MidTen 223 Laser Boresight Review

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In this quick review guide, let's check out the MidTen 223 laser boresight. This little thing will help you save so much time and bullets when zeroing an new optic or swapping them among different rifles.

You will find it very useful! Check it out:

Initial Impression

It comes in a simple packaging, nothing fancy.

You get:

  • 3 batteries
  • laser boresight
midten 223 laser bore sight packaging
midten 223 laser boresight unpackaging

You can get the MidTen 223 laser boresight off Amazon for just under $16.

midten 223 laser bore shell casing lip

The laser does feature the lip with the extractor to grab, So you don't need a long stick to push the laser boresight out from the muzzle after done using.

Most Helpful Usage & Selling Point

midten 223 laser boresight red laser

Very Often, shooters don't see their initial shot groups on paper because the sight is way off.

A laser bore sighting system can simplify and speed up the whole process for you:

It Saves Time & Ammo Money!

Quickly get a ball park zero before refining the zeroing with live rounds

midten 223 laser boresight eotech pov
trijicon sro parallax test
  • Goodbye to initial shot groups not on paper! SAVES AMMO Especially during ammo shortage
  • Skip right to training instead of zeroing for 1/3 of your range session
  • Establishes good constant offset reference point for a weapon laser

Works for all 223 / 5.56 chambers

What It's NOT For

It's not for long range zero or accounts for bullet drop or bullet behaviors

long range targets

How To Zero With The MidTen Laser Boresight

1. Safety check your gun and find a aiming reference at 10 - 25 yards away at a range or at home.

midten 223 laser boresight mk18

2. Simply insert the laser boresight in the chamber like a bullet, then dial the reticle or weapon mounted laser to the laser boresight point of aim for a good ball park zero before testing live rounds

initial zeroing eotech exps3 with laser boresight

3. Always confirm & refine the zero with live rounds (Learn to calculate exact MOA clicks to zero a sight)

zeroing mk18 elcan specterdr

Get some zeroing targets here or draw your own

(In theory, a laser bore sight gives very accurate prediction on where a bullet will hit at close range distances, but always remember to confirming the zero with live ammo)

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Chamber Tolerance

Not all laser boresight have the tightest tolerance when sitting in the barrel chamber to have a perfectly straight laser coming out of the barrel.

This means the laser pointer could veer off the center just so slightly as the target distance plane increases.

Accuracy Testing

We swapped bunch of optics around and attempted to laser bore zero the sights and confirm the zero with live rounds under 1 min for each gun, and it was so easy.

A Completely Zeroed Sight

In LESS than 1 minute,~3 dial clicks and JUST 2-4 rounds

No walking down range 6+ times, No dial knob confusion, No wasted ammo zeroing a way-off-zero optic

Zeroing Optics

eotech 68 moa ring
vortex micro 3x ocular lens

Since the laser boresight has a red laser. It's visible indoor up to 25 yards, and not so much in broad daylight at an outdoor range.

Highly recommend cranking down the reticle brightness first and use a magnifier so you can see the laser pointer on the target plane better, then dial the reticle to the laser, finally test it with live ammo.

Zeroing Offset Optics

Zeroing an angled offset red dot sight on a long gun is so much easier with a laser boresight to align the reticle to an good ball park spot before live fire.

Since an offset red dot sight doesn't always have the best bore alignment depend on the rifle and the mount. The shooter must zero the optic in its upright position then establish an offset for CQB distances.

Final Verdict


  • Saves shooters so much time and money just to zero a sight
  • Get a quick ball park zero even for sights that are way off the center
  • Zero your reticle or weapon laser to CQB distance ASAP


  • Battery removal required after use to save battery juice
  • Red laser isn't visible enough at an outdoor range

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