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In this guide let’s troubleshoot some issues when attempting to mount the Holosun SCS 320 on the Springfield Echelon. If you're considering buying a SCS 320 please check our Holosun SCS 320 review here

The SCS 320 uses the deltapoint pro footprint and we can use the factory index pin sets to install it.

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For the best fit please use the deltapoint pro front index pins and then use these shield RMSc rear index pins.

The pin set 3’s rear pins are slightly shorter to fully seat the SCS on the slide. 

If you use these rear deltapoint pins, they are slightly taller to fully seat the SCS on the slide, so you might encounter this gap.

Also you have to shorten the factory screws just a little so they don't bottom out on the slide by hitting the ejector spring. 

how to mount scs 320 on springfield echelon gap

So to fully seat the optic and have no zeroing issues later, be sure to use pin set 3 and torq each screw to 10 inch pounds with a good torq wrench like the real avid smart torq.

there isn’t a plate needed to mount the SCS, and there is no front or rear wall to wedge the optic since the echelon has the one optic cut that fits all red dot mounting systems.

holosun scs 320 solar panel

A better option will be to use an adapter plate like this these ones from CH Precision.

These one piece mounts are designed to wedge the optic on the top and then lock tight to the slide with built in index posts.

chpws red dot plates

For now, CH Precision doesn’t have one for the Deltapoint yet. However, if you're tired of keeping track of these pin sets in your armory, or you want a more rigid mounting plate for other optics that offer superior zero retention, check out these products on their website and use our codes to save during checkout in the description below.