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Everyone learns about front sight focus when shooting a pistol, but no one rarely talks about how to choose front sight height for more accurate shooting.

In this guide, we will show you a simple formula to follow to calculate it for the best accuracy if you're shooting high or low.

Use This Formula To Calculate Front Sight Height

Sight Height Change = (Sight Radius X Impact Distance)


If the sight radius is 5.3” and you are shooting 1” low @ 25yds (900 inches) You will need to shorten your front sight by 0.006”          (5.3” × 1” = 5.3”   ÷ 900” = 0.0058”) 

Sight Radius

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The distance between the face of the front sight and the back of the rear sight blade

Impact Distance

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The impact distance is the measurement of how far off your bullets are impacting, from your point of aim.

Target Distance

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The target distance can be based on just about any range. The main concern is to make sure a tight consistent group is established before considering any changes to your front sight height

Diagnose Point Of Impact Errors

front sight height

Assuming perfect handgun shooting fundamentals were applied and the Rear sight height is fixed.

Impact High

Go for taller front sight

Impact Low

Go for shorter front sight

Common FAQ

Why Should You Switch Out An Existing Front Sight Post?

If the stock sights come with your pistol are just off even after adjustment, then it's time to swap out the front sight post with something better calibrated for your particular pistol.

You can go with tritium night sights and fiber optic.

If the exact size is not available, it is recommended to use the next size higher and file the top of the front sight to reach your perfect zero.

Or swap the rear sight to an adjustable height rear sight for better line of sight and point of impact accuracy.