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Fiber optics vs night sights? - One common misconception is that fiber optics and night sights are the same thing. In reality, fiber optics use ambient light to illuminate the reticle, while night sights typically use tritium or other luminescent materials to glow in the dark.

Some shooters believe that one type of sight inherently offers better accuracy over the other. In truth, accuracy largely depends on the shooter's skill, the quality of the sight, and the specific shooting conditions.

Night Sights

night sight

Night sights are pretty rad. They use tiny vials filled with glow-in-the-dark radioactive stuff. Yep, radioactive. These vials can shine bright for many years. Here's the scoop on what they're good for:

  • Seeing in the Dark: The main perk of night sights is that they let you aim your sights when it's pitch black. A weapon light attachment is a must to illuminate the target
  • With night sights, you can aim accurately because they'll glow, even if you're in the shadows.

Fiber Optic Sights

fiber optics

Fiber optic sights are a whole different ball game. They don't make their own light. Instead, they shine bright when they catch the light around them. Here's what they're best at:

  • Shining in Daylight: These sights are champs in broad daylight. When the sun's out, fiber optic sights are super bright, making them a favorite among competition shooters.
  • Indoor Limitations: They're not as flashy indoors or in dim light. If you're at an indoor shooting range, they won't glow as much as they would under the sun. Using a flashlight doesn't help much either.

Personal Shooter Thoughts

Night sights are on all self-defense guns because they offer an advantage. In bright daylight, fiber optics help with better shooting. Bad things often happen in dimly lit areas, like parking lots with a few street lights.

In these cases, night sights and fiber optics work similarly. However, in complete darkness with a lit target, night sights work best.

Wrap Up

For target practice or competitions, consider fiber optics for your gun. For everyday carry, a durable tritium night sights are a good option to provide low light aiming reference, but a weapon light is still required to positively identify the target first.

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