FN 509 Shooting Low [Corrections]

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This guide will show potential reasons on why is your FN 509 shooting low and things you can do to find the corrections. 

  • Bad grip
  • Trigger finger curling
  • Anticipating recoil jerking motion prior to the bullet leaving the barrel
  • Unzeroed sights (Included red dot)
  • Poor ammunition

Different guns have their unique quirks and characteristics, and for the most part, people can use the shooting errors chart below to diagnose the problem.

pistol error chart

Correct Your Grip First

Trijicon sro on fn 509 ls edge

The first thing to check is your grip. A proper shooting grip should include:

  • Grip high on the gun
  • Close all void inside the grip (Proper fit in your hand)
  • No death grip
  • Pull with support hand & slightly push with shooting hand
  • Relaxes trigger finger
  • Good shooting stance

Changing grip panels that comes with your FN 509 until you feel comfortable with the grip.

Mitigate Recoil Anticipation

fn 509 muzzle flip

Recoil anticipation is the biggest cause of a missing shot. Any downward jerking motion before the bullet leaves the barrel will cause a missed shot.

If you shoot low, another reasons is Uncoordinated follow up shot cadence on top of managing recoil.

Adding a red dot sight won't immediately fix the problem, but seeing the dot inside the window helps notice if you're anticipating recoil or not.

holosun 507c acss reticle slow motion

Features Holosun 507C ACSS Reticle - Helps To Re-Acquire The Sight Faster If Lost The Dot

Squeeze The Trigger Independently

The stock FN 509 trigger isn't a bad trigger. It's not too stiff or too light. It's a decent trigger for new and experienced shooters.

If your shot hits low or low left is due to squeezing and curling your whole hand while pulling the trigger instead of moving your trigger finger independently.

As target distance increases, this will impact accuracy significantly.

*Tip: Get to the wall of the trigger first, then slowly squeeze to the rear until the trigger breaks. If the shots tend to go to the left, it generally means too much finger on the trigger or uncoordinated trigger squeeze. 

Re-Zero Sights Correctly

FN 509 ls edge trijicon sro 5 moa

If you're shooting with a red dot sight, the dot itself will give you immediately feedback on how much you're jerking. 

If you're shooting with a red dot sight, be sure to re-zero the dot, test and verify point of impact.

Diagnose Shooting Performance In Real-Time

mantis x10 elite shooting tracker

All the points we have covered above can be done when using the Mantis tracker. Shooters can use this for dry firing and live firing practice, and this Blutooth device will immediately provide feedback in real time.

  • [Live & dry fire] real time diagnose like the pistol shooting errors chart with high precision
  • Tracks muzzle movement into graphs
  • Track micro muzzle movements the shooter just can't 
  • Saves data to compare and track improvements overtime
  • Tons of rifles & handgun data profiles to choose from
  • Shot clock
  • Programmed drills
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Check it out here


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