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Nowhere to mount an optic on your rifle? No problem, this guide shows you how to mount a scope on a rifle without a rail. Some guns are more unique than others, but we have come up with creative ways to mount them.

Top Solutions Available

Most guns on the market today offer accessories top rail to mount an red dot or a LPVO. However, some guns need different aftermarket accessories rails for this to work.

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  • Buy aftermarket mounts
  • Custom fit

Aftermarket Mounts


arsenal ak with sig romeo4 red dot sight

Traditional AK rifles don't have railed dust cover like the NATO M16 rifles, so the common ways to mount an optic on an AK is via:

  • Receiver side mount - Rock solid
  • Front trunnion optic mount - Best zero retention
  • Top handguard railed mount - Always require mount check 
  • Railed dust cover - can lose zero

M16 With carrying Handle

m16 carrying handle optic mount
  • Pictainny carrying handle mount
  • Remove carrying handle and install optic directly to the top rail - works only for removeable carry handle ARs 


m1A socom 16 with vortex razor hd
  • Buy aftermarket optic mount - installation required
  • Mount on railed handguard - Good solution
  • Mount on rear sight block - Too much work for the better stuff already available on the market


AImpoint Micro T2 on MP5

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  • Buy MP5 optic clamp mount - easy installation can loose zero if mount improperly
  • Weld picatinny top rail to the top receiver - do this if you have a special design in mind. Generally it takes work and precision

Custom Fit

M1 Grand

m1 with ultimak M12 rail

Remington 700 Bolt Action Rifle and Other Similar Rifles


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  • Drill holes for ring mounts - requires gunsmith
  • Install M1913 top rail - easy install
  • Buy aftermarket complete chasis with optic mounting capability - requires disassemble / assembly knowledge

Mosin Nagant

mosin nagant scope mount

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  • Custom fit a mount
  • Buy tri rail scope mount
  • Front sight block top rail
  • Low profile scope mount without drilling

Benelli M2

benelli m2 burris red dot
  • Drill holes for top rail - requires gun smith
  • Buy Aimpoint Micro S1 with a rib mount - Built and designed for rib mount and sits low on the shotgun
  • Buy aftermarket rail adapter - easy install



Options are limited on the revolver and the common one is: