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Installing a Glock red dot no milling the slide with these 4 options:

There are so many ways to do it today than couple years ago. Here are three products that people love with you.

Strike Industries SURF (Scorpion Universal Reflex) Mount

Strike Industries SURF Charging Handle

This mount has pre-drilled slots that can accommodate various red dots, making it a versatile option. It is an upgrade from the G.U.M. mount, offering a more secure mounting platform and a charging handle.

It comes with screws and charging handle included, making it a convenient option. One of the best things about this mount is that it allows for faster and more accurate tracking of the dot, as it sits higher on the slide.

Strike Industries G.U.M. Universal Optic Mount for Glock

This mount is similar to the SURF mount but does not have a screw to secure itself to the slide cover plate.

Instead, it fits into the rear sight dovetail groove on the slide and uses four set screws to secure the installation and prevent side-to-side shift. You can buy it on OpticsPlanet, and use the code BAO5 for a 5% discount.

Dueck Defense RBU Dovetail

This mount is CNC machined from certified bar stock with nitride coating and is compatible with various red dot sights such as Leupold DeltaPoint, Doctor RDS, JPoint, Vortex Viper, Aimpoint ACRO, and Venom. It fits in the rear sight dovetail on the slide and uses set screws for tightening.

You can purchase it on Amazon.

Optic Ready Glock Slides

Norsso reptile glock 17 slide

If you want the most secure red dot sight mount on your Glock with no milling. Buying a precut slide maybe your best option. Most slides are cut for the RMR footprint and some are cut for the DeltaPoint Pro.

For starters, the Trybe Defense Glock slides are affordable and they get the job done.