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After being on the fence for about 1 year since the release of the Holosun AEMS 7075 T6 model. I have decided to buy one to test it out for myself. So in this Holosun AEMS review guide. Let's check out what makes it special including pros and cons.

Holosun AEMS Overall Quality

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  • Very durable & Fully enclosed
  • AEMS Core versions also available for cheaper
  • Turret can be adjusted using a small shell casing
  • Runs without battery
  • Accepts aftermarket mounts


  • Emitter reflection when brightness is dialed up
  • Rear lens cover can take up space for magnifier optic
  • Slight fish eye effect

Recommended For Rifles & PCC

Large Field Of View

For Lightweight Setup

holosun aems review

Why Trust Me

I've purchased most products using our own money, therefore the review is unbiased and there isn't any time constraint or outside influence on how I test them. After 15 years of real steel shooting experience I have seen what works, what doesn't and what's complete waste of money. 


My first Holosun red dot sight was made for airsoft, but that thing fell apart very quickly when the screw thread was easily stripped. It was an earlier product way before Holosun became a big competitor in the optics world. The Holosun today is a completely different beast than in the past. Read testing guide

Holosun AEMS Specs & Performance

The AEMS in my experience is a hybrid combination of the Leupold LCO and the EOTech in a smaller compact package. 

  • Window size: 20mm
  • Reticle: 2 MOA Dot & 65 MOA Circle
  • MOA turret: 0.5 MOA per click
  • Dot color: Red or Green (Sold separately)
  • Material: 7075 T6 aluminum (6061 T6 Core model is also available for cheaper)
  • Submersion: IPX8
  • Battery source: CR2032, Solar + Super Capacitor
  • Battery life: 50000 hours
  • Mounting footprint: Aimpoint Micro
  • Dimensions: 2.2" X 1.54" X 1.7"
  • Weight: 3.9 oz

Field Of View

The Holosun AEMS feels very sturdy and solid right out of the box. One thing that stands out the most about the AEMS is the large viewing window similar to a 20mm micro style optic. 

The viewing window profile is similar to an EOTech but without the outer structure obstruction. This makes the sight picture appear much bigger and wider especially when aiming with two eyes open. The user can see much more of the surrounding areas.

eotech vs holosun aems


The Holosun AEMS 7075 T6 model weighs about 3.9 oz with the factory mount. It's way lighter than an EOTech EXPS3 or the Leupold LCO. I don't think there are any other closed emitter large window red dot sight like this on the market besides maybe the Trijicon MRO.

While the Trijicon MRO costs a fortunatem the Holosun AEMS is a compact and slick looking optic for long guns and pistol caliber carbines.

holosun aems footprint


The accuracy of the Holosun AEMS is as expected to retain zero after proper zeroing. What I find most convenient is that the recessed turrets can be adjusted with a shell casing found at the range.

The 2 MOA dot is what I have used the most for precise aiming.

While most of the Holosun red dot sights I have used requires me to use a small flat head to turn the dial. I really liked the turrets on the AEMS.

holosun aems red dot sight review

I have dialed the red dot using a magnifier to be more precise for a 36 yard zero. The 0.5 MOA per click turret is pretty standard for a red dot sight like this, and the turret dial gives audible and physical feedback, which I really like. It doesn't feel cheap at all.

Parallax Shift

After using so many red dot sights in the past 10 years, I know it's BS when companies market their product to be zero parallax. In fact no optic is truly parallax free.

The parallax shift definitely exist on the AEMS especially when the target is close up. In addition, the optic has a little bit of fish eye effect on the edges. It's unnoticeable until someone pointed that out for me.

Night Vision Performance

I haven't personally tested the night vision mode because I normally shoot during the day, and many of my visitors aren't night vision users. However, based on others who have, they mentioned that the Holosun AEMS has very similar light transmission and dot visibility as the EOTech under a good pair of night vision goggles.

Solar Panel

This Holosun AEMS 7075 T6 models feature a solar panel on top. The Core versions don't have it.

To demonstrate this how awesome this is, I took out the battery to simulate running out of battery, so the solar failsafe kicks on. The dot actually remained on during the battery pull without pressing other buttons to active it.

holosun aems solar panel failsafe

After the battery was pulled, the optic remained on forever including in dark environment. I wasn't sure why until I started researching.

Following extensive research, it has been discovered that the AEMS has a super capacitor. This innovation enables the optic to operate continuously, both day and night, by sustaining its charge via the Solar Failsafe System, eliminating the need for a battery.

holosun aems solar failsafe in action

While some red dot sights with solar panel only works if there are other ambient light sources. The Holosun AEMS surprisingly works even when there is no light.

For testing purposes, I test the optic without a battery, and I have also disabled the ShakeAwake to see how long this will last. installed for about a week, and It still remained on. 

holosun aems red dot pov

At the time of writing this review, I have no idea how long it's going to last. But if you ever run out of battery on the range, I have full confidence that you can get through an entire day relying on.


holosun aems red dot sight

The 2 MOA center dot reticle is pretty standard just like other red dot sights. I can cycle through all the reticle options by press and hold the "-" button for 3 seconds.

65 vs 68 moa ring

The 65 MOA ring can be cycled on, which provides me the capability to range targets just like the EOTech. After using both optics back and forth, I begin to notice that the 65 MOA ring LED projection looks more clear than a Holographic sight. On the EOTech reticle, it looks like there re noise all over the reticle even when I'm wearing my glasses. 

Reticle Brightness

When it comes to adjusting the reticle brightness on the Holosun AEMS. I noticed that the front and rear lens cap must be down to prevent emitter glare reflection in the sight picture especially under low light.

holosun aems reticle brightness

The device features 8 daylight settings and 4 night vision settings. These eight daylight options offer ample brightness, ensuring clear visibility even on intensely sunny days or during conditions where snow reflects bright sunlight

On a bright sunny day, cranking up the brightness doesn't really matter, because the sunlight can wash out the glare.

One thing that I've noticed is that if the optic is running on the solar fail safe without the battery, the maximum reticle brightness is not the same as running with the battery.

Final Verdict 

holosun aems psa jakl

Holosun AEMS on PSA JAKL

The Holosun AEMS stands out as an ideal choice for those seeking a square-profile red dot sight, perfect for compact rifle builds and truck guns. Its unique ability to self-recharge the super capacitor through its solar panel means it can operate for extended periods without a battery. This feature, coupled with its large, unobstructed viewing window, are key highlights that set the AEMS apart in the market.

In comparison, products like the EOTech, which offers up to 1000 hours of battery life, don't match the AEMS's longevity and viewing capabilities.

Additionally, the AEMS's compatibility with aftermarket mounts enhances its versatility, offering more mounting options to suit different needs.

For anyone in search of a sleek, efficient red dot sight with a substantial viewing window, and the capability to run indefinitely without a battery, the Holosun AEMS comes highly recommended.

For cheaper version, the 6061 T6 aluminum body without the solar panel is also a great option.