4 MK18 Loadout Ideas

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There are so many MK18 loadout setups out there already on the internet, and here are some more highlighting 4 simple lightweight MK18 setups without all the fancy accessories.

To see MK18 build part list here

Setup 1

mk18 with cloud defensive rein

The main purpose of this build is to stay as close to the base gun as possible without all the fancy accessories. All we need is an optic and a light to make it home defense ready

On here we have a Cloud Defensive REIN and Sig Romeo 5 red dot on a Scalarworks LEAP mount. The total weight added to the rifle is about 12 oz, and feels very light.

This build costs only less than $500. Since the CD REIN comes with an M1913 Picatinny rail mount, no after-market light mount is required unless you want something that can offset the light at an angle.

Check out the build below:

Setup 2

dd mk18 handguard with hotbutton setup

Surefire M600DF or Modlite PLHv2 with Aimpoint Micro. This is typically what other MK18 owners perform in CQB and mid-range environments.

The M600DF is one of the best MK18 weapon light with tons of accessories to customize the setup, and there are also a ton of pressure switches available for the Scout light body. In addition, it can also work

Total about $1100 for the light and the optic, and the Aimpoint Micro red dot optic is the most high end part of this build.

For the mount, we highly recommend the Scalarworks LEAP to save weight compared to other mounts.

Setup 3

dd mk18 with scalarworks leap aimpoint micro

This setup is very similar to the 2nd setup, and all we are doing is using a Unity Tactical Hotbutton pressure switch than the Surefire switch pad. It offers better mounting and ergonomics as well as better cable management on the handguard.

You can make it control better when driving the rifle with a vertical grip on an SBR. This allows your hand to grip the handguard and activate the switch at the same time without changing grip position.

Setup 4

ddmk 18 with vortex uh1 gen 2

This setup is for mid-range users who want to extend the range of their red dot sight. We can go off the ideas from setup 3 and just add a red dot magnifier. You can also swap the Aimpoint with an EOTECH or Vortex UH 1 if you desire.

Now you have an ergonomic light setup on the handguard to PID targets in the dark, and an optic system that works for both CQB and mid-range targets. If you don't want the magnifier anymore, you can simply just take it off in the field thanks to the QD lever mount.


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