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Here are the top 6 range packing tips to help you save time and get things setup quick.

If you like to get more training done without stressing yourself out setting up the range be sure to try these tips.

Only Bring What You're Going To Train With

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You don't need it, don't bring it

Bring no more than 3 guns to the range if your goal is to train a specific firearm to get good. It's a good idea to limit the number of guns to bring to the range so you can focus.

More guns means more weight, and sometimes it can be a pain in the ass moving cumbersome gun case weight before even going to the range.

Leave Frequently Used Items On Your Vehicle

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For shooters who visit the range often and like to setup more than 2 - 6 targets, It's very helpful to store frequently used items (Not firearms) inside your vehicle such as steel targets and target stands, so you don't have to load them up every time. (Having a truck is very helpful)

You got everything on board, and you just go!

Other items can be:

  • Range finder
  • Paper targets
  • First aid kit
  • Ear protection
  • Pen
  • Belts & holsters
  • Cardboard targets
  • Ammo (Optional)
  • Slings
  • Tripod
  • Many more...

This works for people currently living at apartments without garages, or houses.

Range trips should be fun, and it should not feel like a chore or time waste.

Get A Range Bag

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Minimalistic lifestyle is the way to go!

Serious shooters all have range bags to carry all of their stuff. It's easier to carry everything in one bag instead of carrying 2 - 4 different bags.

Sometimes more stuff leads to people forgetting things or lose things in the field. Less stuff means less weight and doesn't slow you down.

There are tons of resources available teaching people what important items to include in the range bag, and you can check them out here.

Leave Targets On The Range (Private Range)

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Setting up targets one by one takes up time. Once they're set up, leave them as is.

If you own your own range, this saves time and energy.

Be Minimalistic 

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Minimalistic lifestyle also translate to your range lifestyle.

Less stuff helps:

  • Reduce times you forgetting things
  • Reduce times you lose things
  • Reduce stress
  • Eliminate cumbersome weight to carry
  • Teaches you to prioritize things
  • Eliminate all unnecessary things
  • More organized