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In this guide, let's check out the best weapon light for the Sig MPX for defense and night time USPSA matches.

To save you time, here are the top picks for this amazing PCC

Lets check them out...

john wick sig mpx gun fights in the dark

Best Light Picks For Sig MPX

Inforce WML

sig mpx with inforce wml

The Inforce WML is one of our favorites weapon light for its unique angled pressure switch ergonomics for multiple weapon platforms including the Sig Sauer MPX, and it gives the shooter full control of the handguard while operating the light

Super Lightweight - Polymer construction weighing only 4.02 oz with batteries installed

inforce weapon mounted light reflector

M1913 Rail Only - Mount on 12 o'clock on the handguard or on a MLOK to M1913 or Keymod to M1913 offset mount

Added Strobe Mode - Additional tactical capability to signal and disorient opponent for force on force training & real life applications

Simple Operations - Includes:

  • Constant 
  • Momentary
  • Strobe

This is the best tactical weapon light for the money & performance for night shoot and CQB home defense. 

inforce wmlx gen 2 full size disassembled

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olight odin mini product pic

Why Get This ? – If you're on a budget, try the Olight Odin before saving up for a Surefire or a Modlite product.

M1913 scout light mount required, get one here

High Lumen and Candela - 1250 lumens and 14400 candela are more than what a Surefire Mini Scout (500 Lumen & 7600 Candela) for a brighter light beam to id targets down range and in any CQB environments.

olight odin corona hot spot

CQB effective beam pattern - See as far as 200 - 240 meters on the highest lumen intensity with 14400 candela (The spill of the light beam isn't too sharp or soft)

USB Rechargeable Battery Saves Money - Train with the light as much as you like without burning their wallet buying batteries, just recharge it

NEW Lockable Magnetic Tail Cap - lockable tail cap stays in place without the worry of the cable disconnecting.


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Check out the detailed review NEW Mini Sized Olight Odin Here

cloud defensive rein with eotech exps3
Why Pick The REIN - The Cloud Defensive REIN micro is a much more powerful scout light than the Surefire M300C minus all the tail cap accessories. It's much brighter and more serviceable.

Uses The Same Scout Mounts - Use any Scout light mounts available on the market

Better Target ID - Insane 60K candela throw to ID targets clearly while other low end lights just can't do

Cloud Defensive REIN light pattern 18650
Serviceable Bezel Lens - 3mm thick lens used to significantly beef up the durability of the light. If the lens break, all you have to do is to replace the lens by disassemble the bezel in less than a minute give or take.

Non-Snag Cable Wiring - Orientation based on where the light is mounted on the handguard.

  • Perfect for clean SBR handguard setups
  • No zip tie
  • No more force swing the cable around 
  • No snag hazard & zero exposed cable
  • No more bending stiff switch cable that could degrade voltage flow
  • No excess cable sticking out

Surefire M300C Scout Light

Sig Sauer MPX with Surefire M300

The Surefire M300 Scout is the gold standard for all miniature style weapon light on the market. Even though we really like the Cloud Defensive REIN Micro, but the Surefire M300C has way more aftermarket tail cap accessories to use.

Streamlight TLR 8

Sig MPX with Streamlight TLR 8 John Wick 3
Image Referenced Omaha Outdoors

The Streamlight TLR 8 is a white light plus red laser combo, mostly used for pistol illumination applications, but we had to show this because it was featured in the movie John Wick 3.

Very Compact - The light is small, affordable and great for a 9mm sub gun.

Only 1 CR123A - Produces up to 500 lumens & 5000 candela with its C4 LED technology to see as far as 130 meters in low light

streamlight TLR 7A car outdoor

Fast Laser Aiming - Works in CQB environment and center axis relock shooting position in tight spaces. The <5mW Class3R red laser provides long-range & fast CQB targeting when shooting without aiming down the sight.

The other model, TLR7 A is the most popular subcompact light for pistols and it has the same beam performance as the TLR8, but with a better activation switch than the original TLR8. Please click here to check out the TLR7A review.

Recommended Mounting Accessories For Sig MPX

The Sig MPX comes with its factory Key Mod rail handguard

The most popular configurations are:

KeyMod to Picatinny

KeyMod to Scout light mount

Angled offset light mount

NOTE: Please mount laser sits as close to the bore as possible to get the best zero without too much POI offset

Pressure Switch

Surefire m600 vs Olight odin scout pressure switch connectors

There are many remote pressure switches you can use. Some are more reliable than others, please check it the guide hyperlinked above.

How Much Lumens Do You Really Need?

Is 100 lumens enough? How about 500 lumens? How about 1000 lumens?

500 vs 1000 lumens

In today's world, a 500 -1000 lumens light is good, but the Candela ratings is much more important spec because it measures the light's ability to punch out further and overcome photonic barriers in the environment.

While most people tend to guess and buy whatever product that has the best marketing message, hopefully you're more knowledgeable after reading this.

How Close To Mount The Light Near The Muzzle

When mounting the light flush to the muzzle, it allows the beam pattern to be uninterrupted, which doesn't cast shadow of parts of the gun.

However, if you mount the light flush to side blast muzzle brake, then you have to periodically cleaning the carbon residue off the light.

Large VS Small Weapon Light

Large size light will have it's full beam performance than its scaled down model, but when you compare them side by side they all get the job done. For a SBR type gun like the MPX, a small light is much better for weight saving purposes and to have a low profile setup.

For full carbine length MPX users, its not a bad idea to use either one because you have a lot more rail real estate to mount accessories.

For SBR & Pistol MPX users, getting something like the Surefire M300C or Cloud Defensive REIN Micro is recommended to keep everything compact and tucked in.

At the end of the day, its all up to your personal preference on what makes you feel comfortable.