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holosun 515gm ar15

In my opinion, the Holosun HS515GM is currently the best red dot that Holosun offers. Some called it the Aimpoint Micro killer!

In this Holosun 515GM review article, let's just take a look at this red dot sight, and see why this maybe a better option than buying an $900 Aimpoint that potentially ships without a mount.

Holosun 515GM Overall Quality

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  • Very durable for the money
  • Included lens cap
  • Built in turret protectors
  • Accepts aftermarket mounts
  • Long battery life


  • Very little marketing to promote this optic
  • Kill flash isn't necessary
  • No reticle lockout mode

Recommended For All Users

Durable Under $330

Best Aimpoint Micro Clone 

Why Trust Me

Holosun 503GU on YHM rail CZ EVO 3

I've purchased most products using our own money, therefore the review is unbiased and there isn't any time constraint or outside influence on how I test them. After 15 years of real steel shooting experience I have seen what works, what doesn't and what's complete waste of money. 

eotech experience

My first Holosun red dot sight was made for airsoft, but that thing fell apart very quickly when the screw thread was easily stripped. It was an earlier product way before Holosun became a big competitor in the optics world. The 515GM today is a completely different beast that I have tried. Read testing guide

The HS series of Holosun red dots is made out of aircraft grade aluminum, while the HE series represents the elite models made of titanium.

The 400 series red dots have a single 2 MOA dot, while the 500 series red dots feature the circle reticle.

hs515gm buttons

The 515 series of dots have some additional features compared to the budget 503 series, including the use of 7075 T6 aluminum, a quick release mount, and the capability to accept a kill flash and flip-up lens caps, which are included.

Holosun 515GM Specs & Performance

  • Window size: 20mm
  • Reticle: 2 MOA Dot & 65 MOA Circle
  • MOA turret: 0.5 MOA per click
  • Dot color: Red
  • Material: 7075 T6 aluminum
  • Submersion: IPX8
  • Battery source: CR2032
  • Battery life: 50000 hours
  • Mounting footprint: Aimpoint Micro
  • Length: 2.73"
  • Weight: 3.74 oz
hs515gm vs aimpoint micro

The HS515GM is my favorite among all the models that Holosun manufactures that uses the Aimpoint Micro mount. When I first tried their 400 series Aimpoint alike optics,

I was disappointed that the screw threads can easily strip because it's 6061 T6 aluminum. After that I have never touched that optic until the HS515GM came along. 

holosun 515gm mount

One of the most significant differences between the 515 series and the 503 series is the greatly improved mount on the 515s.

These mounts are robust and superior to the ones that come with cheaper models, and the body is hard anodized, making them worth the investment. The bottom of the mount has multiple integrated recoil lugs, making it even more reliable.

unity tactical fast hs515gm

The factory mount works, but I immediately switched to my favorite Unity Tactical FAST mount or the Scalarworks LEAP. They are higher quality and they held zero for most of my red dot sights in the past 4 years owning them. 


The accuracy of the Holosun 515GM is just as good as other red dot sights. It's not an airsoft red dot, so it can retain zero on most 5.56 guns as long as the mount is solid and zeroing was done correctly.

hs515gm body

I have zeroed the red dot using a magnifier to more precise for a 36 yard zero. The 0.5 MOA per click turret is pretty standard for a red dot sight like this, and the turret dial gives audible and physical feedback, which I really like. It doesn't feel cheap at all.

hs515gm vs aimpoint fov

While some users immediately blame the optic for not being accurate, they often zero the optic incorrectly or mount the optic incorrectly.

Another thing that can affect accuracy is parallax shift.

Parallax Shift

After using so many red dot sights in the past 10 years, I know it's BS when companies market their product to be zero parallax. In fact no optic is truly parallax free.

The dot may appear to the naked eye with no parallax, but there is especially when aiming at targets close up.

Night Vision Performance

I haven't personally tested the night vision mode because I normally shoot during the day, and many of my visitors aren't night vision users. However, based on others who have, they vaguely mention that the HS515 is better than an Aimpoint Pro for night vision use in terms of light transmission but doesn't match up to the Aimpoint T2, which is in a league of its own.

No Solar Panel

This Holosun 515GM doesn't feature the solar panel, which is totally fine. Most shooters will take out the old battery and just put in a fresh one before returning to the range.

holosun 515gm battery

On other Holosun products, I have noticed that the solar panel only works in bright daylight, and it doesn't immediately kick on if I just pull the battery out to simulate the battery dying. I had to press the button to activate the reticle.

In addition, the reticle doesn't perform well if there is no ambient light around the optic or when using a weapon light.


The 2 MOA center dot reticle is pretty standard just like other red dot sights. I used this while wearing my glasses with 20/20 vision, so the dot appears crystal clear. 

I do have poor vision and a little bit of astigmatism, so if I take out my glasses, the reticle looks blurry, which is expected. I have made a video about this, which you can check it out here:

The 65 MOA ring can be cycled on, which provides me the capability to range targets just like the EOTech. After using both optics back and forth, I begin to notice that the 65 MOA ring LED projection looks more clear than a Holographic sight. On the EOTech reticle, it looks like there re noise all over the reticle even when I'm wearing my glasses. 

The Holosun 515GM on the other hand, the circle reticle looks clean and round.

Final Verdict 

holosun 515gm red dot

So far I have used the Holosun 515GM for almost 2 year. The optic falls into a unique middle ground. It may not be the best choice primarily for night vision use according to some experts, nor does it justify spending extra on an aftermarket mount if you don't use night vision.

The optic is rugged and it's honestly the best Aimpoint Micro alternative out there besides the Sig ROMEO4XT Pro.