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olight warrior 3 profile

The new Olight Warrior 3 is here! In this review guide, let's check out its specs, light beam, functionality and overall performance

Olight Warrior 3 Overview


  • Familiar user features as other olight products
  • Long battery life
  • USB rechargeable
  • Magnetic pressure switch attachment
  • 1 LM mode built in for super low profile use
  • Built in battery indicator


  • Lumen intensity drops during constant on
  • Not much

Best Use For:

  • Outdoor hiking and camping
  • Emergency light
  • Everyday carry
  • Long gun light


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Overall Dimension

Weight (g / oz)176 / 6.21
Length (mm / in)136.50 / 5.37
Head Diameter (mm / in)29.5 / 1.16
Body Diameter (mm / in)26.20 / 1.03
LedCree XHP35 HI
PackagingCarton box
UseTactical / Self- defense / Outdoor

Illumination Performance

Beam Distance (m)300
Max. Performance (lumens)2300 (1800 from previous model)
Charge typeMagnetic USB charging cable
Compatible Batteries1 x Customized 5000mAh 21700 chargeable lithium battery
Light Intensity (candela)23,000
Light FormUniform light
Lens / Reflector TypeReflector and TIR Optic Lens
Mode OperationDual Switch + Pressure Switch
Form/Size FactorMedium size (Permanent Marker)
SeriesSeries M (Tactical, Military)

What's Included In The Box

olight warrior 3 unboxing
  • Warrior 3 flashlight x 1
  • Stainless steel pocket clip x 1
  • Customized 5000 mAh 21700 chargeable  lithium battery x 1
  • Holster x 1
  • MCC3 magnetic USB charging cable x 1

Who Is This Light For

While the Olight Warrior 3 is designed with tactical applications in mind, it's versatile enough for everyday use, camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

Olight Warrior 3 New Features

New Magnetic Base

olight warrior 3 new tail cap design

The new magnetic base tail cap can accept the new sROD7 pressure switch pad, and provides the same USB charging port as all other Olight products. 

This is by far Olight's top design many other lights don't have.

olight warrior 3 with pressure switch

New Tail Cap

One of Warrior 3's biggest upgrade is its tail cap design, which now can accept the new functionality pressure switch (Lockable).

This switch is a game changer to turn the Warrior 3 into a useful weapon light.

sROD7 olight pressure switch

The user can activate the light as follow:

Instant Strobe Mode Activated - "Low" button activates momentary high lumen

Constant On Mode Activated - "Low" button activates low lumen & "HI" activates turbo

(Press, Hold & Release turns off the light like a momentary switch)

(Quickly press and let go the switch activates constant on)

New Power Indicator Design

The new power indicator features intensity level & battery bar level. Now the user can tell which lumen intensity it's on & how much battery is left.

The look and feel of this new design sets itself apart from all other Olight products, and we are excited to see more of something like this in the future.


Core Functionality

Lumen Levels & Battery Life

Turbo - 2300 Lm / 800 Lm / 250 Lm - 2.5 mins / 160 mins / 39 mins

(Presents 2300 Lm for 2.5 mins, then drops to 800 Lm that last 160 mins, then drops to 250 Lm for 39 mins)

This is a part of the overheating protection built into the light.

High - 800 Lm / 250 Lm - 166 mins / 39 mins

Medium - 200 Lm - 13 hours

Low - 15 Lm - 130 hours

Moon - 1 Lm - 55 days

olight warrior 3 battery indicator

There's a misconception that the flashlight can overheat quickly due to its high output. While it can get warm on the highest setting, it usually has built-in thermal management to prevent overheating.

Everyday Carry Applications

For everyday applications, the Olight M2R provides high lumen and flood light capability to get the job done.

The light can stick to any steel surfaces as a mount, and it can provide overhead backup emergency light during power outage for at least 1 day( From full charge) 

Weapon Light Applications

Olight Warrior 3's weapon light activation has been improved to products like the Odin Odin. The pressure switch is lot more useful than the previous model.

The light beam is good for CQB and mid range applications, however, when it comes to long range illumination, the focus and throw capability isn't there compared to something like the MODLITE PLHv2

If you're looking for a tight focus beam with high candela Olight product, please check out the Olight Warrior X Pro.

