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The Olight is surprising us this year with its first ever rechargeable reflex sight named the Osight. I have received this from Olight to review, and I got to be honest here that the packaging is impressive and the Osight itself is also very slick and impressive. 

One of the first thing that stood out was that it's a large window open emitter optic. So let's how it works.

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Olight Osight Initial Impression

The Olight Osight is rechargeable if you put this battery pack cover on top. The optic itself doesn't have any charging port, and the charging port is on the top of the window.

The optic window is similar to a Trijicon SRO and narrower than the Holosun 507 comp.


  • Big window
  • Optional rear iron sight to cowitness
  • Very positive turret dial 
  • Recessed window for glass impact durability
  • Plenty of brightness adjustment


  • Requires a super thin flat head to dial the turret
  • Open emitter (Okay for normal range use) 
  • Weaken glass frame on top due to charging port compromise

Olight Osight Spec

  • Footprint: RMR
  • Dot Size: 3 MOA
  • Dot Colors: Red or Green (Sold separtely)
  • Length: 1.77"
  • Width: 1.18"
  • Height: 1.29"
  • Body: 7075 T6 aluminum
  • Design: Open emitter
  • Battery: Rechargeable
  • Waterproof: IPX6
olight osight glock 19

The large window size makes the Osight an affordable option for shooting competition and range use. Its square ish window shape stretches fairly tall for faster dot tracking just like the Trijicon SRO.

olight osight comparison

The Osight is very similar to the Holosun 507 comp as far as body profile goes. The lens frame doesn't overhang ejection port when mounted on something like the FN 509 to prevent ejection malfunction.

Olight Osight Construction

The Osight's overall construction is very good. It doesn't feel cheap at all. It's 7075 T6 aluminum aerospace grade body.

Just look at this. Even though this is Olight's first attempt to make a red dot sight. Given their years of experience making light products, the Osight looks good and it works just like a high end optic.

olight osight sig p320 test

I mean it's 2024, most manufacturers at this point can at least make good quality red dot sights and even the cheapest ones on the market have impressive machining and coating.

However, as far as the hood of the optic goes, the durability is not so strong as expected due to the built in charging port and internal circuits, which can compromise strength compared to a full solid frame.

Unless Olight makes it thicker for the version 2, so far some duty grade testers have broken them simply by dropping it on the ground not even at 5 feet height. For our testing, we are focusing on its range performance first without judging it based on duty grade performance spec.

olight osight vs trijicon rmr window size

The Osight feels pretty beefy like the Holosun 507 comp with its RMR footprint, but we will still have to put it to the test with some beating. 

So far it has only gone with about 200 rounds on the range on the FN 509 and Springfield Echelon.

One thing to point out is that the large window frame really makes a big difference when co-witnessing the iron sights, especially tall iron sights. There is still more room to see the target without the tall iron sight completely covering up the sight picture.

Waterproof Performance

The optic is water-resistant, features an open emitter design, and is rated IPX 6.

olight osight open emitter performance

Since the winter season has recently ended, I haven't had the opportunity to test it in snowy weather. However, based on my experience with many other open emitter optics, I already anticipate that it will NOT perform well in snowy or rainy conditions.

One aspect I find concerning is the charging port on top; if water enters and I do not clean it quickly, it can cause rust if not cleaned before putting it away.

Reticle Options

The Osight comes with a 3 MOA dot either in red or green. Red and green are sold separately.

The 3 MOA dot appears sharp if you wear glasses. For those with astigmatism, the dot may not appear sharp and it's expected.

You can learn about the difference between red and green here, it's all based on personal preference, and it's not a solution for astigmatism.

The optic also features motion sensor function that will turn off the dot after 10 minutes of inactivity to save battery. I can also completely turn off the optic by pressing the "-" and "+" button for about 0.5 seconds

olight osight brightness control

I can also press the "+" button for 3 seconds to cycle through:

  • Manual
  • Lockout mode
  • Auto sensor mode

As far as brightness control goes, the max setting is plenty to see under a sunny day.


olight osight rmr footprint

The Osight has the RMR footprint so it will go on any existing RMR slides and mounting plates you already have. I think Olight made the right choice to go with the RMR footprint instead of other footprint to meet the demand of the market.

Since RMR is the most popular, this will suit a wider market.

For detailed mounting specs please check out Olight's Official website here.


The first thing I checked was the turrets to see if they provide positive feedback because I think it's very important for an optic when it comes to zeroing.

This is a 1 MOA per click turret for both elevation and windage. To learn how to zero a red dot sight click here.

I have tried some in the past that don't have positive feedback, and they are horrible at zeroing because I can't tell if I'm making 1 click or 2 clicks. They make a huge difference in accuracy.

olight osight body

The only complaint is that the turret requires a super thin flat head to dial. While trying to zero the optic at the range, I couldn't do it with a regular flat head screw driver or with a shell casing.

Battery Life

The Osight is the first ever rechargeable red dot sight I have ever seen. Please a comment or send me an email if I'm wrong.

The battery is onboard the optic and it's rechargeable and it can last up to about 70700 hours if the brightness is set on mode 1. Obviously, not many people will use the optic on the lowest setting. 

olight osight vs trijicon rmr

So at about medium brightness setting, and leaving it there. We can expect about only 10000 to 15000 hours.

The only problem I see so far is that if you lose the USB recharging cover, then there is no way to charge the optic at all. You better not lose it.

olight osight battery charger

The charging cover is pretty unique and it has a indicator on top that shows the battery level. This is very cool and I haven't seen anything like this before in the gun market.

Final Verdict

The Olight Osight is definitely very unique and it's Olight's first attempt to enter the red dot sight market. The large window design is definitely something that will attract many shooters who are looking for an affordable alternative to the Trijicon SRO and Holosun 507 comp.

olight osight vs trijicon sro vs holosun 507 comp

The battery life isn't the longest, but with its unique recharging capability it deserves some praises. However, the USB recharging cover is something you need to keep track of and don't lose it.

So far this product has very promising features and it looks and functions pretty good. It held zero under normal use and it functions just like any other red dot sights on the market.

sig p320 olight osight

The turrets dial precisely and the RMR footprint makes it very easy to mount on various firearms. Only time will tell if the Osight will stand the test of time.

As you know, Olight has been very innovative in the past few years, and I feel confident that they will make another iteration to the Osight to make it better.

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