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In this Holosun 515GM VS AEMS comparison guide, let's go over the followings after using the 515GM for about 2 years, and the Holosun AEMS for just 7 months. 

These two products are completely different and more users are leaning towards the AEMS and here is why.

holosun 515gm ar15

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Holosun 515GM VS AEMS - They Are Not The Same

Holosun 515GM


  • 7075 T6 construction
  • Long battery life
  • Protected turrets
  • Multi reticle system


  • Kill flash isn't necessary
  • Raised bottom height
  • Top buttons aren't protected

Holosun AEMS


  • 7075 T6 construction or 6061 for cheaper
  • Onboard capacitor lasts very long without a battery
  • Mil spec grade
  • Built in lens cap covers
  • Large field of view


  • Factory mount could be better


The biggest difference between Holosun 515GM and AEMS is the price and their window sizes. The Holosun 515GM is much more affordable for under $350, and it's Holosun's best mil-spec quality red dot sight so far.

holosun aems red dot pov

The Holosun AEMS costs slightly more than the 515GM, and it offers two models, the 7075 T6 aluminum model and the 6061 T6 aluminum model.

For more savings, the 6061 T6 model is cheaper and it doesn't feature a solar panel.

Winner: Holosun 515GM


Both the AEMS and the 515GM are built strong like a tank, so you can trust them to last a long time. However, many users say that the AEMS might be a bit tougher.

hs515gm vs aimpoint micro

This is because it has a better mount, which is the part that attaches the sight to the gun.

holosun aems jakl

Users believe the mount on the AEMS can handle more rough use compared to the 515GM, whose mount might break more easily.

Winner: Tie

Window Glare

Glare can be a big problem when you're aiming, especially if the sun is behind you. People who have used both sights noticed that the AEMS does a better job at reducing glare.

This means the AEMS lets you see through it more clearly when the light is not ideal. On the other hand, the 515GM has been reported to have some glare issues, which might make it harder to see through when the sun is bright.

holosun aems reticle brightness

Winner: Tie


All aftermarket Aimpoint Micro mount can go on the Holosun 515GM without any problem.

aems reptilia mount

The AEMS on the other hand uses completely different mounts. You can check out these mount options here

One thing to point out is that the Holosun 515GM sits slightly higher than the Aimpoint Micro because it has that extra 0.25" thick bottom base. 

So on a 1.93" or a 2.26" height mount, it will be a little taller to align with whatever magnifier scope you use.

unity tactical fast hs515gm

In this case the Unity Tactical FTC magnifier almost align with the Holosun 515GM on the Unity Tactical FAST mount. This is something to watch out for.

Winner: Tie


Both red dot sights are accurate as long as they are zeroed correctly. Both red dot sights have 0.5 MOA per click windage and elevation adjustment turrets.

hs515gm turret

In the past few years, I have only zeroed them in between 36 and 50 yards, and I zero them with a magnifier to zoom in the sight picture.

36 yard zero data

The mistakes I have made in the past when zeroing is eyeballing the point of aim at 1X with worse than 20/20 eyesight. The 2 MOA dot is small enough to be precise, but it can still be off if I can't see the exactly where the dot is pointed on the target grid. So a 3X magnifier scope helps a lot.

hs515gm body

Winner: Tie

Battery Life

The AEMS also wins points for its battery tray, which is easy to use and feels sturdy. This might not seem like a big deal, but when you're in a hurry, having a sight that's easy to handle can really help.

holosun aems solar failsafe in action

Another standout feature of the AEMS is that it has an onboard capacitor that operates the optic. The longest I have tested it with the battery removed was about 3 weeks before it starts to dim.

Please note that the 515GM can last for a very long time, and I don't recommend running optics by relying on any failsafe system. If you can run on the battery, please always run on the battery.

Winner: AEMS


The Aimpoint Micro has the toughest construction and it has the least technology inside. The optic just turns on and runs.

The Holosun 515GM does pretty the same thing with a few additions.

holosun 515gm battery

The Holosun 515GM red dot sight has the ShakeAwake technology that turns off the reticle if it's in idle, and the reticle activates when it senses motion.

This is a technology that many red dot sights on the market has, but it's not necessary when the battery already lasts so long.

For those who swap battery every year, this feature really doesn't matter that much. 

Winner: Tie


holosun aems pov

After using both optics, both of them have similar parallax shift behavior.

Winner: Tie

Final Verdict

both the Holosun AEMS and the 515GM are good choices for anyone looking for a reliable red dot sight.

If you need something that can handle a lot of rough use and offers clearer visibility in different lighting, the AEMS might be the better choice.