Where To Buy UVC Tactical Flashlight (100-280nm)

Why UVC light?

UVC is the most damaging type of ultraviolet wavelength in the electromagnetic spectrum before X-Ray, In range (100-280nm), which is strong to kill germs with enough intensity, dosage & exposure time.

It’s main use is to kill germs, usually as a lamp instead of a handheld flashlight.

It’s DEFINITELY NOT a common flashlight product you can find. In fact, there isn’t any (100-280nm) UVC handheld light available. But we have found couple flashlight products with standard UV mode you can check out.

Whether you use the UVC light to reveal dirty surfaces during the coronavirus situation, or you use it for more advanced tasks.

Safety is number one when using UVC.

Best Tactical Flashlights With UV Mode

UVC is invisible radiation between the wavelength of 100nm to 280nm. Within this range, the UV rays can penetrate biological organisms & can be absorbed by DNA, RNA & proteins In layman’s term, it kills cells, disrupt the DNA replication process, and the cells cant replicate.

UVC light is widely used to kill infectious germs on surfaces at places like the hospital, passenger aircraft, surgical rooms, aerospace facilities and more.

NiteCore P20UV

This light is for tactical, law enforcement & general purpose use, and the user can select a desired mode very quickly (800 lumens, 400 lumens, 70 lumens & 365nm UV), in fact the dedicated strobe switch allows the strobe to be instantly activated without cycling the mode.

Read more about tactical style UV flashlight here.

Escolite UV Flashlight

This is the most affordable & the hottest selling UV light on Amazon. It operates on 3 AA batteries that emits 390-395nm wavelength.

Great for general purpose use for detecting things, but not strong enough to kill germs. For that you want to look at UVC lamps as they’re most commonly made for germ killing.

Commercial Grade UVC Light Bulb

Use this anywhere you want inside your home as long as its a E26 or E27 light socket. Once you’re done disinfecting, you can switch back to a normal light bulb.

This 50W UVC grade lamp is designed to kill germs on various surfaces like bed, table, chair, clothes, towels…etc. With a large illumination coverage up to 500 sq ft, 50,000 hours life span, this is a great home utility tool for keeping your home clean without you doing any hard work.

No products found.

Major Germicidal Ultraviolet Applications

UVC is Germicidal ultraviolet. It creates damage to the nucleic acid of microorganisms by forming covalent bonds between certain bases in the DNA. This type of bonds prevent the DNA from being unzipped for replication.

Check out the detail explanation here on Ultraviolet.com

Food Processing

  • Dairy processing
  • Bottling facility
  • Water based lube
  • Brewery & winery
  • Soft drinks


  • Passenger jet seats infection
  • Aircraft coating development


  • Sink maintaince
  • Water disinfection
  • Purification


  • Surgical room disinfect
  • Kidney dialysis
  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Lab work

What Are Other Types Of UV Rays?

There are 3 types:

  • UVA (315 – 400 nm) – Used for printing, lithography, sensoring & medical
  • UVB (280 – 315 nm) – Used for medical, tanning & curing applications
  • UVC (100 – 280 nm) – Used for disinfection & sensing
  • Vacuum UV – Only in vaccum, non applicable to regular daily lives.

How To Be Safe Around UVC Radiation?

UVC radiation has not been shown to be a cause of human skin cancer or other types of human cancer.

however, UVC is as close to the wavelength of X-Ray, and it can be absorbed by organic molecules, including DNA, causing severe damage to microbes.

In order to protect yourself from regular UV radiation (UVB & UVA), the simplest way are:

  • Avoid long exposure under the Sun
  • Wear sunglasses
  • Use sunscreen SPF 15 or higher.

Detailed HPS Research: Why UVC cannot penetrate human skin even though the energy is stronger than UVB and UVA

Is UVC Light Practical For EDC?

An regular UV is practical for EDC because you can use it to check fake currency, check for leaks & stain.


UVC’s main purpose is to kill germs, and holding an UVC flashlight to kill germs just felt a little weird and unpractical.

I would rather buy a static UVC lamps to kill germs on table, bed, chairs…etc

For practical EDC light please check out: Best EDC Flashlight Under $100

Can UVC Rays Kill Germs Including Coronavirus?

UVC Light Google Search Trends March 2020

UVC with the shortest wavelength (100-280nm) before getting into the X-Ray range has the highest energy to kill bacteria & viruses (pathogens).

UVC can deactivate the virus, so it should have the same effect on COVID-19


Be aware of using it on human, as the ultraviolet radiation can damage human DNA.

As COVID 19 sweep across the World, causing fear & economic melt down, UVC light sales & online searches have increased.

At this point it’s a very promising product that everyone has been paying attention to.

Please check out official CDC’s recommendation on disinfection here

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