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I often hear people asking if the Holosun K footprint is the same as the RMSc footprint. I've seen plenty of unclear information floating around, which sometimes leads to people purchasing the wrong optics.

rmsc vs k footprint

That's why I'm here to clear things up with this guide. I'll show you, using images, exactly how these footprints differ.

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Holosun K Series Footprint VS RMSc

cyelee cat pro rmsc footprint

Mounting Holes -While both footprints might seem similar at first glance, the Holosun K Series footprint features a distinct design in its mounting holes, setting it apart from the RMSc. The recoil lug positions on the K footprint are distinct, and the mount is secured by index post pins.

benelli m4 with holosun eps

Recoil Lug Positions -The Holosun K Series footprint's recoil lug positions are uniquely designed, offering a different mounting experience compared to the RMSc. The Holosun K Series footprint has two in the front only with shallower recoil lug recesses

holosun k footprint

Appearance vs. Functionality - Beyond mere aesthetics, the functional differences between the two are paramount. The Holosun "K" Series footprint, in particular, offers certain advantages that the RMSc doesn't. 

To truly grasp the differences, visual aids can be invaluable. Side-by-side comparisons reveal the subtle distinctions in recoil lug recesses and other design elements that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Common FAQ

Common Misconceptions

Some users think the Holosun K Series and RMSc footprints are interchangeable. This misconception has led many to make uninformed purchases, only to realize the differences when it's too late.

Do I Have To Modify The Slide Cut?

Here's the deal: the Holosun K Series footprint and the RMSc footprint are almost twins, but not quite. The Holosun K series has these front index posts and two rear index posts that are a bit shallower.

springfield hellcat cyelee cat pro red dot

So, what can you do? You can smooth out the back recoil lugs to make them fit the slide better. And for the front lugs? Adjust them so they're just right for the Holosun K series footprint optic. Remember, it's all about getting that perfect fit!

Can Holosun EPS Carry Fit On RMSc Optic Cut?

Yes, it can fit on handgun slides made for the RMSc footprint. You need the adapter plate that comes with the Holosun EPS Carry.

This plate mates to the RMSc footprint for a strong mount, and then you place the optic on it. But without the adapter, it won't work.

Which Handguns Can Fit The Holosun K Series Footprint ?

Most guns with RMSc footprint with the adapter can work. 

  • Canik TP9 Elite SC
  • FN Reflex MRD
  • Mossberg 940 Tactical (Shotgun)
  • PSA 5.7 Rock
  • PSA Micro Dagger
  • Ruger Max-9
  • Shadow Systems CR920
  • Sig P322
  • Taurus GX4, GX4 XL T.O.R.O
  • Taurus TX22 Compact
  • P365
  • Glock 43X MOS

Springfield Hellcat With Holosun EPS Carry

holosun eps carry on springfield hellcat

Sig P365XL With Holosun EPS Carry

sig p365 holosun eps carry

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