daniel defense delta 5 pro rifle

In this guide, we are going to look at the best scopes for Daniel Defense Delta 5 rifles for all variants. Whether you're a hunter, range plinker or professional shooter, we have compiled a list of scopes that's suited for the Delta 5 bolt action rifle with factory guaranteed 0.5 MOA accuracy.

Our favorite go to is the 34mm or 35mm long range scopes like the Vortex RAZOR HD 4.5-27X50 and the Leupold Mark 5HD 5-25X56, but there are so many more options for less money and deliver similar performance.

We are going to compare reticles, weight difference, turret designs and everything else that are best for the Delta 5 for various applications.

Let's check them out...

Best Scopes For Daniel Defense Delta 5 Bolt Action Rifle

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Tip: Please also pick the most appropriate aiming reticle for your skill level and applications. Click here to learn more about reticle selection.

Leupold Mark 5 HD 5-25X56 - Best Overall

  • Magnification: 7-35X
  • Objective Lens: 56mm
  • Focal Plane: 1st Focal Point
  • Exit Pupil: 1.9 - 8mm
  • Eye Relief: 3.6 - 3.8 in
  • Overall Length; 15.7 inches
  • Weight: 33 ounces
  • Tube Size: 35mm main tube
  • Material: 6061 T6 Aerospace Aluminum
  • MOA Elevation Adjustment Range: 100
  • MOA Windage Adjustment Range: 50

The Mark 5 5-25X56 is recommended for the DD Delta 5 Pro with the top handguard rail scallop for 56mm objective lens scope clearance.

Leupold FFP mark 5 HD 5-25X56 scope

Mark 5 is ideal for the hunters, and precision shooters who want:

  • Shoot past 1000 yards with bolt guns and gas guns
  • Hunting
  • Competition
  • Intuitive / user friendly scope features

The Leupold Mark 5 HD is the next generation precision rifle scope upgrade from the previous models by bringing in what has worked in the past and improved what they didn't do so well.

Twilight technology - It allows better color and contrast consistency in low-light environments. It adds up to 30 minutes of illumination while eliminating 90% more glare-producing light than its competitors.

35mm tube for more click adjustments - This first focal plane scope is built for long-range shooting for more turret adjustments up to 100 MOA clicks for elevation and 50 MOA clicks for windage.

Added non-bolt interfering magnification throw lever - The integrated magnification dial throw lever allows for fast dialing, and it stops at the 1 o clock, which doesn't interfere with the action of the bolt on a bolt gun even if the bolt is oversized

Improved rotation identification - Getting lost in the turret is no fun and it causes confusion. The new turret numbering designates the first rotation second & third rotations, the button extrudes on the last rotation so the shooter doesn't get lost in the turret rotations.

Leupold mark 5 hd elevation adjustment indexing point

Intuitive windage indexing line - Stay behind Delta 5 bolt action rifle while adjusting windage without getting over the top of the scope. The new indexing line allows the shooter to work the windage adjustment and stay behind the scope without changing the shooting position

Burris XTR II 5-25X50 - Most Affordable

Burris XTR II 5-25x50 rifle scope
  • Magnification: 5-25X
  • Objective Lens: 50mm
  • Focal Plane: First
  • Length: 16.31"
  • Tube Size: 34mm
  • Weight: 29.5 oz
  • Exit Pupil: 5.5mm (5X) - 2.1mm(20X)
  • Eye Relief: 3.5 - 4.25 in
  • Adjustment Range: 90 MOA
  • Battery: CR2032
  • Click Adjustment: 0.25 MOA/Click,
  • Turret Style: Tactical

Burris Optics is a Beretta holding company located in Colorado who makes tons of rifle optics that can be found anything from budget option to the super expensive ones. The XTR II 5-25X50 is the 34mm tube sized tactical scope is the most popular model.

Best value without breaking the bank - After tons of research and time spent behind the XTR II, this scope is the best value scope in the mid tier price range for having full tactical long range capabilities without any problem hitting targets at least 1000 yards

SCR mil reticle 2

Fast data processing Mil reticle - Having a reticle that the shooter can easily understand and use is important. The SCR Mil reticle is built for competition shooting where the shooter can quickly hold with 0.5 Mil lines and use 0.1 mil ranging bracket for targets sitting extremely far away

Reticle accurate at any magnification - The first focal plane reticle allows the reticle to scale accurately relative to magnification change. At any power the reticle is true

Retain zero even during violent shock - Retaining zero is important shots after shots. XTR scopes are all hand-fitted internally with triple spring-tensioned assemblies for absolute shock and recoil proof.

No need to cycle through all brightness setting - The brightness adjustment setting has off positions between each illumination setting to prevent cycling through all brightness settings just to turn it on or off

Great low light performance - Using index-matched Hi-Lume multicoating glass to aid in low light and also eliminates glare to enhance aiming clarity

EOTech Vudu 5-25X50 F1 - Shortest Scope

Eotech vudu 5-25x50 34mm scope side view
  • Magnification: 5-25X
  • Objective Lens: 50mm
  • Focal Plane: First
  • Length: 11.2"
  • Tube Size: 34mm
  • Weight: 29.5 oz
  • Exit Pupil: 5.5mm (5X) - 2.1mm(25X)
  • Eye Relief: 2.96 - 3.63 in
  • Field of view: 4.7 - 23.3 ft at 100 yds
  • Battery: CR2032
  • Click Adjustment: 0.25 MOA/Click,
  • Turret Style: Tactical

  • Why use the short Vudu scope - If you're planning on attaching night vision or thermal in front of your scope on the Delta 5 rifle without a super long optic setup, then this short 11.2-inch compact size Vudu scope makes transportation and deep hunting territory easier.

