Original Modbutton VS Modbutton Lite [True Momentary Switches]

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In this light pressure switch reference guide, let's check out original Modbutton Vs Modbutton Lite on some our favorite firearm setups.

We have the DD MK18, KRISS Vector and X95 in this example to give you some ideas to configure your own setup.

Original ModButton VS ModButton Lite

modbutton vs modbutton lite

Both switches are TRUE MOMENTARY ONLY for a scout light (Surefire, Modlite), and they stay very low profile on SBRs and other rifle handguard setups.

These pressure switches are designed for people looking to free up their handguard real estate or finding that most ergonomic grip / light activation sweet spots.

The only differences are the following:

  • Modbutton lite can accept different switch mounts
  • Modbutton lite offer dual lead version and the original Modbutton only offers single cable Surefire plug
  • Original Modbutton (limited to M1913 only) is an all-in-one unit with an integrated scout light mount designed for 12 o'clock mounting position

Original ModButton With Integrated Scout Mount

unity tactical modbutton original

The ModButton is optimized for 12 o'clock mounting. It places the scout light at an offset angle without the the Unity Tactical FUSION lightwing.

The FUSION lightwing adapter actually re-adjust the light position back to 90 degrees position and drops down on the handguard to clear a PEQ15 or DBAL. 

unity tactical modbutton left

Left mount for right handed users

unity tactical modbutton right

Right mount for left handed users

ModButton Lite

modbutton hrf mount
modbutton dual lead

Referenced Modlite

Setup Examples

original modbutton and modbutton lite combo

Users can mix the original Modbutton and Modbutton lite combo to configure a light and laser combo setup on the handguard.

This type of configuration also change how users grip the handguard, and it gives the user tons of options to find their sweet spot.

The customization is limitless!

hrf dual ramp modbutton laser and surefire plug angled

One thing we like a lot about the Modbutton Lite tapeswitch for Surefire and Laser is the ability to change its ergonomics with the HRF concept dual switch ramp.

Check out the handguard setup below:

X95 Setup

The IWI X95 doesn't have lot of space to mount accessories, so the ModButton lite on an angled HRF ramp helps a lot by providing the grip ergonomics. It keeps the handguard less cluttered, and the cable can route from the top or the bottom.

x95 with modbutton press switch

The Surefire DS00 tail cap works with the ModButton on both sides makes it ambi when switching sides.

Another option we recommend other than the ModButton is to use the Unity Tactical HotButton. The HotButton features momentary and constant on mode, and it's available for M LOK and M1913.

Hotbutton on X95 handguard
unity hot button vs modbutton

KRISS Vector

KRISS vector has very limited rail space for a light, and the charging handle on the left side is a problem too.

The left side should be free of accessories so the hand can easily work around the charging handle without getting caught on things.

Out of all the options out there, the original Modbutton with the integrated mount works the best on the KRISS to have the light and the switch all in one spot like this:

unity tactical modbutton on Kriss vector SDP

It's low profile and it's a very clean KRISS Vector light setup.

Daniel Defense MK18

Here we have the DD MK18 with the RIS II quad rail setup.

When using the Unity Tactical integrated Modbutton mount, the light mount can be reversed to change the placement of the light. Left or Right.

unity tactical modbutton right wing mount
unity tactical modbutton left mount
unity tactical modbutton switch

If you want to extend the light forward, the Unity Tactical FUSION lightwing can be used. The extender mount offers 4 scout body threaded holes, so the user can make some small light position changes.

The mount also tucks the light closer to the handguard for a tight and slick looking configuration.

Just make sure to secure the wire if it's flapping around on the handguard. Just use a zip tie or the Strike Industries' new cable management rail adapter.

unity tactical mount wing

However, the FUSION lightwing adapter can't be mirrored, so you may have to buy both left wing and the right wing to make it work.

The FUSION lightwing adapter is the same part that works with Unity Tactical Micro Hub adapter.

Heat Performance

Handguard does get hot after you shoot a lot of rounds. We've used these switches a lot without any issue. However, we haven't shot the gun until the handguard catches on fire.

Here is a test done by SageDynamics (Saved us a lot of ammo money!)

Go to timestamp 6:06 for the 2000rds burndown

Other Accessories To Get

If you ran into Surefire pressure switch not working reliably, the integrated scout light mount is an awesome product from Unity Tactical. 

For users that want more customizability, the Modbutton lite is a better option.

mlok modbutton mount

To install Modbutton on MLOK rail, please get this adapter made by Unity Tactical.

If you want constant on, please get the Surefire DS00 tail cap as a secondary light switch.

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