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This guide will show you how to turn off Holosun red dot sight for storage or product return.

Most Holosun red dot sights have the same power and brightness control settings.

Turn Off Battery Power

To turn off the optic, press "+" and "-" simultaneously. This will deactivate the motion sensor.

This works the same for 507C, 510C, 515, 503, 509T...etc

how to turn off holosun red dot

Referenced Holosun 507C Manual

Turn Off Solar Power

509t on pdp

The solar cell power will kick on if the battery voltage is below 2.2 Vdc according to the manual if you don't have one in hand.

The reticle will still be activate only if there is sufficient ambient light. To completely turn it off, bring the optic in a dark area until reticle turns off.

In order to reactive the reticle after insufficient ambient light, pressing either "+" or "-" is required. If you don't press it, it will not kick back on. 

We recommend just dialing down the brightness setting without turning it off completely.

holosun 509t and 507c battery trays

Holosun optics feature an extremely long battery life, and there is no need to turn it off or pull the battery tray out, unless you're storing it or packaging it for resale.

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