LED & Beam Pattern

olight warrior 3 front lens

The Olight Warrior 3 features the Cree XHP35 HI TIR lens for uniform light with a hot corona.

It's the same as the M2R Warrior, but this time it has a more neutral beam tint to provide accurate color rendition in low light.

Play with the slider to see lumen in 4 different modes

1 Lumen & 15 Lumen

1 lumen moon light 15 lumen

200 Lumen & 800 Lumen

800 lumens 2300 lumens turbo mode olight warrior 3

Strobe Mode

handgun light

The strobe feature can be activated via pressing the tail cap, then press the thumb button once to activate the instant strobe mode

When the strobe light is activated, it operates at the highest 1800 lumens intensity for any personal defense applications.

olight warrior 3 tail cap press

Some users might be intimidated by the various modes and functions. However, with a bit of practice, the flashlight's interface is intuitive and user-friendly.

For personal defense use, it's recommended to program the tactical tail cap to activate the max lumen strobe by press & hold the button all the way down, then release to turn the strobe off.

For steady momentary on light, the user just need to press the tail cap half way to activate, which is highly recommended to leave light in this mode to give the user super tactile & responsive button operation.

The thumb activation button is an EDC feature that allows for constant-on and to cycle through different lumen intensities by double tapping the button.


olight warrior 3 grip

The body of the Warrior 3 features the same knurling textures in the mid section of the body as the M2R pro to give the user a solid grip without slipping.

The anti rotation geometry prevents the light from rolling away when placing on any flat surfaces as long as it's not inclined too much.

Rechargeable Battery

olight warrior 3 disassembled

The Olight Warrior 3 uses the same rechargeable 3.6V 21700 battery with 5000 mAh capacity. Under normal mid-lumen intensity use, the light will last you 10+ hours.

On turbo mode, the battery drains the fastest with about 2.5 mins of constant on, then it drops down to the high lumen output for 800 lumens for 166 mins, then drops again.

Please check out the lumen intensity spec listed above.

This is the overheating protection built into the light that we like very much for every day carry use, but it's not a desired feature for weapon light applications.


The light has the same body profile as the M2R Warrior, but with some slight changes to the bezel body.

The anti rotation extrusion is thicker, and sticks out more this time, giving the light a more tactical aesthetics.

The lightening cuts feels similar to the M2R, but looks slightly more aggressive this time.

The crenelated bezel stays the same as the M2R as a striking tool to break glass, ice or use for personal defense applications.

Other Similar Lights

olight odin mini vs warrior 3

Common FAQ

Where is Olight products made?

Olight products are manufactured and assembled in Guangdong, China.

How Do I Program The Tail Cap Switch?

Press hard and hold the tail switch while you quickly press the side switch at the same time. When you release tail switch, the configuration will be selected.

Note: Configuration 1: Half press for Med 1, hard press for Turbo.

Configuration 2: Half press for Turbo, hard press for Strobe.

My flashlight automatically turns off sometimes-- Possible cause/solutions:

A. This flashlight has a timer function. The shorter timer lasts 3 minutes; Longer timer lasts 9 minutes.

Timer Operation: When the light is on, double press the switch and hold it until it flashes, flashing once means shorter timer, flashing twice means longer timer.

When the time is over, the flashlight will shut off automatically. Please read the manual carefully to check whether you are entering timer modes correctly.

B.If you have fully charged your flashlight and it continues to turn off on its own, it may need a new battery.

My flashlight does not turn on or charge

A. Before you use or charge the flashlight, please unscrew the tail cap to take the insulating film out from the flashlight and try again.

B. The tail cap needs to be screwed down tightly. Please try swabbing the contacts in the tail cap with some rubbing alcohol to thoroughly clean them.

C. If the flashlight still cannot be turned on or charged, connect the flashlight to a powered charging cable. If the light turns on while being charged, this means the battery is defective.


The Olight Warrior 3 is very much a upgrade to the Olight M2R Pro. Now with higher lumen output and a better tail cap to attach a pressure switch for weapon light applications.

For the price just under $110, you are getting a powerful light with the most up to date technologies that will last you a very long time.

You can get this light on Amazon or visit OlightStore and use [10% OFF Coupon: BADASSOPTIC10].

olight warrior 3