How To Control Pistol Recoil [Fundamentals]

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This guide goes over the fundamentals on how to control pistol recoil regardless of how strong your hands are or the gun type.

Good recoil management leads to faster follow-up shots & migrated muzzle climb. This is also helpful to not let the red dot reticle jump all over the place.

This guide only focuses on stationary shooting.

What’s Recoil Management

fn509 trijicon sro pov in action

Handgun recoil can be managed mostly by grip technique, trained skills and personalized habits. Another way is through the mechanical design, ammo selection or ergonomics of the gun.

You can check out this guide listing handgun upgrades proven to reduce recoil and muzzle rise.

Handgun Recoil Characteristics

One Handed Shooting

fn 509 muzzle flip

A handgun will recoil in the direction of the least resistance. 

Shooting with the left hand, the gun recoils to the right.

Shooting with the right hand, the gun recoils to the left.

Two Hand

Two handed shooting is more stable than one handed shooting.

Two handed grip creates almost equal grip pressure on both sides of the gun. If the gun wants to recoil to the left, the supporting hand 

strike industries mass driver glock 19 comp

Check out pistol muzzle compensators that are designed to reduce muzzle flip and recoil

Proper Grip To Control Recoil Better

1911 lapg sliderail xwl grip

Having a correct grip is everything!

  • Place the web of your dominant shooting hand high up into the tang of the gun
  • (No grip gap) Support hand grip should make full contact with the grip to prevent the recoil force from directing in the area of least resistance
  • Wrap support hand around dominant shooting hand
  • Support hand thumb should frame against the from of the gun and point parallel to the bore axis
  • Push forward with the dominant shooting hand while pull with your support hand
Shooting handguns with bunch men

Isosceles, weaver stance and fighting stand help ground the shooter. so the slight recoil motion can't easily throw you off your balance.

  • Face the target with feet shoulder width apart
  • Bend knees slightly
  • Extend the handgun fully outward and keep arms straight and locked (but not stiff)