Ground Branch Weapon Customization [9 Hyper Realistic Features]

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Ground Branch is the most authentic tactical military shooter FPS game that closely matches what shooters can do in real life. We are going to highlight the 9 hyper-realistic weapon mechanics built into the game that serious gun guys love.

If you're disappointed at Call of Duty Modern Warfare, then you gotta check this one out:

9 Highly Detailed Weapon Attachments & Game Mechanics Ground Branch Players Love

Adjustable Optic Positions

ground branch weapon customization

Ground Branch players can optimize their loadouts, and go as far as mounting an optic on a desired location on the weapon's top rail.

ground branch eotech pov far
EOTECH ground branch fov close

This feature has a direct impact on the aim-down-sight field of view and for the selected optic just like in real life, so the player actually has to set up the optic wisely based on the mission template.

The closer the optic is to the eye, the wider the field of view.

Optic Brightness Adjustment Actually Works

red dot brightness adjustment groud branch weapon feature

Players can adjust sight reticle brightness like the ones in real life. This is something most FPS games don't simulate, and it's awesome to finally see developers adding this level of weapon accessory fidelity to the game.

red dot brightness dialed up too high

If it's too bright, it may obscure targets downrange, if it's too dim, and it may be harder to see in low light situations just like in the real world.

True POV Magnification

ground branch elcan 1-4x scope simulation

A magnified optic actually zooms in inside the glass while the rest of the screen doesn't.

In addition, scope shadow due to eye relief is also simulated if the player use the free look feature.

Details like this are only available in a few games like Escape From Tarkov, and now we are seeing more and more hyper realistic military FPS simulation games like Ground Branch, Zero Hour, Squad, Ready Or Not...etc developed for serious tactical gun guys.

Adjustable Weapon Attachment Positions

ground branch weapon customization like the real thing

Yes! the player can move the accessories along the handguard to the selected location, so the location of the DBAL or flashlight may obscure the field of view slightly, and the player has full control over it in Ground Branch.

suppressor can shadow ground branch

Suppressor shadow is simulated when mounting the light on either sides of the rifle - It can obscure targets in the dark, so where you mount it matters.

weapon light in ground branch

No suppressor shadow - Now two targets are visible

It will be interesting to see developers add different beam pattern lights to serious beef up the realism. 

Like this:

mk18 with modlite okw head beam pattern

Weapon light and muzzle smoke can obscure targets in the real world, and it would be great if it's simulated.

modlite plh 5k beam pattern modlite okw lumen intensity 18350 battery

See how beam pattern varies with different real world weapon lights here

Where the player mounts the light in relation to the muzzle will cast shadow. So barrel length, suppressor configuration actually matter in this tactical shooter game.

Various Ready Positions

ground branch high ready position

Players can position the weapon presentation in 3 different ways:

  • Low ready
  • High ready
  • Neutral

Each position has its own tactical advantage when peeking around the corner, faster aim down sight speed, and overall visual realism.

As far as game mechanics go, different ready position influence the player's movement.

In addition, Wherever the weapon is pointing is where the light and laser follow. Players who lack muzzle and light discipline will quickly realize how important it is to know when to turn them on and off.

Weapon Light Works

ground branch mk18 weapon light

Visible white weapon light and IR illuminator work in the game for ID targets in the dark, and it's just so badass that any serious gun guy must play this game.

It's realistic enough to show people how these accessories work in real life, and it's more educational for people getting into this.

Fully Functional DBAL

ground branch IR laser with night vision

DBAL laser device is fully functional in Ground Branch weapon customization. It features a visible laser, IR laser, and IR illuminator based on what the player picks.

mk18 with tnvc taps switch

The player actually has control over setting up the laser device, and has to be cognizant of when to use it, and which mode to use for a particular situation. This is a mind-blowing feature no other AAA FPS game titles offer.

Call of Duty days are over!

Tactical Reload & Magazine Check

ground branch tactical reload

Reloading magazines is exactly like the real thing thanks to the mag retention system. The player can top off a magazine by doing tactical reloads and retain mags with leftover rounds.

The player can perform magazine checks by holding the reload button "R" on the keyboard to get an idea on how many bullets are left and decide to top it off with a fresh mag or not.

This means the player has to be cognizant of how frequently reload happens, and not end up having a bunch of low-round count mags all mixed up on the chest rig and belt.

Speaking of chest rig and belt, the player can add as many mag pouches as needed as long as it fits. There is no limit on what you can do, no need to unlock features either... everything is ready for use.