How To Remove Stripped Optic Mount Screws

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In this shows a few ways to remove stripped optic mount screws. No one likes dealing with stripped screws, especially on a firearm.

Here are ways to remove them if one of your optics is stuck on a pistol slide or red dot sight mount that you would like to swap.

Tips To Remove Stripped Optic Screws

vortex micro 3x mount screw

There are several methods you can try to remove stripped screws:

  • Use a screwdriver with a larger handle to provide more torque.
  • Use pliers or a wrench to grip the head of the screw and turn it.
  • Use a screw extractor tool, which is specifically designed for removing stripped screws. To use a screw extractor:
  • Drill a small hole in the center of the stripped screw using a drill bit that is slightly smaller in diameter than the extractor tool.
  • Insert the screw extractor into the hole and turn it counterclockwise to remove the stripped screw.
  • Cut cross the screw and use a flat head screw driver to turn
  • Trim the screw top to flat edges for a plier to grab
  • If you don't have the tools to do the work, please take it to a local gunsmith

Before Removing

  • Always use the right size screw driver bit to remove the optic screw. 
  • Heat up the screw with a heat gun to make removal easier
  • Recall if permanent red Loctite was used. If so, do not proceed

Recommended Tool

screw extractor bit

Future Prevention Of Stripped Screws

hex vs torx screw stripping hazard
  • Do not over torque (Highly recommend using an adjustable torque wrench)
  • Always use the right size torx or allen key before applying torque
  • Only use high quality screws (avoid allen key screws, especially if they are small)
  • Always line up the bit before applying any torque(Install or remove)
  • Torx screws are less likely to strip

Buy Backup Screws

Here are some great optic screw replacements

Jagerwerks RMR torx screws 

Agency Arms Torx Titanium screws

Battlewerx Glock MOS RMR screws (custom length for maxmium thread depth)

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