How To Mount Red Dot On GLOCK Pistols Without Milling The Slide

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Installing a red dot sight on the GLOCK pistol slide isn't as easy as on a rifle with Picatinny rail, but there are ways to do it.

Shooting optic ready pistols are super fun! and it’s becoming increasingly common to date.

But having your slide milled for sight is not always convenient or cheap. Many people can relate to this!

A milled slide can only fit one particular red dot sight. You can customize the gun all you want, but you just can’t do that all the time.

Cuz it’s really expensive!

If a shooter wants to mount a red dot sight on his or her GLOCK without milling the slide, he or she can install a rear sight dovetail mount that provides non-permanent modification to the GLOCK slide.

I want to share with you 3 great products people love.

Strike Industries SURF (Scorpion Universal Reflex) Mount

Strike Industries SURF Mount

The Strike Industries SURF has a whole bunch of pre-drilled slots for all different kind of red dots.

It's the next generation from the G.U.M. mount with more secured mounting plus a charging handle.

It comes with all the different screws in the package as well as the charging handle.

This is definitely on the best gift ideas for the gun guys list this year.

Tracking The Dot Better & Faster

One thing I noticed shooting the gun with this mount is that I can track the dot better since the optic sits higher.

I can immediately find the dot without adjusting.

With a traditional milled slide on GLOCK pistols, I had to train myself to bring the gun up just a little bit to even find the dot.

The SURF mount allows me to

You can get it here on OpticsPlanet – Be sure to use WORK7 for 5% OFF

Installing the Dovetail Plate On GLOCK 

Installing the mounting plate is easy, but you need a sight removal tool.

What you get is an easy dovetail mounted universal platform that accepts most micro red dot sights such as Trijicon, Bushnell, Fastfire, Leupold, Sig, Vortex and many more.

The adapter fits right in the dovetail on the slide, so we recommend going to a gunsmith or you buy a tool to remove the sight first, I recommend the Universal Handgun Sight Pusher Tool, you can use it without a vice clamp or anything like that.

Make sure that it is centered and properly installed, and it’s infinitely less expensive than machining your slide.

This mounting plate also latches on to the slide cover plate for secure mounting.

It also allows you to remove it and put iron sights back on if you choose to.

Slide Charging Handle

Strike Industries SURF Charging Handle

The best feature of this adapter that stands out against others on the market is the ambi charging handle.

So if you’re into shooting competition. You can Mount this little charging handle, and run it like in USPSA, and you can also mount it on the other side.

Or you can just run it normally as you would if you were using the standard tactical pistol.

For only about $55, this mount offers you a flexible non-permanent solution for mounting red dot sights on your Glock platforms.

Strike Industries G.U.M. Universal Optic Mount For GLOCK

This is exactly like the SURF mount, However, it doesn't have any screw to secure itself to the slide cover plate.

It just fit right in the rear sight dovetail groove on the slide, and it uses 4 set screws to secure the installation to prevent side to side shift.

You can buy this on OpticsPlanet here– Be sure to use WORK7 if you want 5% OFF

Dueck Defense

The Dueck Defense is made for GLOCK handguns.

CNC machined from certified bar stock with nitride coating, It also fits in the rear sight dovetail on the slide and uses set screws for tightening.

It is compatible with Leupold DeltaPoint, Doctor RDS, JPoint, Vortex Viper and Venom. (Check the price here on Amazon below)

If you want it with the Trijicon RMR (Check out the price on the RMR version here)

Problem With Slide Cut

GLOCK Slide Cut

You have to machine the slide for one particular optic, so once it’s milled it cannot accept a different optic.

They’re MARRIED for life!

If you want to put a different optic on it, which means you literally need a new slide.

  • It's expensive
  • Not a lot of flexibility

Which is why people buy optic ready handguns that are compatible with many red dot sights.

Other Options

ALG Defense 6-Second Mount

If you don't like the idea of buying a sight removal tool to do this, the final option is to use the ALG 6 Second Mount for Aimpoint or Trijicon RMR.

It kinda makes your GLOCK into a Han Solo Blaster!


It attaches to the frame of the handgun, and the optic is installed on the mount instead of on the slide.

Meaning – By separating the sight from the reciprocating slide it allows:

  • The handgun to function properly without the added mass of the optic.
  • Better weight balance
  • Reduce G-Force stress on the optic
  • Faster follow up shots

The ALG 6-Second Mount is made from 6061-T6 aluminum for only GEN 3 GLOCK ( 17, 22, 24, 31, 34 and 35)

Which Ones Do You Like?

No matter how experienced you are shooting with GLOCK, it’s still a good idea to try out an optic ready GLOCK. It completely changes the shooting experience.

Since red dot optics for handguns are getting popular, it doesn't necessarily mean you will buy them for every handgun you have.

Because they're not cheap, and milling a slide for just one optic cost a lot of money too.

For some of you, the rear sight dovetail mount is a perfect non-permanent solution for mounting red dot to your handgun.

Saves money and time!