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Here are two unique red dot magnifiers to compare. EOTech G33 VS G43, which one should you buy and why. This guide goes over their specs and highlight any subtle features of both optics to provide you the push to make a final purchase decision.

There are so many options out there right now, and many buyers choose based on brand, price, and unique features.

EOTech G33 VS G43 - Main Differences

eotech g33 vs g43

The main difference between the EOTech G33 and G43 is their size and weight. The G33, being the older model, has a slightly shorter eye relief and a bit narrower field of view.

If you're buying for the first time, the G43 might be a better choice. It offers 3X magnification but is more compact, saving space on the rail.

In terms of weight, the G33 is lighter by 0.9 oz, weighing only 10.6 oz.


  • 3X magnification
  • 1" Weaver or M1913 rail mount
  • Fog resistant
  • Works with HWS and red dot
  • Side switch mount
  • Removeable mount
  • No mount height spacer
  • 4.4" length
  • 2.2" width
  • 2.2" eye relief
  • 7.3 degree FOV


  • 3X magnification
  • 1" Weaver or M1913 rail mount
  • Fog resistant
  • Works with holographic and red dot
  • Side switch mount
  • Removeable mount
  • Mount height spacer included
  • 3.1" length
  • 2.3" width
  • 2.5" eye relief
  • 7.5 degree FOV

Target Identification Clarity

eotech g33

3X magnification is common for red dot magnifiers. It offers a good balance, providing enough zoom without making the scope too big, and it's not so little that it's ineffective.

  • Users can use the G43 or G33 for target id during the day or night. 
  • Use to zero a red dot sight with finer accuracy
  • Use as a monocular scope after detach from the rifle

Eye Relief

The EOTech G43 and G33 has similar eye relief distance, even though on paper it says that the EOTech G43 is 0.3" longer. 

In reality, they feel about the same give or take.

It's not as long as a 4" for a low power variable optic, but it is what it is. For non helmet users, this is similar to an Trijicon ACOG, where the helmet can bump into the magnifier if it's too close.


Both the G33 and G43 have a similar feel. They don't have a reticle; they're just magnifying glasses.

You don't judge their durability by whether they hold zero. Instead, see if they keep the reticle centered during recoil. If used correctly, the adjustment knob should stay in place after setting.

Range Estimation Capability

Both magnifiers have a set 3X magnification. They don't have a ranging scale on the glass. Shooters can estimate range by using the dot size as a reference.

eotech g33

Users of the 65 MOA ring reticle, often found in Holosun and EOTech, can use it to estimate the distance to a target. But, the shooter needs to know how the 65 MOA reticle works.

Look at the illustrations below to see how 3X magnification enlarges the view and how the ring reticle helps in estimating target distance.

68 MOA EOTECH Reticle

Diopter Adjustment

Both optics have a diopter ring adjustment, which focuses the lens to help shooters see the reticle or target clearly.

This feature is especially useful for shooters with astigmatism, as it corrects their vision for a clearer view of the target or reticle.

It's a great feature. It allows shooters to zero in on their optic with greater precision and detail.

Mount Options

unity tactical ftc aimpoint magnifier mount

Both magnifiers include EOTech's sturdy side flip mount. They're durable and don't feel low-quality. They can also fit an out-of-spec M1913 top rail.

Be cautious about mounting it too close to the AR15's charging handle. The EOTech G43 comes with a spacer, allowing shooters to adjust the height for a comfortable view.

If needed, users can remove the magnifier and use it with Unity Tactical's FTC magnifier mount with a raised 2.26" height.

Price Comparison

In terms of cost, the EOTech G33 is about $90 cheaper than the EOTech G43.

You can buy both magnifiers without the mount. If you already have a mount, just purchase the magnifier by itself.

EOTECH G33 no mount

EOTECH G33 with mount

EOTECH G43 no mount

EOTECH G43 with mount