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EOTech Vudu turret

EOTech represents advanced technology solutions in all types of hunting, competitive shooting, and especially military and law enforcement applications. EOTech is best known for its Holographic sight technology.Now they're diving into magnified optics to compete with the rest of the industry. 

In this buyer's guide, let's review the EOTech VUDU 5-25x 50 rifle scope as it's the shortest overall length FFP optic ideal for short and compact rifle platforms.

 We will cover:

  • What is included in the box
  • Brief EOTech’s track record
  • VUDU's Core specifications
  • Reticles 
  • Rings and Mounts for the new platform

VUDU’s 5-25x50 is a durable FFP optic that can withstand abuse without losing zero and it added som tactical advantages you may not immediately notice. Its compact size and lighter weight make transport into deep hunting territory easier.

Let's see what this optic is all about.

EOTech VUDU 5-25X50 Core Specifications

Eotech vudu 5-25x50 34mm scope side view
  • Magnification: 5-25X
  • Objective Lens: 50mm
  • Focal Plane: First
  • Length: 11.2"
  • Tube Size: 34mm
  • Weight: 29.5 oz
  • Exit Pupil: 5.5mm (5X) - 2.1mm(25X)
  • Eye Relief: 2.96 - 3.63 in
  • Field of view: 4.7 - 23.3 ft at 100 yds
  • Battery: CR2032
  • Click Adjustment: 0.25 MOA/Click,
  • Turret Style: Tactical

Featured Technology

Brief historical track record - EOTech comes from a military technology background. L3 Communications, a significant military contractor, acquired EOTech in 2005.

eotech exps3 on combat rifles

The company has built its reputation on advanced Holographic sighting systems. Only since 2016 has EOTech offered their technology on a line of rifle scopes. Quick and accurate targeting is a top feature for EOTech scopes.

What's new about the Vudu - VUDU 5-25x50 has an overall length of 11.2 inches, which has its advantages and disadvantages. The VUDU is one of the shortest first focal plane scopes on the market.

One benefit of the shorter length is the ability to add forward-fitting night vision and thermal sights to the setup.

On the downside, shorter optics makes finding the right eye-relief difficult. It can slide extended optics further back or forward.

What's Included In The Box

eotech vudu 5-25x50 unboxing
  • EOTech 5-25X50 VUDU Precision Rifle Scope (H59 Reticle)
  • CR-2032 Battery
  • EOtech Sticker
  • Sunshade
  • User manual and Warranty Information

Recommended For These Guns

Night vision attachment rifles
Night vision and thermal scope rifles

The Vudu 5-25X50 is a compact magnified rifle scope short in its overall length, and it's perfect for short rifle platform or for rifles configured with thermal/night vision add-on.

It saves space and allow for additional accessories to be mounted in front of the scope.

  • Short barrel rifles
  • Short barrel bolt action rifles
  • Rifle setup with front night vision or thermal scope adapter

Shortened Scope Body, Any Compromises?

eotech vudu 5-25x50 eye relief

The Vudu 5-25X50 is the shortest 25X scope out on the market right now.

Since it's shortened, will there be any compromises? in terms of field of view, eye relief or eye box when comparing it with other 34mm tube size scopes like the Vortex Viper PST 5-25X or the Burris XTR II 5-25X50.

Let's check it out.

Field of View

FOV is critically important when hunting at short or long distances. Imagine having a rifle scope with nearly 8 yards of FOV at its lowest magnification settings. Or precision targeting at a magnification of 25X with a FOV of nearly five feet.

Quality scopes like the VUDU provide shooters, excellent optics no matter its magnification.

  • Actual FOV 5X: 4.45 degrees/25X: 0.88 degrees
  • FOV at 100 Yards: 5X: 7.1m (23.3 feet)/25X: 1.43m (4.7 feet)

Eye Relief

Owing to the VUDU short platform, eye relief is what a competitive shooter would require. At VUDUs lowest magnification setting, eye-relief is a generous 3.71 inches; the highest magnification setting is almost identical at 3.63 inches.

  • 5X magnification; eye relief between 75 to 94 mm or 2.96 to 3.71 inches
  • 25X magnification; eye relief is between 83 to 92 mm 3.27 to 3.63 inches

A larger exit pupil means the position of the shooter’s head is less critical. Consider this when selecting the right scope; eye relief on a standard scope is about four inches. Greater eye relief offers more room for recoil.

VUDU’s shorter size does not translate to shorter eye relief. In fact, EOTech’s newest scope is perfectly suited for heavier magnum loads.

Exit Pupil


The size of the exit pupil matters in low light environment, and it's also controls the size of the eye box, which is the head movement area behind the scope before the scope shadow creeps in.

The human eye has an eye pupil of approximately 8mm. A scope that features an exit pupil any larger is a waste.

Exit pupils for a rifle scope are critical factors when deciding on the right equipment for your application.

Rifle scope eye box illustration

Experts define exit pupil as; the diameter of a light cone emanating from the eyepiece of a scope to a focused pinpoint target.

The VUDU 5-25X50 features ample exit pupil through its magnification range in a shorter configuration.

  • 5X magnification at 5.5mm
  • 25X magnification at 2.1mm

Even at VUDU’s highest magnification setting, its exit pupil is satisfactory for any hunting or competitive shooting application.

General rule of thumb - As the magnification increases, the eye box shrinks. Expecting a perfectly large eye box is impossible.

The advantage of having oversized exit pupils with your scope is evident. However, quality optics such as the VUDU offers outstanding performance at any magnification level with a lighter platform.

