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In this comprehensive Cyelee Wolf X Pro review, I will delve into its specifications, mounting footprint, multiple reticle system, and overall build qualities. My objective is to provide an initial impression of the optic's overall performance range without subjecting it to excessive stress that could cause total failure, which that most users aren't likely to encounter for a civilian optic. I also want to disclose that Cyelee did send this optic for badassoptic.com to review.

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The product is judged in the context of normal range use only with minor physical abuse such as drop and water test. There are likes and dislike about the Cyelee Wolf X Pro, so keep reading or watch the review video at the end of the article, and see if this optic is for you.

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Cyelee Wolf X Pro Review - Specs

  • Magnification: 1X
  • Reticle: 2 MOA + 26 MOA Ring
  • Turret Value: 1 MOA / Click
  • Footprint: RMR
  • Window Size: 0.65" X 0.95"
  • Construction: 7075 T6 
  • Type: Open emitter
  • Weight: 1 oz
  • Battery Life: 50,000 hours

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Who Should Buy This Optic

testing cyelee wolf x pro review

Although there are numerous excellent RMR red dot sights available, the Cyelee stands out by delivering a level of refinement that surpasses other budget alternatives. The Cyelee Wolf X Pro is an ideal choice for individuals seeking an affordable RMR footprint red dot sight for their full-size handguns or as an offset red dot, all without straining their budget.

There are some positives and also negatives that I would like to address this review guide.

Cyelee Wolf X Pro Review Video

Cyelee Wolf X Pro Window Size

cyelee wolf x pro vs holosun 507c

Window size: 0.65" X 0.95"

The Cyelee Wolf X Pro has a larger sight window, and upon my initial trial, I was pleasantly surprised by its increased height compared to the Trijicon RMR and Holosun 507C. In terms of width, it's slightly wider than the Holosun 507C.

This larger window offers a tad more space to capture the reticle if it starts drifting away from the shooter. However, personally, I don't find this aspect to be of great importance, as the difference it makes is minimal.

It's important to note that the dimensions of red dot sight windows are likely to remain about this size for a long time. Therefore, users who struggle with dot acquisition should consider investing time in training. The Mantis X10, which provides real-time data and feedback to enhance grip and sight picture alignment, can be a helpful tool in this regard.

mantis x10 elite shooting tracker
mantis x10 elite on Glock 19
cyelee wolf x pro red dot sight


The Cyelee Wolf X Pro features a multiple reticle system. It has a 2 MOA center dot and a 25 MOA ring. In my personal shooting experience, I liked the single dot a lot more because its less cluttered when shooting during day time or night time.

The 25 MOA ring for astigmatic users will just look blurry, and having a center dot in the middle will make the reticle even harder to see. In my experience, the 25 MOA ring works if you really need to aim without having the center dot obscuring the target especially if they are small.

cyelee wolf x pro multi reticle system

Brightness Adjustment

The Cyelee Wolf X pro has plenty of brightness adjustment to work under a bright sunny day and low enough brightness setting for low light use. The buttons are very responsive.

If at an outdoor range, aiming facing direct sunlight, the dot reticle is hard to see as expected even with high end optics. I noticed if there are too much glare, cranking up the brightness can help but it's challenging to see unless wearing sun glasses.

Battery Life

cr1632 battery

Based on my research on the internet, many have suggested to swap the CR1632 battery with a DuraCell, so I can last as long as 40000 hours. So far, the optic has been on using the one supplied by Cyelee.

So far the battery hasn't died on us because it has been 50000 hours yet. I will update this review in the future to see when the battery dies.

The battery can be easily loaded and unloaded from the side tray like the Holosun 507C. This eliminates the need to remove the optic or re-zero. While many red dot sights now days feature this design, I'm glad that Cyelee Wolf X Pro has this as well.

The built in shakeawake technology is good feature to have, but it's not necessary since the optic's battery lasts a very long time. It serves as a way to save battery juice, but 99% of the time if the battery goes out, I will have a spare battery ready to install. 

Build Quality

cyelee wolf x pro glock

When it comes to build quality and overall finish of the Cyelee Wolf X Pro. They are superb with black anodized finish, and it's better than anything else I have seen in red dot sights at the $270 range.

The thickness of the glass is about 0.22", and the Trijicon RMR's lens is about 0.39", and Holosun 507C is about 0.16" thick. The Cyelee actually has the thickest lens among all the products I have tried. 

cyelee wolf x pro open emitter

For the shoulder height drop test, the finish did came off the optic as expected, but the lens didn't crack.

The glass window frame leans forward and it feels like a hood to cover the front lens to block glare. The overall shape of the lens frame is very thick and sturdy compared to other cheaper alternatives. In a way, its similar to the Springfield WASP red dot sight.

Turret Adjustment

cyelee wolf x pro turrets

After zeroing the Cyelee Wolf X Pro on the range, the optic can maintain zero, but adjusting the turret dial becomes a challenge. One reason for this difficulty is the lack of tactile feedback from each dial, requiring users to listen closely for the audible click.

As a result, users may either over-adjust or remain uncertain about the number of clicks they've dialed. Additionally, during the winter season, when wearing gloves, zeroing this optic becomes even more challenging.

 Another drawback of this optic is the necessity to use a small flathead tool for turret adjustments, eliminating the convenience of using a shell casing while at the range.

Final Verdict

The Cyelee Wolf X Pro offers impressive features for an RMR footprint red dot sight for just under $260, comparable to other affordable micro red dot sights on the market for civilian use.

The lens is thick and the window frame is unique and good looking, and they beef up the optic's durability under reasonable use without intentionally destroying the optic. I didn't put the Cyelee Wolf X Pro through such extreme torture tests because it isn't military grade.

Installing the battery and mounting the sight on most RMR optic cuts is a straightforward process. The downside worth mentioning is the requirement for a small flathead tool to adjust the turret, and the turret dial may overshoot if you're paying close attention.

This initial review of the Cyelee Wolf X Pro serves as an introduction to people looking for an affordable red dot sight option on the market, and further testing with live ammunition is needed to assess its ability to maintain zero with tight shot groups. As more data become available, this blog content will be updated accordingly.

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