same aerospace grade material (IPX7 rated) as other combat proven Surefire products that will last a long time through everyday handling

Fits M9A3 Rail - Adjustable tension screw mount goes on the M9A3 better than the Rail Lock design without wearing out the mount

surefire xh30 strobe model drone shot

Added Strobe Mode - Disorient targets to gain tactical advantages in low light to win fights


  • 1000 Lumens
  • 11300 Candela
  • TIR Lens - Super Wide
  • 2 CR123A Batteries
  • 4.8 oz
  • 3.7 in
  • IPX7

NOTE:  XH30/35 will not fit X300U holsters 

m9a3 with streamlight tlr 1 hl

Why Get The TLR 1 HL? - The Streamlight TLR 1 HL is honestly the best overall pistol weapon light for the money if Surefire products don't exist. It's by far the best for a light under $200, and goes on the M9A3 perfect without passing over the muzzle.

Available in Black and FDE

Not Miss A Thing In The Dark - Flood beam covers anything from 9 o'clock to 3 o'clock

Easy Toggle Switch - No hard press on toggle switch to activate the light for single or two hand operation. Much easier than Surefire X300U or XH30's switeches

Easier Strobe Activation - Just double tap for strobe without configuring any buttons

Replaceable Lens Bezel - Repair the front lens without having to replace the whole unit


  • 1000 Lumens
  • 15000 Candela
  • 2 CR123A Batteries
  • 4.18 oz
  • 3.39 in
  • IPX7

Olight PL Pro - Best For Value

m9a3 with olight pl pro

Why Use The Olight PL PRO? - Use this light for extensive training while saving a tons of money buying batteries! It's a rock solid weapon light based on the design of Surefire and Streamlight without spending a ton of money.

USB Rechargeable Battery - Use as much as you want and just recharge it via USB connection 

Quick Release Mount - Mount and Demount on / off the M9A3 rail without any tools in the field

Increased Lumen Intensity - Up to 1500 lumens output. Hot spot isn't as tight as Surefire and Streamlight, but it's great for CQB applications

Compare Deals:

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Steiner SBAL PL - High End Laser & Light Combo

Image Referenced Defense Review

Why Use The Steiner SBAL RL ? - If you have some extra fun money to spend, the Steiner SBAL PL is a higher end white light and green laser combo that is very unique for the M9A3. Steiner makes top tier quality carbine rifle laser devices pros use.

Available in Black and FDE

Unique Aesthetics - Break away from the typical weapon light look and try this next level light/laser system on your M9A3

Programmable Switch Functions - Momentary & constant on activation. Configure it the way that works for you

Minimized Laser To Bore Distance - Laser sites closer to the bore to minize zeroing offset.

Optimized Button Location - Buttons sit right where trigger index finger usually is for fast activation and trigger index

Common FAQ

How Many Lumens Do You Really Need?

Currently on the market, 1000 Lumens is a good starting point. However, lumen intensity isn’t the ONLY thing to look for. In fact, Candela is another spec to look at.

High candela allows the light beam to throw further to identify targets in low light with much more 

Non Railed (92FS) Light Mount Adapter

black m9 92fs with surefire mr11 adapter
Image Referenced AR15.com

Non bridger model of the M9 or 92FS pistols require aftermarket 1913 pictainny mount adapters to accept a tactical light.

The best one we recommend is the Surefire MR11, however it has been discountinued. An alternative is the TRG EZ-Rail, tested and approved by Colt.

Before you purchase anything make sure the trigger guard of your 92FS is compatible with the adapter.

To install the rail adapter, depress the disassembling latch release button on the Beretta, slide the adapter against the trigger guard and position the open slot in the adapter over the disassembling latch release button. Screw the Teflon screw down until it just makes contact with the trigger guard.

Light Flush With Muzzle VS Extended

The M9 series handguns are generally full size pistols with 4.5-5" barrel threaded and non threaded.This pistol is very much a night stand gun & for duty use.

For duty carry & personal defense, get the full size flashlight that mounts flush with the muzzle & sticks out just a bit.

The reason for that is to prevent the slide from going out of the battery if you had to press the muzzle against an attacker's body in a tight quarter fight for your life type of situation.

For range use, it doesnt matter that much.

Other M9 Tactical Light Accessories

Your weapon light will get fogged up more and more after each shot. keep weapon light clean is important before putting your range gun as the home defense gun after the range trip, so your light is at peak performance.

Get some carbon removal solutions, and simply just wipe it right off.

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