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olight odin turbo LEP light

In this Olight Odin Turbo review guide, let's check out this dedicated long gun LEP (Laser Excited Phosphor) light's core specs, unique laser alike beam pattern, and range.

Let's check it out...

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  • Beam Distance: 1050 meters
  • Max. Performance: 330 lumens, <0.35 mW@455 nm wavelength
  • Beam Pattern: LEP (Extremely tight white light beam)
  • Candela: 90000 cd
  • Strobe: No
  • Switch: Side Switch
  • Battery: Single 31700 battery
  • Waterproof: IPX8
  • Weight: 8.78oz
  • Length (in): 6.1 in


What's Included In The Packaging

olight odin turbo packaging

The Olight Valkyrie Turbo comes with the following:

  • The light itself
  • M1913 QD mount
  • Screws
  • H1.5 Allen Wrench x 1 
  • User Manual x 1

Why LEP Light

lep weapon light demo

The Olight Odin Turbo is for extremely long range illumination on long guns.

  • Long range target identification
  • Long range night hunting
  • Training
olight odin turbo lep light head

Laser Excited Phosphor uses a blue laser that shine through a piece of phosphor and then the white light is emitted.

This means laser alike throw performance, please check this out below:

Core Features

Beam Pattern, Lumens & Candela

The Odin Turbo has a more powerful throw than the Olight Valkyrie Turbo (Pistol LEP light). The beam pattern is the same, but the throw performance is a 28% increase from 70000 cd to 90000 cd.

This means about an additional 100 - 200 yards illumination distance for PID, but a magnified optic can help see targets better in the dark.

olight odin turbo deer id

Very tight hot center

The Olight Odin turbo light beam is very tight and consistent for about 800 meters before it dims off even if the spec says up to 1050 meters. Overall, this is a great weapon mounted throw light for long range target identification.

After testing in wide open outdoor shooting range, the hot spot of the light is useful up to 700 - 800 meters before the subject is hard to identify.

Outdoor Tests Comparison (Fully charged batteries)

OLIGHT ODIN TURBO beam pattern

We put the Olight Odin Turbo next to the Modlite PL350 with PLHV2 light heads, to see the beam pattern differences.

It's very clear that the Odin Turbo is definitely the winner for long range PID, but it's absolutely un-useable for close up flood illumination, especially there is nothing to bounce the light around to lit up the surrounding area.


The Modlite PLHv2 is great for CQB and long range illumination up to 80 - 100 yards.

Combat Photonic Barrier (This is very important)

The 90000 candela rated beam is also very powerful at overpowering incoming lights for PID.

For example, if we pointed a Surefire X300U towards the cardboard target with a MODLITE PLHv2 shining the light back. It was very difficult to PID what's behind the light in this situation.

photonic barrier weak light

In the next test, we pointed the Olight Odin Turbo directly at the light source and lit up the target behind. Generally, a high candela light can penetrate through fog, incoming lights, street lights and other light sources in the distance.

photonic barrier strong light

When it comes to PID against incoming light source, the Olight Odin Turbo is a very powerful light for combating photonic barriers.

Heat Protection

Heat protection system is built into the light as other Olight products. This means the lumen intensity will drop from 330 lumens to 180 lumens after 30 mins. It will run on 180 lumens for 150 mins, then adjust to 90 lumens for another 30 mins. 

Overall, the highest lumen intensity stays on for a very long time without having to take frequent breaks.


The Olight Odin Turbo features standard control switch as most Odin light products.

  • The tail cap activation with constant on/off & momentary
  • Remote control switch with constant on/off & momentary

Activation Switch Ergonomics

olight odin turbo remote pressure switch

The Odin series lights use the same tail cap and remote control switch. They are easy to use and mount.

The brand new magnetic remote switch can be locked on the tail cap to prevent disconnection. 

Battery Endurance

olight 31700 battey

The Olight 31700 battery is the same battery used by many full size Olight tactical series lights. They pack lot of juice and they are recharageable.

Construction Quality

olight odin turbo scout mounting spot
olight odin turbo body

The Odin Turbo features the same body profile as Odin, Odin mini and Odin GL. The LEP light head gives the light a slightly different look.

The anti rotational body prevents the light from rolling away, which is a nice to have feature for handheld EDC use.

The only thing that Olight hasn't upgraded is the scout light mounting platform. This is still a two piece design held on by two small screws. A one piece design will definitely strengthen this light to withstand drop damage.

QD Mount

kp9 with olight odin turbo

The M1913 mount allows quick detach of the light on most picatinny handguard rail.

If you already have other Olight products, you may have the offset M1913 MLOK mount to use.

For experienced weapon light owners, you may also mount the light on other aftermarket scout light mounts.

Final Verdict

The Olight Odin Turbo is an insane thrower for long range target identification. Here are pros and cons summed up to make a decision


  • Great for long range illumination
  • Great for hunting, tactical training and signaling 
  • Works with most scout light mounts
  • USB Rechargeable


  • No go for CQB use especially in outdoor environments
  • Scout mount is still a two piece design

For close quarter use, please check out:

Where To Buy

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B08S2VYTHW&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=129h3z23 20&language=en USir?t=129h3z23 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B08S2VYTHW

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