Overall External & Internal Build Quality

objective lens front view eotech vudu 5-25x50 scope

Referenced The Firearm Blog

Quality optics have the same basic feature set, such as scope tubes milled from a single billet of aircraft-grade aluminum. The reason for a single block of aluminum is durability and rigid construction.

Argon or Nitrogen purging keeps the scope from fogging during fast changes in temperatures. Excellent warranties from a company that stands behind their product.

EOTech’s VUDU is different:

  • Laser-etched adjustment indicators
  • Tracking is precise with push-button illumination
  • Water-resistant
  • Fog resistant
  • Shock resistant
  • Single construction eyepiece

VUDU 5-25X50 Glass

  • XC high density, low-dispersion glass
  • Anti-reflective coating

Reviewers gave the VUDU high marks. Images were clear, with sharp edges. Colors were distinct, with no visible blurring. Leaves had detailed coloring, and tree trunks were dark to light. The grass was deep shades of green.


eotech vudu 5-25x50 turret knobs

What sets the VUDU apart is in details, such as its turrets. No system is more critical to quick and successful targeting than the interface of scope turrets and its erector assembly.

Surgically precise, VUDU’s turrets are extraordinarily tactile and durable. Changes are effortless and incredibly smooth. Turrets stop with precision at each click. Markings are easy to read with any lighting condition.

VUDU’s Turrets are machined from solid blanks and feature an oversized design for effortless adjustment in adverse conditions.

Another feature is the EOTech EZ Chek system. This feature allows the shooter to set turrets, so there is a hard stop at the zero location. If the VUDU is knocked out of alignment, EZ Chek provides an instant return to Zero that is repeatable.

Elevation turrets on the VUDU 5-25X50 feature a locked design while windage is capped.

Parallax Adjustment


On the side of the scope is the parallax adjustment, which is an important feature to keep the reticle and the target plane aligned for accuracy.

The shooter can adjust the parallax knob based on the target distance.

To learn more about rifle scope parallax adjustment, please learn more here


Aiming points for the VUDU are tactical in design, offered in both MRAD and MOA.


EOtech vudu 5-25X50 FFP MD3 reticle MRAD

VUDU’s MD3 reticle provides a clean overall view of the target. The MD3 reticle does not have the Christmas tree holdovers that shooters have come to rely on. The MD3 track’s elevation and windage with precision, and target acquisition is quick.

At 1000 yards, the MD3 reticle provided extreme accuracy by most reviewers.

eotech 5-25x50 f1 mil has reticle 5X vs 25X

Left - 5X, Right - 25X

EOTech vudu 5-25x50 ffp h59 MRAD

The Horus 59 is a mil-based Christmas tree tactical-style reticle. Standard Horus subtensions are for speed shooting to 600 meters.

The clean upper hemisphere offers the shooter unobstructed view to survey the landscape to identify targets.

It looks like there is lot going on, but once you understand how H59 reticle works please click here to learn more , it's intuitive for fast holdover. You can push it left or right for wind call, moving target and range estimation.

If you're not sure to dial or hold, please check out this article here to learn the pros and cons for each technique.

H59 range estimator

The top of the reticle features the rapid ranging bar from 0.5 Mil to 1 Mil in 0.1 Mil increment to quickly range target distance by placing a known target size within one of the bracket.

Example: A known target height of 36" tall. Conversion: [36" X 27.78]/ 0.9 Mil = 1111.2 yards.

The Horus grid accommodates targeting to 1500 meters and lets a shooter visually place a target on the horizontal or vertical lines.

Subtension for the Horus reticle

Recommended Scope Rings and Mounts

EOTech vudu 5-25x50 on scar 20 rifle

Rifle scopes with a military background new to the marketplace, like the VUDU 5-25X50, are best suited with tactical mounts and rings for proper fit and placement.

EOTech Product Manager Mark Miller said, “Longer scopes with high magnification push those devices out too far on the rail where quick adjustments can’t be made.

PRS2 Cantilever Ring Mount is machined aluminum and features a 2-inch offset, positioning the scope in a forward position.

EOTech describes the Cantilever mount, “includes an adjustable, locking quick-detach lever for easy attachment and removal. Designed to fit both 1” Weaver and MIL-STD 1913 rails and height-above-rail of 37mm. Provides the correct eye relief and cheek placement for most AR15/AR10 platforms.”

PRS Rings, built by EOTech, are precision machined and are 37mm high.

Geissele AR-15/M4 Super Precision Series is a scope mount for AR-style platforms, and it needs a Picatinny rail. Each nut and bolt provides over 1400 pounds of clamping force. Mounts will be available in standard, extended, and hyper-extended lengths.

super precision 34mm scope mount

Zeiss Ultralight 1913 MS Rings are light, adding practically no weight to your setup. Primary features are built-in level and mil-spec standards. Zeiss has designed these rings for accuracy at longer ranges with a tactical platform. The Zeiss rings need a Picatinny style mount.

If you would like to use scope rings instead, Please check out our 34mm scope rings buyer's guide.

Other Similar Scopes

There are other reputable first focal plane 5-25X50 scopes available on the market today.

Please check them out below:

  • Vortex Viper PST Gen 2 5-25X50
  • Trijicon Tenmile 5-25X50
  • Burris Optics XTR II 5-25X50

Wrap Up

EOTech’s newest addition to its VUDU series of rifle scopes is shorter and lighter with advanced technologies benefitting a wide range of shooters. The VUDU proves massive size is not the definitive answer for every application.

Experienced shooters never shy away from scope companies with a military background. EOTech has this fundamental building block in spades. Military technology provides speed and efficiency, and the improved interface is evident with the VUDU.

The VUDU 5-25X50 is a sign of the future for advanced sporting optics.