5 Best Weapon Lights For Beretta M9A3 [Non-Railed]

reloading m9a3 with Steiner weapon light
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In this awesome guide article, we list a few of the best weapon lights for Beretta M9A3 & 92FS for anyone shopping for one.

Surefire X300 is typically the go-to tactical light, but there are newer stuff out there today.

Let's take a look

Best Beretta M9A3 & 92FS Weapon Lights

The NEW M9A3 is the modern upgrade of the 92FS. One of the most exciting added features is the bottom rail for mounting Picatinny style weapon lights.


surefire x300u gif
  • Intensity: 1000 Lumen MaxVision
  • Candela: 11,300 cd
  • Battery: 2 CR123A
  • Benefits: World's best MIL-SPEC weapon light built for war, Non-lethal intense light beam to blind invader

surefire xh35 gif
  • Intensity: 300 - 1000 Lumen MaxVision (2 Modes) + Strobe
  • Candela: 11,500 cd
  • Battery: 2 CR123A
  • Benefits: Upgraded from X300 with more advanced light mode, Choose between 1K or 300 lumens, Great control ergonomics

steiner sbal laser on m9a3
  • Intensity: 500 Lumen White LED
  • Laser: Green Laser, <5 mW Class 3A
  • Battery:  1 CR123A
  • Benefits: Fits on all M1913 rail, Minimized laser offset from bore, High end laser optics used in combat 

  • Intensity: 1200 Lumen White LED
  • Candela: 13,800 cd
  • Battery:  Rechargeable
  • Benefits: Fits on all M1913 rail with QD lever, Ambidextrous light activation, Magnetic charging USB
Lightest Weight

  • Intensity: 400 Lumen White LED
  • Candela: 4,000 cd
  • Battery:  1 CR123A
  • Benefits: Glass reinforced polymer body resists high impact, Run time up to 1.5 hrs, Integrated M1913 & universal rails

Still not sure?

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Surefire XH30

surefire xh30 weapon light

If you had to pick between the two, definitely pick the XH30 over the XH35 because XH30 has high candela (11.3K) for a higher intensity spot beam, which is very effective for defensive use.

In our opinions, the XH35 is an unnecessary variant of the X300 design because its 5k candela is too low, and it's not effective enough for personal defense.

Not sure what Surefire was think when making this product...

For self-defense, you want high candela rating, so the beam is intense enough to penetrate through ambient light as well as blinding a threat from a longer distance.

One of the most unique features added is the disorienting strobe mode & toggle between 300 lumens and 1000 lumens, probably the brightest weapon light you can find for a pistol.

1,000 blinding lumens for lighting up the alley ways in the dark, searching & blind threats, and just use 300 lumens if less brightness is desired.

blind threats
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NOTE: If you already have a holster for the X300, the XH30/35 will not fit due to the difference on the front lens.

Streamlight TLR 2 HL G

If saving money is important while also get something bad ass like the Surefire X400, then the Streamlight TLR 2 HL G is the product you don’t want to miss.

The latest HL G version comes with a (<5mW Class 3R) Green laser that provides long range & close range targeting especially in improvised shooting postures.

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This 800 lumen white LED light comes with a programmable strobe mode for temporary vision impairment with intense non-lethal light beam.

Built with aerospace grade aluminum weighing only 4.58 oz (2 CR123A lithium batteries).

What’s cool about getting the TLR2 G for the M9A3 is it does everything the SureFire X400 can, and its way cheaper.

Steiner SBAL PL

Image Referenced Defense Review

The Steiner eOptics SBAL PL is a high end & rugged pistol weapon light on steroid features a white light and a green laser pointer.

If you have never heard of Steiner… Steiner is known for making high end military grade laser devices for tactical weapons you may have seen in the past.

Steiner eOptics is Beretta's holding company, so we just cant help it but to recommend this awesome weapon laser & light combo for the M9A3.

…and it's crazy expensive!

Before you run away after seeing the price tag, couple features about this light should get you to take a second look.

  1. It looks bad ass with the unique body profile that stands out among other weapon lights on the market today.
  2. The Steiner SBAL PL is the only competitor to the Surefire brand for making high end white/laser combo.
  3. Programmable switch functions for momentary & constant on activation
    What we like the most is that the laser position sits above the light, which sits closer to the bore & minimizes laser offset distance.

It fits on almost any weapon platform using the 1913 Picatinny rail. If you have the budget for the ultimate M9A3 weapon light, the Steiner SBAL PL is the one to go with.

Besure to checkout the Surefire X400 too if you're interested.

Inforce APL

beretta m9a3 with inforce apl weapon light
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The Inforce APL is the best for the money when shopping a light for the Beretta M9A3.

The unit houses 1 CR123A battery that lasts up to 1.5 hours, capable of producing 200 lumens of intense white light either constant on or momentary.

The APL is built lightweight & durable glass-reinforced body through extensive testing before release. When it's mounted on the M9A3, the two non-slip textured activation paddles go over the trigger guard and it's reachable without breaking the grip.

Preview Product Rating
Inforce APL Gen 3 Inforce APL Gen 3 70 Reviews

Olight PL Pro

fde m9a3 with olight weapon light
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The Olight PL valkyrie is a unique light that shares similar features as the Surefire X300 as far as its overall profile.

It goes on the M9A3 rail via its integrated QD lever with its adjustable tension. The activation switches feels very positive and responsive, however the bottons could be a little longer for easy reach for people with short fingers.

The PL produces up to 400 lumens using its CREE XP-L HI LED, and its powered by its built in lithium battery.

Its signature magnetic charging port allows the light to be charged using the MCC charging cable, without removing the light or battery swap.

For the money, you are getting one powerful and compact weapon light built for carry & home defense.

Common FAQ

How Many Lumens Do You Really Need?

Lumen intensity
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The general answer is between 120 to 1000 Lumens with far-reaching spotlight and flood beam pattern, you get max situational awareness, brightness, and distance.

More lumen intensity is always better to adapt to changing tactical environments and dealing with photonic barriers.

However, lumen intensity isn’t the ONLY thing to look for, the specs on Candela and light beam type are very important.

Check out Lumen and Candela explanation on our site.

Non Railed (92FS) Light Mount Adapter

black m9 92fs with surefire mr11 adapter
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If you have a non bridger model of the M9 or 92FS pistol, you have to install an aftermarket 1913 pictainny mount adapter to accept a tactical light.

The best one we recommend is the Surefire MR11, however it has been discountinued. An alternative is the TRG EZ-Rail, tested and approved by Colt.

Before you purchase anything make sure the trigger guard of your 92FS is compatible with the adapter.

To install the rail adapter, depress the disassembling latch release button on the Beretta, slide the adapter against the trigger guard and position the open slot in the adapter over the disassembling latch release button. Screw the Teflon screw down until it just makes contact with the trigger guard.

Light Flush With Muzzle VS Extended

The M9 series handguns are generally full size pistols with 4.5-5" barrel threaded and non threaded.This pistol is very much a night stand gun & for duty use.

For duty carry & personal defense, get the full size flashlight that mounts flush with the muzzle & sticks out just a bit.

The reason for that is to prevent the slide from going out of the battery if you had to press the muzzle against an attacker's body in a tight quarter fight for your life type of situation.

For range use, it doesnt matter that much.

Other M9 Tactical Light Accessories

Your weapon light will get fogged up more and more after each shot. Learn how to keep weapon light clean is important, so your light is at peak performance.

You definitely don't want to have your range gun with a light all covered up with carbon residue as your home defense gun without first cleaning up the light lens.

Get some carbon removal solutions, and simply just wipe it right off.

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