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This guide will help you understand your optic's MOA turret adjustment value at different shooting distances. MOA stands for "Minute of Angle." It's a way to measure angles in shooting. Think of it like a slice of a pie.

If you cut a pie into 360 slices, each slice is a degree. Now, if you cut that one slice into 60 smaller slices, each of those tiny slices is a "minute" or MOA.

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How many Clicks is 1 MOA at 25 yards


The number of clicks for 1 MOA depends on the turret adjustment value of your scope. Long range scopes have adjustments of 1/4 MOA per click.

So, if 1 MOA is roughly 0.262 inches at 25 yards:

So, at 25 yards, 1 MOA would be 4 clicks on a scope with 1/4 MOA adjustments.

For a 0.5 MOA per click turret, that will be 2 clicks to move 1 MOA at 25 yards.

For a 1 MOA per click turret, that will be just 1 click.

Calculating Clicks for Different Scope Turret Adjustments:

If the scope has 0.25 MOA / click turret value. At 25 yards, 0.25 MOA is:

0.262 inches (0.25 MOA) X 4 = 1.048 inches (roughly 1 MOA)

So, for a 0.25 MOA per click scope, 1 MOA at 25 yards is 4 clicks.

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Turret Options

nightforce atacr 4-16x42 f1 turret adjustments

1/4 MOA per click turrets provide the most accurate zeroing on the market today, and they are mostly long range precision scopes.

0.25 MOA per click provides finer adjustments without overshooting.


0.5 MOA or 1 MOA per click turrets are mostly prism optics and red dot sights for medium range zeroing.