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olight javelot

In this 2024 new Olight Javelot review guide, let's check out this brand new light that can be used for everyday carry as well as an insanely long thrower light for rifle use.

Let's check out how different it is from the 2022 Olight Javelot Mini.

Let's check it out...

Olight Javelot VS Javelot Tactical

The new Olight Javelot isn't made with a built in scout mount but it can be mounted using a ring clamp mount shown in the picture below:

One of the major feature of the Javelot is its insanely high candela output up to 134000 on the Turbo mode. So far it's the highest in the industries than Surefire Scout Turbo, Cloud Defensive REIN 3.0, but slightly lower than the Modlite HOG with the OKW head.

Even at high mode, it has 650 lumens and 63000 candela similar to a Modlite OKW.

  • Beam Distance: 730 meters
  • Max. Performance: 1350 lumens
  • Beam Pattern: Long Range
  • Candela: 134000 cd turbo, 63000 cd high
  • Strobe: Yes
  • Switch: Tail Cap Switch + Remote pressure pad
  • Battery: Single 21700 battery
  • Waterproof: IPX8
  • Weight: 6.95 oz
  • Length (in): 5.43 in
  • Diameter (in): 1.57 in


Olight Javelot Core Features

Beam Pattern, Lumens & Candela

The 2022 Olight Javelot Tactical has an upgraded beam pattern similar to products like MODLITE OKW. The throw performance is now in the 63K to 134K candela range to compete with high candela lights on the market.

olight javelot reflector

For anyone shooting near 200 yards at night or need to identify targets at that distance, candela output is a very important spec, and nobody wants to squint their eyes trying to see something without enough brightness.

olight javelot candela output

After testing the Javelot with 134000 candela along side Cloud Defense REIN and MODLITE OKW, the Javelot is clearly the winner.

olight javelot throw

I was able to see targets up to 168 yards and past that clearly with the help of a magnified optic.

olight javelot throw distance

Other lights do well at around 100 yards, but the brightness isn't there past that, and I was barely able to make out the target.

It's very clear that the new Javelot on the Turbo mode is definitely the winner for mid to long range PID. 

Combat Photonic Barrier (This is very important)

The 134K maximum candela output is also very powerful at overpowering incoming lights.

For example, if we pointed a Surefire X300U (11300 cd) towards the cardboard target with a weaker light shining the light back. It was very difficult to PID what's behind the light in this situation.

photonic barrier weak light

In the next test, The Javelot is directly pointed at the light source and lit up the target behind. This is a key point to understand about a high candela light.

High candela light beam can penetrate through fog, overpower incoming lights, street lights and other light sources in the distance.

photonic barrier strong light

Heat Protection

Heat protection system is still built into the Javelot just like other Olight products. This means the lumen intensity will drop from 1350 lumens to 600 lumens after 2.0 mins of constant on use.

I have contacted Olight, and they have stated that its for fire hazard protection since the output is so high.

However, on the high mode, the light can last as long as 170 minutes before dropping down to 250 lumens


The Olight Javelot has more modes than the Javelot Tactical. Most of the modes will not be useful for weapon light use besides the Turbo and high. Generally speaking we want the highest output for weapon light use, and they are not meant to be left on for a long time.

olight javelot tactical grip

The momentary on and off switch allows the user to be 

  • The tail cap activation with constant on/off & momentary
  • Remote control switch with constant on/off & momentary

The side control button allows the user to cycle through low and high. One of the coolest feature is actually the moonlight 0.5 lumen mode where I can use it to for everyday carry such as reading something in the dark or searching through the storage without blinding my eyes. 

Activation Switch Ergonomics

olight javelot pressure switch

The Javelot uses the same tail cap with a slightly different design this time. When mounted on the rifle, the magnetic remote switch can be locked on the tail cap to prevent disconnection. 

However, this light will not be compatible with any Surefire tail cap accessories. 

However for handheld use, the tactical grip tail cap is slightly harder to push with my thumb. I think I felt like I need to really push it down hard to activate the light.

Battery Endurance

olight javelot rechargeable

The Olight 21700 battery is rechargeable, and just use the USB charging cable provided in the packaging.

Construction Quality

javelot body

The Olight Javelot is designed for handheld use. In the context of this review content, we are using the Arisaka ring mount to attach it to the handguard.

It's not like the Javelot Tactical with the built in scout mount. 

Final Verdict

The Olight Javelot is more powerful than the Cloud Defensive REIN in terms of candela output. For anyone that needs to see things in the dark past 200 to 300 yards, the Javelot's 134K candela output will get the job done.

olight javelot ring mount

Even though it's not specifically designed for long gun use, but a simple ring clamp light mount can do the trick.

As time goes on, I will update this content and see how well the Javelot performs.


  • Great for mid range and long range illumination
  • Great for hunting, tactical training and signaling 
  • One piece body with integrated scout mount
  • Works with most scout light mounts
  • USB Rechargeable


  • Light bezel is a bit big for what it can do

Where To Buy

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