Night Vision Scope Rental: Why Do It – Where To Rent – Best Deal

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Night vision rental has become more popular over the past few years. Shooting a gun with night vision scope in the dark is fun, but it’s expensive.

Should you rent night vision scope to save money instead of buying one? This is a financial decision you have to make if you’re on a budget.

3 Reasons For Night Vision Rental Instead Of Owning

  1. High-quality night vision goggles and scopes could cost way over $20,000
  2. It’s a waste of money if you don’t use it regularly
  3. Get a taste first before you commit

Best Places To Rent Night Vision Scopes Online

Who Are Frequent Night Vision Users?

Most of frequent night vision users are people involved with these tasks:

  • Department of Wildlife Game Management
  • Private Investigating
  • Infrared Light Experiments
  • Border Patrol
  • Hog Hunting
  • Coyote Hunting
  • MilSim Events

How Much Does It Cost To Rent Night Vision Scope?

It costs about $150 – $300 a night to rent something super expensive. Some have a 3-day flat fee for about $400. Some companies offer competitive rental fees that count towards the purchase cost of a new unit. The rental program allows customers to try before you buy.

It’s definitely not cheap. If you rack up rental fees more than the cost of the unit, then just buy it.

Please consider how you’re going to use your scope if you going to rent it. Try to get the most out of it for the money you’re going to spend.

How Does The Rental Process Work?

This is a new business model in the gun industry. All you do is browse the rentals available online, pick your gears and select the dates. It’s like renting a car or a movie.

When your gears arrive, use it as much as you like, then return it on time using the prepaid shipping label. It’s an easy process.

300x250 night vision scopes

Related Questions:

Should Night Shoot Beginners Rent First?

I have been shooting for years mostly during the day. Shooting in the dark is rare for me because I don’t have my own land to shoot. Most public shooting ranges don’t allow night shoots except for special events.

I recommend beginners getting in contact with local night vision shooting community first. You can make friends there and try out their equipment without spending tons of money first.

No Night Shoot Opportunity At All – What Do I Do?

If you live in a community where there is no night shoot opportunity at all, then at least you didn't waste tons of money. Night vision shooting requires a lot of knowledge, and there is a big learning curve.

If you have to drive out of town to do some night shoots, then I highly recommend renting night vision gears. Try it out first to see if you like it or not. The last thing you want to do is waste big money, and end up losing interest in it.

Don't Go Into Debt Just To Shoot In The Dark

Some people might say: “I can afford it, and I don't go cheap on my gears”. If you have lots of money, do whatever you like. There is a reason why people buy expensive riflescopes, and you can read about it here.

I know people who are super passionate about tactical stuff, but he has money problems when they buy things he doesn't need.

Night vision scope is fun, but it's not worth getting into debt for it, and you can read about why people buy expensive scopes here.

The biggest distraction is the community is getting people to buy things they don't need. It's the confidence you're buying, knowing that you have something cool. They make you feel like you must have it.

Buying night vision scopes and other setups are not like buying another $1500 AR15. It’s a lot of money. Try it out by renting first.

How Much Does A Night Vision Scope Cost?

Night vision scopes for a rifle can cost up to $3500. Anything below $500 are probably not high quality. You can find conventional night vision scope that generally starts at $1000 such as ATN X-Sight II HD.

A high-end night vision scope cost from $3500 up to $43,000. Such as the Night Optics Gen 3, Armasight Vulcan, Knight’s Armament UNS A3, and FLIR. They’re designed for mounting on a rifle to withstand recoil and combat.

Night Vision Rifle Scopes You Can Afford

After seeing a night vision scope with a price tag of $13,000, it makes those $500-1000 ones look affordable. Generally, for $1000 you can get a decent product with high resolution up to 200 yards at night.

Pick a scope that accepts common battery, like AA or other rechargeable batteries. Most high-end military grade night vision sights use expensive non-rechargeable batteries.

If you’re going to own a night vision scope on a $1000 budget, the ones I have listed below are your best options right now.

Does My Use Frequency Justify The Cost Of Renting?

For those who need the night vision for a class or just to try it out once or twice, then I recommend renting it from someone. Rent something super nice for the experience.

I can’t justify renting something more than 4 times and more after spending almost 2/3 the cost of a brand new unit.

For frequent use, just take advantage of their rental program, and eventually buy the unit.

Here is what I will say. If you want to play hard you have to pay. There is no way around it.

Either make more money or enjoy your gun hobby conservatively without compromising your bank account.

Only 1 Reason You Should Own

Is a night vision scope a need or a necessity? Ask yourself that first.

If you have your own backyard shooting range and you shoot a lot at night, then you should just own one. It will be a good gadget to have for the lifestyle you’re currently living.

It’s a good idea to have some night vision gadgets for home defense living in remote areas.

Everyone has their definition of “what is expensive” relative to their financial status. I’m not here to judge. No one should spend money they don’t have, and please don’t go into debt for stuff like this.

Is The Night Vision Rental Market In High Demand?

This is a good question. The business world is moving towards the on-demand business model. I think industries like this will ride that wave to generate more revenue.

Maybe there will be a subscription-based service where you can rent whatever you want for a flat annual fee.

Is Night Vision Devices Illegal In My States?

Recently, there is an article posted on the HuffPost regarding night vision gears being widely available to civilians. Based on that article, it sounded like it’s a problem. You can read the article here.

So I did more research. In the United States, it’s absolutely legal to purchase night vision equipment. The only restriction is for hunting. Read the state laws here! Don’t get into trouble.

Alternative Ways For Night Shooting Without Night Vision Scope

The answer is using a flashlight. It’s totally affordable. To be honest, most people enjoy the night shoot within 100 yards. You can easily just turn on your flashlight and shoot.

For people just want to shoot in the dark for fun without renting or buying expensive night vision device, having a tactical flashlight is the way to go.