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You may want to remove the front sight post completely to clear the field of view when shooting with a red dot sight or to upgrade to a free float handguard. Here is how to remove the front sight on AR15.

In this case, the traditional fixed front sight gas block. The gas block is equipped with two pins, one at the front and the other at the back. These pins go through both the block and the barrel.

To carry out this task, you'll need a few key tools:

  • A Bench Block: Buy a bench block that's molded to fit your front sight gas block. Our favorite is the REAL AVID Bench Block. This will provide a stable platform for the pins to fall out. Or get the Wheeler A2 front sight tool
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  • Punches: A set of punches is required, including the largest 5/16" punch for maximum energy transfer and effectiveness.
  • Hammer: A hammer with sufficient weight, such as a standard ball peen hammer, is needed to apply the necessary force.
  • Safety Glasses: Don't forget to protect your eyes from any accidental debris or metal fragments.

The Removal Process

Positioning the Bench Block

real avid master bench block

Referenced Real Avid

Start by placing the front sight gas block on the bench block. Make sure that the pins are aligned with the "pins out" marking on the block. This ensures that you are driving the pins out in the correct direction.

Selecting the Appropriate Punch

Begin with the largest 5/16" punch, positioning it on the pin's head. The aim here is to avoid slipping off the punch, which could cause damage to the gas block or barrel.

Applying Downward Pressure

Use your free hand to apply downward pressure on the punch to keep it securely in place.

Hammering the Punch

With the punch in place, deliver firm, controlled taps with the hammer to start moving the pin. Repeat the process until you feel the pin begin to move.

Switching to a Smaller Punch

Once the pin starts moving, switch to a punch with a diameter that closely matches the pin's size. Continue using light taps until the pin is entirely free.

Removing the First Pin

After the first pin is out, wiggle the front sight gas block until it comes off the barrel.

Repeating the Process

Repeat the same process for the second pin, ensuring it is removed in the correct direction.

The gas tube pin is optional to remove.