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In this review guide, we gonna take a look at the new Olight Odin 2000 lumen flashlight.

It’s a dedicated weapon Scout style light from Olight, in direct competition with the Surefire M600 Scout.

Before the release of Odin, people used the Olight M2R Warrior Pro with a magnetic pressure switch and a ring mount to go onto handguard.

It worked as much as it was designed to do, but it could be better and that’s why Olight has created the Odin specifically for the gun community.

Does it live up to the standard? let’s check it out below:


Olight Odin Core Specs [First Impressions]

The Olight Odin’s high lumen and candela outputs are the first two core specs that made this light very appealing for a long gun & home defense applications.

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Lumen & Candela

The Olight Odin features 2000 lumens and 22500 candela output while running on one rechargeable 21700 battery.

The light doesn’t feature strobe or SOS.

It is the best performing tactical weapon light on the market today at 1/3 the price of a Surefire M600 Scout and 25% more lumens & 43% more candela.

Alot of it has to do with the use of 21700 battery, which we will discuss in the next section.

Battery Life

While running on LEVEL 1, the light lasts about 2.5 hrs and the light will automatically adjust the lumen output to prevent overheating.

On LEVEL 2, the light lasts about 8 hours on 300 lumen output.

The battery life of the Odin is just absolutely amazing compared to Surefire’s 18650 battery or any light that is still using CR123a.

The 5000mAh 21700 battery can be charged using the 2A USB cord that comes with all Olight products.

This literally means you have a powerful battery source that you don’t ever have to buy new batteries for.

Beam Quality

The Odin has a very strong concentrated hot spot (corona), which acts like a spotlight that is perfect for for long distance illumination and effective threat control.

Since the light has up to 22500 candela, the light beam is strong and can reach about 300 meters and light up about a 2/3 size of a tennis court with plenty of light.

The 22500 candela is also a key feature that allows the light beam to penetrate through fogs, ambient light, rain, street lights and other photonic barriers that a weaker weapon light can’t.

For personal defense usage, the Odin provides plenty of light to lit up a room size scene in low light conditions to identify targets.

In a shoot or no shoot situation, it’s absolutely important to positively identify the target and use the hot spot to your advantage to control the threat while maintaining a safe distance.

Integrated Scout Light Mount

Olight Odin and surefire scout mounting points

The Odin light body has a built-in Scout mount similar to Surefire and Modlite, so you can use the same mounts for Surefire Scout for the Odin.

It’s a smart design that Olight has implemented that makes a lot of sense to the existing accessories people already use and love.

If you don’t want to use aftermarket mounts, you can still use the included rubberized picatinny mount that comes in the box.

What’s cool about the included mount is that the user can easily alter the orientation of the mount to fit whatever light configuration you want on the handguard.

[NEW] Lockable Magnetic Pressure Switch Pad

One biggest improvement from Olight is the pressure switch pad for the Odin.

The magnetic pressure switch can now be locked in place simply by pushing the anti-slip knurling ring in place without any tools. It’s a feature highly demanded and now it’s here.

Once the magnetic connector is locked in place, it feels rugged and it won’t go anywhere unless you accidentally bumped the lockable ring cap into something.

An improvement Olight can add in the future is to make the lockable knurling ring a bit stiffer or add an extra latch to lock the connector in place.

When it comes to light activation, the pressure switch is very tactile and responsive. The pressure switch runs the light at 2000 lumens, where the tail cap switch can operate between two modes:

  • Half-press: 300 lumens
  • Full press: 2000 lumens

However, the pressure switch doesn’t allow momentary on and off if the user press & release the pad too quickly.


The Odin feels very solid just like the M2R and Warrior Pro. The light weights about 7.62 oz (battery included), and it’s rated for IPX8, which is the highest industry standard for waterproofing and submersion.

Water creates a lot of pressure acting on the surfaces of the light under 1 meter, and IPX8 rating means the light can handle that pressure and handle any other physical abuse during normal use.

Since this is a weapon light product used on guns, it must be ruggedized to meet a variety of different challenging environments. Immersion and enclosure testing is essential for product certification.

Olight Odin VS Surefire M600DF Comparison Chart

PREVIEWProduct 1Product 2
LUMEN20001500 (18650)
1200 (CR123A)
WEIGHT (NO MOUNT)7.62 oz5.15 oz
ACTIVATION SWITCHTail Cap/ Pressure SwitchTail Cap/ Pressure Switch


Overview – Is Olight Odin Good?

The Olight Odin is absolutely amazing! For the price you can get two for the price of 1 Surefire M600 or 1 MODLITE.

The light feels very similar to the M2R and it’s dedicated for weapon use. The integrated Scout mount makes this light very appealing to people who are looking for Surefire Scout alternatives.

People who have tried it all loved it. You can look up those reviews on Youtube and they will tell you the same. The only thing I hope they improve on next is to make the tail cap switch a little taller so the user can activate the light better without a pressure switch.

Remember when the Olight brand first came out, most people were like meh…

Well, now Olight is basically breathing down on brands like Surefire for making some of the best tactical flashlights on the market, basically summarized in three things:

  • Better lumen output
  • Advanced design
  • Better price

As much as we love American made Surefire products for being durable and battle tough, but Surefire hasn’t been pushing as hard as other brands like Olight, Cloud Defensive and MODLITE.

Their brand name is what makes them still popular, but if they don’t continue to dominate the market they will lose.

The Olight has proven themselves in the tactical flashlight industry for making durable products for variety of outdoor tasks. Millions of units are sold and people love them for what they pay for without breaking the bank.

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Where Are Olight Odin Made?

Olight Odin and other Olight products are made in China. As much as we support US made firearm accessories, but the US is no long a country that produces goods like it used to.

Chinese manufacturing has advanced so much in the last 15 years, literally in every industry imaginable. The tactical flashlight industry is definitely one area the country is excelling at.

Based on the quality we have seen in brands like Holosun, Olight, Nitecore, and Thrunite. There is no doubt that China definitely know how to build high-quality stuff, and the days of low quality Made in China stereotype is a thing of the past.

Usually U.S. made products are more expensive because of branding and expensive labor.

Where To Buy

You can get it on Amazon or visit and use the exclusive 10% OFF discount code: OLIGHTSTORE10

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