Top 8 Real Life Modern Warfare Gunsmith Attachments – Red Dot Sights

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MANY people are excited about the extensive Modern Warfare gunsmith attachments in the game Call of Duty Modern Warfare including optics.

They look much MORE realistic this time.

Here are some real life modern warfare gunsmith attachments in the optic department:

There are many U.S and Russian optics made it to the game such as ELCAN Specter 1-4X, EOTech, HoloSun 510c... style optics with some slight differences since Activision doesn't have the license to model them to the exact looks.

However, for the real steel shooters out there, you will find it familiar and appreciate all the details.

We just got to make this post to compare them side by side, and how they feel in the game vs in real life.

Top 8 Call of Duty Modern Warfare Red Dot Sights In Real Life

COD ghost

These are popular red dot sights used on real-life firearms and also featured in the game.

However, the names of these sights in the game gunsmith menu aren't the same due to Copyright protection.

  • HoloSun 510C
  • PK-A S
  • OKP-7
  • ELCAN Specter
  • EOTech
  • EKP-8M
  • Leupold Mark 4 HAMR / DeltaPoint
  • Offset Angled Red Dot Sight

By the way, if you love playing COD and want to try out some of these awesome real steel products, we've created many red dot sight review guides, which you can find check out here.

How They Feel In The Game VS. In Real Life

In the game - it's much simpler than in real life. The player aims down the sight perfectly every time with the controller. Different optic and gunsmith setup determine the sight aim down speed in the game, which is a very important part of acquiring target fast.

No need to worry about parallax, sight alignment, cheek weld, co-witness height, optic mount location, Bindon Aiming Concept, eye relief....etc.


In real life - all of it matters on how fast you can acquire targets and poke holes in it. Aiming down the sight isn't as simple as just holding down a button on a gaming controller.

Kalinka PK-AS Russian Red Dot

Call of duty modern warfare Russian PK AS re

This is probably the first time a Russian PK-AS red dot sight made in into a Call of Duty game.

It has been featured in many other games including the EA's Battlefield. This optic can be mounted on almost any weapon in the game.

It feels just like it would do great in the game with multiple different reticles to choose from, but in real life, this optic comes with a black visible reticle and a center red dot.

In real life, the PK-AS isn't the best optic to be first mounted on your rifle because it sucks and user-unfriendly. It requires an adapter mount like the ones used for AK rifles, and it's the most difficult thing to zero or installs.

It's nothing compared to an Aimpoint or other optics.

Raytheon ELCAN SpecterDR 1-4X

Call of duty modern warfare hybrid sight ELCAN SpecterDR

This is a fixed magnification optic in Modern Warfare. I'm very excited to see Call of Duty finally added something so bad ass in the game because this thing does exist in real life, and it's the ELCAN.

The ELCAN is used by special forces in the field, it's like an ACOG scope, but in real life, this optic has 1X to 4X capability simply by flipping the magnification lever.

It's built like a tank, and costs about $1800 - 2200, and  they're commonly seen with MK18 setups on special operation soliders.

However, this optic isn't an hybrid sight in the game, which is a little disappointing.

Trijicon Machine Gun Sight

Call of duty modern warefare trijicon machine gun sight

Personally, I have never used this optic in real life, but I can't wait to play with it in the game.

In the game, this is only available as you earn the turret after scoring some kill streak, and it's a blast to use it to get some kills. 

That's what video game is for! try stuff that you don't get to do in reality.

Trijicon makes this giant reflex sight with a huge window for heavy caliber machine guns. I would image this thing feels like having a huge reticle right in front of your face, and you just keep both eyes open, then aim and shoot.

HoloSun 510C

Call of duty red dot sights Holosun 510C real life

Holosun 510C is a super popular optic out there, and I think its look made it into the game.

This is an open emitter sight that kinda looks like a reverse EOtech holographic sight, and it's one of people's favorite red dot optics for PPC and rifles.

In the game, it seems like a very popular optic attachment choice.

Leupold HAMR / DeltaPoint Hybrid Optic

Leupold HAMR and DeltaPoint call of duty modern warfare

This hybrid sight was featured in Modern Warfare 3 before, and it's back. It's a unique piggyback dual sight setup that feels, of course, alright in the game, but the red dot sight on top obstruct your field of view.

In real life, this thing is made by Leupold optics, which is a very high-end scope maker and this thing isn't that popular.

4X magnification with a Leupold Deltapoint mounted on top is as close as the ACOG with Trijicon RMR piggybacking on top of the scope.

Note: No longer made

Offset Angled Red Dot Sight (Fast Transition Even In FPS Games)

call of duty modern warfare offset red dot sight realism

Having an offset red dot sight along with a magnified optic is probably the best hybrid optic setup ever. The shooter just tilts the gun and there it is.

I'm very excited to see this in action in the game, and it feels pretty smooth and close to how I feel in real life shooting with it.

Offset red dot helps to transition from long-range engagement to close quarters in a split a second without shifting your aim or adjust magnification.

Many professional and spec ops use this setup for more tactical advantages to shoot in any distance.

OKP-7 (A Very Rare Optic)

Call of duty modern warfare russian okp7 red dot optic

This is a unique Russian sight that is very hard to find in the states. The whole thing looks like it's made out of scrap metals from a pile of home depot parts.

The field of view is perfect on this thing, which makes it very user-friendly in the game itself.

In the game, the reticle is just on the screen, but on the real version, its a parallax-free reticle projected on the glass with a small beam projector.

The whole sight looks like somebody just took off their IKEA table metal parts, and made it into a red dot sight, and it's also very light and sturdy.

It uses a CR357 DL1/3 battery, and it has windage and elevation adjustments too.


Call of duty modern warfare EOTECH holographic sight

Modern Warfare can't be good if this holographic optic doesn't make it into the game.

This large POV with very minimum view obstruction in the game and in real life, which makes target acquisition extremely fast. 

This sight has been in the call of duty series for a long time, and the real version is a very popular optic for plinkers and military.

In the game, the developer didn't model the sight exactly like the real EOTech, but it's close enough.

Game Features Gun Guys Would Appreciate

Adjustable Optic Location For ADS Speed

In real life, aiming down the sight speed involves many elements such as the cheek height, co-witness height, height over bore, eye relief and and many more.

But in the game it's much simpler, and you can forget about the real world stuff!


It would be awesome if the player can also modify the location which they can mount their optic, which can be another attribute that controls Aim Down Sight speed.

If this added feature gets added it could complicate the game, but gun people would definitely fall head over heels for it.

Why COD MW Will Teach You More About Guns

The Call Of Duty MW game will teach people about gun attachments, how they reload and many other aspects of firearms simply by seeing the animation on the screen over and over.

COD players generally have better idea on how a real firearm works and when a real gun is given to them, they immediately know how to work it.

Yes, playing the game with keyboard and mouse or Xbox controllers are the not the same as holding a gun with some real weight, but the educational value is definitely there, and it helps attracting future gun owners in this country.