    More room for mounting NV / Thermal sights - VUDU 5-25x50 has an overall length of 11.2 inches, which has the ability to add forward-fitting night vision and thermal sights to the setup.

    Instant return to zero indicator - This feature allows the shooter to set turrets, so there is a hard stop at the zero location. If the VUDU is knocked out of alignment, EZ Chek provides an instant return to Zero that is repeatable.

    EOTech vudu 5-25x50 ffp h59 MRAD

    Preferred Horus H59 Reticle - Christmas tree tactical-style reticle. Standard Horus subtensions are for speed shooting to 600 meters.

    The clean upper hemisphere offers the shooter unobstructed view to survey the landscape to identify targets.

    It looks like there is a lot going on, but once you understand how H59 reticle works, it's intuitive for fast holdover. You can push it left or right for wind call, moving target, and range estimation.

    Short scope without compromising eye box size - Eye relief is what a competitive shooter would require. At VUDUs lowest magnification setting,

    • 5X magnification; eye relief between 75 to 94 mm or 2.96 to 3.71 inches
    • 25X magnification; eye relief is between 83 to 92 mm 3.27 to 3.63 inches

    More flexible head movement - Larger exit pupil means the position of the shooter’s head is less critical, and scope shadow doesn't creep in too tight, in addition, it offers more room to prevent scope bite from heavy recoil.

    Primary Arms PLx 6-30X56mm - Best For 6.5 Creedmoor

    Primary ARms PLX 6-30x56mm scope
    • Magnification: 6-30X
    • Objective Lens: 56mm
    • Focal Plane: First
    • Length: 15.6"
    • Tube Size: 34mm
    • Weight: 38.2 oz
    • Eye Relief: 3.3 - 4 in
    • Adjustment Range: 23 - 26 Mil Rad
    • Click Adjustment: 0.1 Mil/Click
    • Turret Style: Tactical

    Why pick the PLx series scope - The PLx 6-30X56mm 34mm tube size scope is one of Primary Arms' flagship products made in Japan with superior glass clarity and the best-built material available.

    The ACSS Apollo reticle is optimized for 6.5 Creedmoor rifle scope, if your Daniel Defense Delta 5 rifle is chambered in 6.5, then this is the scope to get.

    Super Affordable - You don't have to spend a "million dollars" on a scope, just a couple hundred dollars you can get this amazing scope to hit accurately with your Delta 5 rifle chambered in 6.5 CM out to 1000 yards & beyond with no problem.

    ACSS apollo reticle auto ranging
    ACss apollo reticle center

    ACSS Apollo 6.5 CM Optimized Reticle - Optimized for 6.5 and 224 Valkyrie ballistics. No need to take your eye off the target you are always looking at it through the scope with all ranging data & aiming reference points already there, and you can immediately shoot within about a half-second of ranging.

    1/10 Mil ranging scale for targets at extreme distances - When the target is so far and so small to see, and the 1/10 mil ranging scale gives very precise Mil distance reading on the target

    Great for medium to extreme long range - First focal plane optic with uncompromising craftsmanship, durability and optical clarity. Perfect amount of magnification for any tactical, hunting and competition applications

    Schmidt & Bender 5-25X56 PM II - Highest End Scope

    schmidt bender 5-25x56 top view
    • Magnification: 5 - 25 x
    • Objective Lens Diameter: 56 mm
    • Exit Pupil Diameter (mm): 10.95 Low – 2.28 High
    • Eye Relief: 3.54"
    • Reticle: TReMoR3 Reticle
    • Turret Style: Tactical
    • Tube Diameter: 34 mm
    • Weight: 39.82 oz
    schmidt bender PM 2 5-25x56 MTC scope

    Why this is the best - Schmidt & Bender Police Marksman 5-25x56 PM tactical scope is another 5-25 scope tailor-made for the long-distance shooting made in Germany.

    58 Variants to pick from - The Schmidt Bender 5-25x56 PM II is available in 58 different configurations, including choice of 32 different reticles, turret clicks, and turret rotation direction.

    Camera-grade glass - The combination of the optical properties and a broad magnification range of this universal S&B scope yields spectacular results since the 5-25x56 PM II enables you to see over 6,500 feet.

    MTC Function - Besides extensive reticle selection, another Police Marksman II main feature is elevation and windage turrets each boasting locking feature and "MTC" function (More Tactile Clicks) with the crisp, precise and overall impressive tactile feel of each “click”.


    Tremor 3 Reticle - For simplified wind holds, the TREMOR3 reticle is designed for faster shooting aid by holdover grids and rapid ranging/milling features. Once the shooter understood the basics, shooting becomes extremely easy at longer ranges.

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