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EOTech vs Trijicon MRO is simple and interesting competition. Both optics are highly respected in the industry, but only one winner.

Many people have asked for it, and here is what the community recommends.

The MRO is a reflex sight, and the EOTech is a holographic sight. Ultimately this is a reflex sight vs. holosight comparison.

The EOTech EXPS series holographic sights are superior to other budget sights, but when it goes head to head with the Trijicon MRO, the MRO comes out to be a better optic with its 7075-T6 construction and 40X more battery life.

The NEW Trijicon MRO HD model 2020 comes with a re-engineered objective lens for a crispier 2 MOA dot with an added 68 MOA reticle for better holdover.

Each optic has its own merit, obviously some people will end up picking one of them based on looks, but you will not go wrong with them.

At the end of this, you will learn their major differences and which one to pick.

EOTech vs Trijicon MRO Comparison

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Red Dot Vs Holographic Sights

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Not sure which one works best for you?

Besides the difference in looks between EOTech EXPS2 and Trijicon MRO. They all project the reticle to on the lens for you to see.

In layman's term, a Holographic reticle is projected and reflected off multiple mirrors before reflecting it onto the glass you're looking through.

A reflex sight is the same as red dot sight, where its center dot reticle is projected from the emitter right on the lens without any reflection, and it's a way simpler design and fewer parts to break.

When we are comparing EOTech vs Trijicon MRO for their internals, they both work very well, and you can shoot with both eyes open, and you must have 20/20 vision to clearly see the reticle.

Battery Life - Trijicon MRO 38X More

When it comes to battery life, Trijicon MRO is the clear winner.

Amazing 5 years of battery life with constant on using just 1 CR2032 battery to keep you in the fight without any worry or hassle for changing the battery.

Even at the highest brightness settings for 2 years is better than just a couple hundred hours. EOTech can't beat this feature whatsoever.

Construction - Can't Beat The 7075-T6 Forged Aluminum

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Both optics are combat rated optics, and they all can handle rough physical abusive use in the field. When you look at the spec and the overall profile of the optics, the Trijicon MRO has a super beefy and sealed external made with 7075 T6 forged aluminum.

Its streamlined profile with recessed windage and elevation adjustments prevent it from accidental turning. The most impressive part is the tapered profile scope tube, which eliminates the tube effect and gives the shooter a larger field of view.

EOTech looks sexy and it works well, what's cool about the EOTech is the outer hood protects against debris, water, and physical rough handling. If worst-case scenario, you can replace the hood.

Overall, these two optics have stiff detents on all the adjustment turrets and battery compartments.

Parallax - Accuracy Depends On It

Both optics have great parallax downrange. The EOTech has the BEST parallax free reticle than the Trijicon MRO.

At about 25-40 yards, no matter how you shift your sight alignment, the EOTech's reticle stays steady in the middle with a slight vertical shift near the edge of the glass.

The Trijicon red dot at about 25 yards tends to have significant horizontal and vertical parallax shift when it is near the edge of the glass.

Parallax is important when shooting accurately in the improvised position where the sight is not always aligned with the shooter's eye or proper cheek weld.

Reticle - Do You Need Range Estimation?

The EOTech comes with a 1 MOA size center dot along with a 65 MOA reticle ring for range estimation. It's perfect for distance shooting when paired with a magnifier scope.

The Trijicon has a simple 2 MOA size red dot.

Please check out Trijicon's NEWEST MRO HD model with a added 68 MOA reticle.

Warranty - So Tough Almost Don't Need It

Both companies offer warranties to their customers. For EOTech as long as you have problems with your product within the first 5 years from the time of purchase, you can send it in free of charge. Anything after 5-10 years, the company will evaluate and repair the product for $79 bench fee.

In my opinion, I would just buy a brand new product.

Trijicon offers a LIMITED lifetime warranty for just two years from the date of original manufacture. However, Trijicon WILL NOT render the warranty for abnormal, abusive or other damages that looks intentional.

From the warranty standpoint, I like the EOTech way better. But Trijicon rarely breaks even if you try.

Final Thoughts on EOTech vs Trijicon MRO

EOTech EXPS2 or the EXPS3 is a classic holographic sight. It has a large 65 MOA size outer reticle circle for range estimation and close-quarter holdover. Being a holographic sight, the parallax seems to always be better than a reflex optic.

Both of them are perfect sights for pistol caliber carbines and rifle carbines.

The Trijicon MRO, on the other hand, is a super rugged 7075-T6 forged aluminum reflex optic with a large field of view. The battery life last way longer than what EOTech is capable of. Furthermore, you can have various optic mount options for the MRO where the EOTech doesn't.

Most people hate the fact that EOTech's near-perfect holographic sight for some reasons just can't reach 50,000 hours of battery life.

If battery life is super important to you, then  Trijicon MRO is the go-to product. It will never die on you and its 24/7 ready when you pick it up.