Top 8 – Pistol Weapon Light Pros and Cons

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A weapon mounted light provides so much more combat capabilities to a firearm in low light, and no one can argue that.


there are pros and cons of weapon mounted lights that we want to talk about…

Weapon mounted light helps a defender to POTENTIALLY get out of a situation before applying deadly force. For the reason we will explain in this article.


Manage Recoil Without Gripping A Light

Referenced Surefire (Watch Here)

One hand holding the light and the other holding the gun isn't the best when you have to pull the trigger and control the recoil and shoot accurately.

A weapon mounted pistol light allows the shooter to grip the gun tight, maintain proper shooting fundamentals while engaging the lit up target.

And a good light like the Surefire X300U can withstand the recoil and it will fall off the gun.

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Reduces Felt Recoil

A 3 – 4 oz light like the SF X300U mounted on the bottom rail of the handgun does help reduce the muzzle climb slightly. It various from guns to guns, and calibers to calibers.

Positive Target Identification

pid with shotgun weapon light 1
Referenced Mossberg (Watch Here)

A weapon mounted pistol light helps you illuminate the scene to positively identifying things in low light environment while holding the gun.

The spill of the light usually lit up the scene fairly well, and you don't always have to point the light hot spot (points the barrel) at anything you aren't sure to engage yet.

It's absolutely crucial to have 100% visual confirmation of what you're looking at in the dark before making a shoot or no shoot decision in a personal defense scenario.

“Contact Shoot” Proof

A pistol light like the Surefire X300U or Streamlight TLR sticks out past the muzzle for most standard 4.5″ barrel handguns. This obvious feature avoid the slide from going out of battery in a “contact shoot” scenario.

Highly suggest NOT to get even close to that situation!


Can't Always Pull Out Your Gun To Illuminate Non Combat Related Tasks

Having a pistol mounted light is like a double edged sword. It can help you and it can also hurt you.

As much as the light on a gun helps to illuminate things in low light, but wherever you point the light the barrel follows.

Never point a gun at things you don't intend to destroy, especially a person or non combat related.

It's easier & low profile to just use a EDC handheld light to search under the seat in a theater, than to pull out your gun with a light to search for stuff.

It's also a bad idea to point your gun with a light to illuminate something you're holding in your hand in the dark!

Requires A New Holster For Every Different Pistol & Light Combo

For kydex holster users…

For every light you purchase, you have to custom order a holster for a specific gun.

You will spend a lot of money buying holsters if you have a lot of lights.

Added Weight

For conceal carry people, a 4 oz light can add weight when carrying a gun.

Depend on how your setup is, a good stiff belt can help carry the weight without feeling like the gun is heavier on one side.

Takes Up Space For Conceal Carry

For conceal carry users, a big light can take up a lot of space. It can really limit on how you can carry with a bulky light an pistol combo holster.

Recommend getting a smaller gun with a more compact light like the Streamlight TLR 7.