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how to fix red dot astigmatism

Why is my red dot blurry? Most likely it's caused by the LED emitter red dot starburst or using a red dot with astigmatism.

Here are 5 red dot astigmatism fix you can try to see a much more crisp dot for better aiming.

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Wear Corrected Lens

Most red dot sights on the market today have a clean dot under a digital camera. However, the most practical solution is to get corrected vision. Red dot sight companies that promise a clean dot for users with astigmatism is just a marketing move.

why is my red dot blurry

If you see this while driving around the city, then your red dot will look like the picture on the left. The higher dot brightness will make the red dot look worse .

Shooters with different levels of astigmatism and bad eyesight will see smeared or blurry red dot due to the imperfection of eyeball curvature and it's different for every person.

why is my red dot blurry
why is my red dot blurry

We also recommend using prism sight where the glass etched reticle is much more clear for shooters with astigmatism.

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Use A Bigger Dot

how to fix red dot astigmatism

Please try a 6 MOA or bigger dot sight, so the bloom effect of the emitter red dot starburst is less under daylight use, and the dot is much rounder and crisp for shooters with astigmatism to see.

red dot blurry

If the reticle brightness is turned up on a 1 MOA dot, shooters will generally see the starburst more than the rounded dot. You can still aim with it, unfortunately that's the what shooters have to deal with.

Since everyone's eyesight is different, a larger dot red dots that work with astigmatism are the best, while there are multiple brightness settings.

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Reticle Brightness Adjustment Matters

Watch The Video Below:

A user with astigmatism without wearing glasses will see a crystal clear dot when the brightness is dialed up under the sun. Outdoor ambient light will wash the LED emitter starburst away, and leave the shooter a round dot to see.

In low light settings, cranking up the dot brightness may appear that the dot is getting bigger, but it actually increases the glare, which can be very distracting. 

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Wipe Dirt Off The Lens

how to fix blurry red dot sight

Cleaning off dirt, rain droplets, finger smear and oil residue off the lens will do the trick for the most part.

For shooters that train under rainy conditions or have occasional mud splashes all over their rifles, keeping the optic lens clean is something the shooters have to do constantly.

Use A Magnifier Scope

red dot blurry with magnifier

For a red dot with a magnifier scope setup, shooters must adjust the eyepiece (diopter) adjustment on the magnifier to focus the reticle.

The red dot and magnifier work independently, so the user must dial the eyepiece so the magnifier scope lens can focus on the reticle.

This works the same way for glass etched reticles on prism optics and long range scopes.